The King of Kungfu in school 2046-2050


Chapter 2046

Two days later.

A pre-Earth Immortal powerhouse arrived at the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom, and this person was He Kouzhou.

However, He Kou Zhou came to the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom without fanfare, and was not even known to anyone other than the emperor.

Tang Zichen was also unaware of it.

The Devil King told Tang Zichen that He Kouzhou had arrived and was in the Emperor's palace, having a drink with the Emperor, and from their tone, He Kouzhou would stay in Yunluo Immortal Kingdom for three days, after which he would return to Upper Feyama, asking Tang Zichen to make sure to look for He Kouzhou after three days.

Tang Zichen remembered the devil king's words and kept an eye on the movements over at the palace hall.

On the morning of the third day, Tang Zichen immediately went to the palace hall.

At this time, the emperor and He Kou Zhou were still drinking and chatting.

At this time, a servant reported, "Your Majesty, Zhou Lianma requests an audience."

"Zhou Mi?What's he doing here?Don't you know I'm talking to my best friend?Send him away."The emperor snapped an order.

"Yes."That servant prepared to go and send Tang Zichen away. One second to remember to read the book

However, He Liao Zhou was startled when he heard Zhou Mi's name, wasn't this the person Miss Xing Luo wanted him to bring back?

He Gouzhou was busy saying, "Yun Zhan, perhaps people have something important to report, let him come in."

The emperor didn't think too much about it, so he ordered that servant to let Tang Zichen in.

After Tang Zichen entered the main hall, he first bowed to He Gouzhou, "See Senior He."

He Kou Zhou was startled, "You know me?"

"Of course, Starro, let me go with you."

"Ah."He Lone Zhou was shocked, he thought that Tang Zichen was Miss Xing Luo's enemy, but now it seemed that Tang Zichen was Miss Xing Luo's friend, and it looked like the relationship wasn't shallow.

He Kuo Zhou looked solemn.

The emperor was very unhappy inside at the moment, Tang Zichen came in and didn't even pay him a visit first, did he not put him in his eyes?

The emperor snorted, "Zhou Mi, what are you doing here without a summons?"

Only then did Tang Zichen bow to the emperor, "Greetings to His Majesty."

"There's no need to be hypocritical."The emperor was furious, it was too late to worship him now.

Tang Zichen was only worshipping him because Zhou Tie's family still needed to live here, so he had to do it.

Tang Zichen said, "Why is the emperor so furious."

"Zhou Tie, get out of here immediately."The emperor bellowed.

Tang Zichen didn't bother to pay attention to the emperor and said to He Gouzhou, "Senior He, when will you leave to return to the Upper Wilderness, I'll travel with you."

He Kou Zhou was busy saying, "I'll be leaving to return to Upper Cyathea Yan Continent in a moment."

At this moment, the emperor was startled, Tang Zichen wanted to go with He Lone Zhou?Wouldn't that mean he couldn't eat Tang Zichen's bone marrow.

The emperor immediately said, "Zhou Mi, who told you to go to Upper Yama now, didn't you previously say that you would go with Yun Meng next month?"

Tang Zichen said, "Your Holiness, it just so happens that Senior He is here, so I want to go early."

"No, I can't, I'll go whenever I said I would."The emperor was resolute.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Sovereign, you don't seem to have the right to restrict my personal freedom, do you."

"Zhou Mi, how dare you speak to me like that?Believe it or not, I'll shoot you to death."The emperor was furious, feeling that today Zhou Mi's attitude had changed into a tug.

Tang Zichen said, "Sovereign, think of the consequences before you pat me to death."

"Zhou Mi, how dare you speak to me like that, I sentence you to death, now execute, give me death."The emperor just used this as an excuse to shoot Tang Zichen to death, after that, he would then eat his bone marrow, only, it was a bit depressing to have to eat the bone marrow of a dead person, it would have been better to have the bone marrow of a living person.But now that Zhou Mi was leaving, he might not be able to eat Zhou Mi's bone marrow in the future, so it was better than nothing.

Just then, He Lone Ark immediately flew out and stopped the emperor in front of him.

He Lone Zhou felt very depressed, he saw that the emperor was going to kill Tang Zichen, he had to come out and stop him, Miss Xing Luo told him to bring Zhou Mi back, if he watched Zhou Mi get shot to death, he would definitely offend Miss Xing Luo.

However, Yun Zhan was his friend again.

"Yun Zhan, don't."He Lone Zhou stopped Yun Zhan.

Yun Zhan's eyes glared, "Lone Zhou, why did you stop me?You are my friend, and you stop me.A rebellious vassal, he deserves to die, this is a matter of my state."Yun Zhan spoke in a righteous manner, little did he know that inside he just wanted to eat someone's bone marrow.

He Kuo Zhou was busy saying, "Yun Zhan, you're crazy, you dare to touch him."

"Why wouldn't I dare to move, what is he."

He Kou Zhou could only say, "Yun Zhan, Zhou Mi is extraordinary, even I can't move ah."

"Hmph, you're being funny, how would I know what Zhou Mi's status is, I can move even one finger, and you can't even move?"

He Guzhou didn't want to offend his friends, and didn't want Zhou Mi to get into trouble, so he could only try to elevate Tang Zichen's identity, so that Yun Zhan wouldn't dare to touch Zhou Mi.

He Kou Zhou said, "Yun Zhan, to be frank, I didn't really come here to catch up with you this time in the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom.I'm here on the orders of Miss Xing Clan to take Zhou Mi to Upper Tree Cursed Hell.Even if Zhou Mi doesn't come today, I'll take him to Upper Periyama.And you want to kill Zhou Mi, Yun Zhan, if you dare to touch him, I guarantee that none of your Yun Clan will survive, all of them, even me, will die.So, Yun Zhan, I don't care if you believe me or not, today, for my own life, I will say nothing to let you touch a single cold hair of Zhou Mi."

He Guzhen made Tang Zichen sound like he had a strong background.

Yun Zhan was stunned there.

He Kou Zhou immediately walked up to Tang Zichen and said, "Mr. Zhou, I'm sorry to have frightened you, what just happened, I hope you don't take it to heart ah, if Miss Xing Luo asks, don't ever say anything, otherwise, I really can't afford it."

The emperor saw how nervous He Gouzhou was, so he couldn't help but believe it a bit.

Could it be that Tang Zichen really couldn't afford to offend?

Yun Zhan came up and asked, "Lone Boat, don't scare me, how could Zhou Mi have such a deep backstage as you think, if he did, how could he marry my daughter."

Tang Zichen took advantage of the emperor's lack of attention and slapped him with a "slap".

"Ah."The emperor was silly, Tang Zichen slapped him.

That He Kou Zhou was also stupid, and said, "What a damn good drag, even the emperor hit him, could it be that he really has an unfathomable relationship with Miss Xing Luo?

Originally, it was just a relationship that He Kou Zhou guessed, but now that he saw how dragged Tang Zichen was, He Kou Zhou was a little convinced that he had made up his own words to scare Yun Zhan.

"You."The emperor was furious.

Tang Zichen said, "Yun Zhan, it was you who was unkind in the first place, so don't blame me for being unrighteous.I'll never forgive you in the face of Yun Zi."

"Zhou Mi, you've turned against me."

"Hahaha, yes, I'm revolting.Yun Zhan, how much do you know about me?How dare you hit on me?You don't fucking think I know that you're trying to suck the marrow out of my bones?"


"Ah."The emperor's body trembled, he thought no one knew at all.

He Liao Zhou panicked and looked at the emperor, seemingly unable to believe it.

The emperor's body trembled as he cunningly argued, "What are you talking nonsense about, you're slandering and insulting my character."

Of course the emperor would not admit it.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Not only am I not slandering, I damn well know that you even sucked the marrow out of your own son, Yunluo, you damn well think no one knows, don't you?Unfortunately, you're wrong, there are no impermeable walls."

"Ah."The emperor was so silly, how could Tang Zichen know about such a thing, for a moment, the silly emperor forgot to defend himself.

He Lonesome looked at the emperor incredulously, I really didn't believe that Yun Zhan would be such a person.

It took a few seconds for Yun Zhan to come back to his senses and panicked, "Lone Zhou, you and I are friends, you should know me, I'm never this kind of person, don't listen to his nonsense."The emperor seemed as if he was afraid of being thought to be such a person.

He Lone Boat said, "Cloud Battle, no one knows if such things are true or not without evidence."

"Lone Zhou, I really didn't lie to you, it was Zhou Mi who framed me."

He Lone Zhou said, "Yun Zhan, it's useless to talk to me, but I have to remind you of one thing, this time, the lady from the Star Clan, asked me to come and bring back Zhou Mi, perhaps because you would suck the bone marrow, in case Zhou Mi was also sucked by you.If Zhou Mi goes back and he tells the Star Clan that you really want to eat his bone marrow, I'm afraid." First published at

"Ah."The emperor's body trembled violently, this was the rhythm of the extermination of his family.What the hell, he never expected that Tang Zichen had such a relationship with the Star Clan, and thought that Tang Zichen was just a local genius of the Cloud Gong Immortal Kingdom.

At that moment, Tang Zichen said, "Yun Zhan, wait for me, you want to suck my bone marrow, when I return to the Upper Fey Yan Continent, humph, you know."

The emperor's legs weakened in fright.

Tang Zichen was also really good at going along with the situation, using Star Luo's background to scare people to the point of stupidity.

He Lone Zhou didn't say anything on the side, acting like he wouldn't plead for the emperor.

He Kuo Zhou saw Tang Zichen so dragged, he was suspicious of Tang Zichen's relationship with Xing Luo's family, it was better to say a few words less, so as not to ignite a fire.

The emperor was busy saying, "Zhou Mi, you're bluffing right?You and He Lone Boat joined forces to scare me."

Tang Zichen flew over and kicked the emperor's crotch, cursing, "I'm scaring your sister, how old are you that I want to scare you.Yes, I was Zhou Mi in my past life, but do you really think of me as Zhou Mi, Zhou Mi is just my past life, how much do you know about me in this life."

The emperor was kicked in the crotch by Tang Zichen, his heart was very nasty, but he didn't dare to do anything about it, now that his life was in Tang Zichen's hands, as long as Tang Zichen went back and told the Star Clan that he wanted to eat Tang Zichen's bone marrow, he would definitely be finished.

Tang Zichen was also using this to dare to punch and kick the Emperor.Whether Tang Zichen and the Xing Clan really had such a deep relationship, let them guess.

He Kuo Zhou said, "Yun Zhan, what's the use of talking about this now, let's think about how to resolve this matter, after all, if you're not careful, you'll be ruined ah.You have to think about it, a person who even I have to come and pick him up personally, how can you just offend him."

"Sooooo."Yun Zhan wanted to cry, what the hell was this called.

Helplessly, Yun Zhan had no choice but to plead with Tang Zichen, "Zhou Mi, you're a generous man, spare me."

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped the emperor's face and scolded, "Why didn't you fucking say when you wanted to eat my bone marrow!

Your Excellency has a lot of mercy, now that he can't eat my bone marrow, he wants to let you be spared."

The emperor was busy swearing, "Slander, absolutely slander, I never wanted to eat your bone marrow."

"Slap."Tang Zichen slapped again, hitting the entire palace with a loud snap.

"Who the hell are you talking about slandering, I, Tang someone would slander you, a small person?"

The emperor was depressed, was he a small man, being the emperor of the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom?

But what could he do at the moment.

The emperor said, "I swear, I have absolutely no desire to eat your bone marrow."

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped again.

"Yun Zhan, is this your attitude of wanting to solve problems?I even know about you eating Cloudfall's bone marrow, and you fucking think I don't know what you're thinking about eating my bone marrow?This time, if I hadn't been alerted ahead of time and notified the Star Clan, I would have been damned to fall into your hands."

On the one side, He Kouzhou said inwardly, "No wonder Star Luo would let me bring him back."At this moment, He Kou Zhou was a bit convinced that Yun Zhan really wanted to eat Tang Zichen's bone marrow.

Yun Zhan, on the other hand, felt like he was even harder to argue with.

Tang Zichen said to He Lone Zhou, "Senior He, let's go."


"Don't go, Zhou Mi, Father is begging you, I'm Yun Zi's father ah, do you really want to do this to me."The emperor was about to cry out.

Tang Zichen said, "Don't pull any strings with me, before I didn't bother to get along with you, for the sake of Yun Zi's face, I even respectfully called you Sovereign, but you're down, a white-eyed wolf."

"Yes, yes, I'm a white-eyed wolf, I was wrong."

"So, you admit that you want to eat my bone marrow."


"Say."Don Zichen yelled.

"Yes, yes, I did have the idea, but believe me, it was just a thought."The emperor had to bow his head and say.

"Ah, it's really a thought."Herself was shocked that he had admitted it himself, so much so that he had really sucked his son.

"Pah, scum."Tang Zichen slapped over, and the emperor didn't dare to dodge.

"Yes, I'm scum, I even ate my own son.Zhou Mi, I'm begging you, don't tell anyone from the Xing Clan, okay?"

Don Zichen said, "That's what you've done."

"I can give you anything you want."

Tang Zichen said, "I want you to be honest from now on, give me peace and be careful."

"Yes yes yes, I will."

"And, Princess Yun Meng, I like it."Tang Zichen's voice was a bit.

"Ah."The emperor didn't seem to hear.

Tang Zichen said a little louder, "Princess Yun Meng, I like it."

"This."The emperor heard it clearly, a little silly.

"What? I didn't hear you."

"But, didn't you just marry a Cloud Violet."

"Yeah, there's nothing wrong with that, can't you like Yun Meng again if you just married a Cloud Violet?Who made the rules?Come out?I promise I won't hit him.Hey, why are you looking at me like that?Are you calling me a pervert?I can tell you that Princess Yun Meng is the goddess I liked in my past life, and the color is also from my past life, it has nothing to do with my current life."


"No no, you're not horny at all."The emperor said with a bitter face.

Tang Zichen said, "That's all, think about what you're going to do next, I'm not going back to Upper Fern Yama today."

He Guizhou was busy saying, "Mr. Zhou, you're not going back today?"

He Kou Zhou said in his heart: he didn't have that much time to wait here for Tang Zichen ah, although he this Tang Zichen and Miss Xing Luo relationship is not shallow, but he has no leverage, he is not afraid of Tang Zichen, just do not dare to offend.

Tang Zichen said, "Senior He, how about this, you go back first, go with Xing Luo for me I'll go to Upper Feyama next month, I think, Yun Zhan won't dare to hit me again."

Next to me, Yun Zhan's heart palpitated, "I'm not stupid, and I would dare to eat his bone marrow again."

"Alright then, I'll go back first then."He Lone Zhou said.

"Take care, Senior."

He Lone Zhou turned his head and said to Yun Zhan, "Yun Zhan, clear up the misunderstanding with Mr. Zhou properly, but don't make any more mistakes."

"Okay, I will."The emperor busily nodded.

"Farewell."He Lone Boat immediately flew away. Remember the URL

The emperor was busy offering, "Zhou Mi, please sit down."

"No need, I'm not in the mood to sit today."

"Zhou Mi, if there is anything, it's all good to discuss, don't be impulsive ah."

"It is good to discuss, then how do you plan to discuss with me, I only have one sentence, I like Yun Meng, betroth her to me, let's forget about this matter."Tang Zichen demanded.

The emperor felt embarrassed and said, "Zhou Mi, you like Yun Meng, of course I'm willing to betroth her to you, but it's already too late, you also know that next month she's going to go to the Upper Silk Yan Continent to meet with someone, that person's family, even if it's not as good as the Xing Clan, it's not too bad, so I'm a bit embarrassed."

"Yo, I haven't even had a blind date yet, and you're using this to oppress me."

"I dare not."

"Then I'll go to Yun Meng's place now and take the shortcut, I'll see if that who still likes second-hand goods."Tang Zichen said.

"Ah."The emperor was startled, going to Yun Meng's place now?

However, Tang Zichen seemed to have forgotten that Yun Meng was a late stage Human Immortal, and Tang Zichen was a mid stage Human Immortal, even if the Tyrant could not get on top.

The emperor said, "Zhou Mi, I don't have a problem with it, anyway, Yun Meng has already been introduced to that genius young man from Upper Fey Yan Continent, if you can take Yun Meng away from him, that's your skill, if you can't take it away, I can't help you.Anyway, the unpleasantness that happened before, I hope you'll be kind enough to spare me."

Tang Zichen didn't say a word and walked away.

The emperor's forehead was sweating as he looked at Tang Zichen's back.

After Tang Zichen left, the emperor wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and said, "I really almost fell into the abyss, if I really sucked Zhou Mi's bone marrow, I would have been finished."

At this moment, Tang Zichen, who was far away, had a smile on his lips.

The development of things was really unexpected, I thought that I would leave with He Lone Zhou, but I didn't expect that He Lone Zhou would talk about his backstage in such a bullish manner, directly scaring the emperor.

Therefore, Tang Zichen had gone along with the situation and became arrogant, the more arrogant he became, the deeper he frightened the emperor.

At the moment, there was no need for Tang Zichen to go to Upper Fei Yan Continent in advance, the emperor definitely didn't dare to hit him again, and the emperor was still deeply jealous of Tang Zichen.Tang Zichen directly opened up and said that he liked Yun Meng, and the emperor didn't have the slightest temper and allowed Tang Zichen to go to Yun Meng.If this was before, not to mention Yun Meng, even if Tang Zichen dared to have an affair with another woman other than Yun Zi, the emperor would probably behead Tang Zichen's life.

Tang Zichen unknowingly arrived at Yun Meng's residence.

"Zhou Mi, why did you come to my place?"Yun Meng looked at Tang Zichen in confusion.


bsp; Tang Zichen walked up to Yun Meng and said, "Yun Meng, ask you one thing."

"Go ahead."

"How do you feel about me?"

"Ah, you're crazy, if my father hears this, you."Yun Meng was shocked and panicked, looking around to see if anyone had heard her.

Tang Zichen trailed off and said, "Say it, how do you feel about me?Do you like me?"

"Zhou Mi, how dare you."Yun Meng snapped loudly, looking like she was terrified of being heard.

"Yun Meng, you don't need to be afraid, your father wouldn't dare to do anything even if he was standing in front of you."Tang Zichen said.

"Shut up, Zhou Mi, you're really crazy, you dare to openly betray my sister Yun Zi, confessing to me in broad daylight, you don't want to live, don't harm Yun Zi."Yun Meng spoke out.

Tang Zichen looked into Yun Meng's eyes, and after a few seconds, smiled, "Understood, it seems that times are different now."

Tang Zichen turned around and left.

This time Tang Zichen felt that Yun Meng had changed compared to the last encounter at the big wedding.

Perhaps, the last encounter, Yun Meng hadn't found that genius in Upper Fife Yan Continent yet, but this time, she was going to meet next month, so how could she still look at Tang Zichen again.

Tang Zichen took a few steps and Yun Meng's voice came from behind him, "Zhou Mi, don't say such words in the future, or else don't blame me for being rude."

"Don't worry, I'll never say it again."

"So best."

Yun Meng looked at Tang Zichen's back, and for some reason, Yun Meng didn't feel like it at all.

Like half a year ago, when Tang Zichen came back from Upper Fell Hell Continent, defeated Gu Ruinba, and assessed to be a First Grade Immortal Pill Master, Yun Meng was full of admiration and fondness for Tang Zichen, and then she was sad for a while when Tang Zichen got married to Yun Zi.

But now, it didn't feel like that time.

Yun Meng knew that it must be because of the one, who hadn't met yet, in Upper Yama Island.

Inside Yun Meng's heart, she could not wait for next month's time to arrive quickly and then go to Upper Feyan Continent to meet with that person.

Tang Zichen was a little hurt inside, too impulsive.

Tang Zichen cursed inwardly, "Stinky Sanba, a woman with two minds, last time she was gloomy and sad because I married Yun Zi, but now she has changed her mind, in that case, go ahead and go on a blind date with that whoever you went to the Upanishads, I'm not interested."

Tang Zichen went straight back to the Zhou Residence.

As soon as he arrived at the Zhou residence, the Devil King contacted Tang Zichen.

"Zichen, why are you still here, didn't that He Gouzhou take you to go to Fei Yan Continent?Starro's face is so small?"The Devil King was busy asking.

"Senior, you have misunderstood."Tang Zichen told the Devil King what happened.

The Devil King laughed, "You're really good at borrowing power, and yes, Star Luo's power can really scare the crap out of Yun Zhan."

"Yeah, I didn't expect it to turn out like this, but now I feel like I can walk across the room here.Just, I wonder if Star Luo will mind."

"I don't think so, Starro's not that petty, besides it's very small to her."

"Hehe, I was going to just pick up his other daughter by the way, but who knows, she's changed her mind and doesn't seem to like me anymore."

The devil said, "Then use your strength."

Tang Zichen said speechlessly, "Senior, I'm really not this kind of person."

"Hahaha, it's because she's higher than you in the realm."The Devil King laughed.

"I won't deny that I've done it before, but I'm really not this kind of person."

"Alright, alright, now that you're out of danger, I'm relieved, I'm not going to bullshit with you, goodbye."The devil's fairy thoughts withdrew.


Tang Zichen stayed in the imperial capital for a few days, doubly bored.

Tang Zichen came to Yun Zi and said to Yun Zi, "Get ready, we're leaving tomorrow for the Upper Fey Yan Continent."

"Ah, aren't we going to wait for Yun Meng to depart together next month?"

"No, I think I'll go first."

"Oh, okay."

The next day, when Tang Zichen was about to leave, Yun Zi said, "Zhou Mi, Yun Meng said that she's also coming with us and asked us to wait for her."

"What? She's coming with us too?"

"Yeah, it seems like Yun Meng can't wait to go to Upper Yama to meet that blind date of hers soon."

"Shit."Tang Zichen cursed in frustration.

"What's wrong?Wouldn't it be nice if we all had something to look out for each other?"

Tang Zichen was incredibly depressed, but with her feet growing on her, Tang Zichen couldn't restrict her. One second to remember to read the book

Soon after, Yun Meng came.

"Cloud Violet, well, you can go now."Yun Meng said.

Tang Zichen didn't even look at Yun Meng, after all what happened a few days ago, it felt quite awkward.

Yun Meng didn't look at Tang Zichen much either, it seemed that Tang Zichen was no longer attractive to her, the person she desperately wanted to meet now was that blind date in Upper Yama.

Yun Zi said, "Zhou Mi, are we going to stay at my uncle's house when we get to Upper Fei Yan Chau?"

"No go."Tang Zichen refused without hesitation.

"Why?You're my husband now, my uncle is your uncle ah, we go to my uncle's house, it's supposed to be ah."

"Sorry, I don't have an uncle like that."Tang Zichen denied in one word, Tang Zichen did not have a good feeling for Yun Zi's uncle's group, and they still did not approve of Tang Zichen's union with Yun Zi.

At this moment, Yun Meng looked towards Tang Zichen and reprimanded Tang Zichen, "Zhou Mi, you've gone too far by saying that."

Tang Zichen snorted, "How am I going too far."

"You and Yun Zi got married, Yun Zi's uncle, is your uncle, and even more your elder, you even say that there is no such uncle, you have no elder in your eyes, what is it if it is not excessive?Do you still have any regard for the princess?And is there any regard for royal dignity?"Yun Meng spoke in a lecturing tone of superiority.

Tang Zichen snorted.

Yun Zi was busy saying, "Yun Meng, Zhou Mi was just talking casually la, don't be angry."

"Such treacherous words, is it something he can say casually?Do you believe what would happen if Father heard about it?"

"Ah."Yun Zi's body trembled.

Tang Zichen trailed off, "So what if His Majesty hears it, it's my freedom of speech."

"You shut up."Yun Zi shouted and raged, "Zhou Mi, it seems that you are really bold and still have no intention of repenting."

"I pooh, and still repent."Tang Zichen sneered.

Yun Meng's various things at the moment made Tang Zichen feel very annoyed, she seemed to have reverted back to when she disliked Tang Zichen before, speaking high and mighty, her tone incomparably arrogant.

Mouth to mouth Father, Tang Zichen really wanted to pull her in front of Yun Zhan and ask Yun Zhan if Tang Zichen had freedom of speech.

Yun Zi saw Yun Meng getting angry and panicked, "Sister Yun Meng, calm down, Zhou Mi was just talking casually."After saying that, Yun Zi said to Tang Zichen again, "Zhou Mi, apologize to me Yun Meng,

Let's say you were wrong, otherwise, it's really bad if this goes to Father's place."

Tang Zichen laughed out loud, "Apologize?My last name is Dao?My name is Dodgson?Or is it called Dao Ming?Since my last name isn't even Dao, what do I apologize to her mother for?"

"You."Yun Mengton changed.

Yun Zi was also silly.

Yun Meng said, "Zhou Mi, it seems that you really want the opposite, and have no respect for my royal family at all anymore.Let's go, come with me to see Father."

"Don't, sister Yun Meng, don't."Yun Zi panicked and pulled Yun Meng, preventing her from taking Tang Zichen to the emperor.

Tang Zichen didn't resist in the slightest, just see it.

But ah, Yun Zi dragged her to not let her go, crying and pleading with Yun Meng.

Yun Meng raged, "Yun Zi, you're really a traitor, being the princess of the Immortal Kingdom, and you're helping a man who has no respect for the Immortal Kingdom."

"Oooh, Yun Meng, I believe Zhou Mi doesn't really mean it, he's just deliberately angry with you, he's very patriotic at heart.Please don't bring him to see Father, if Father knows, it's definitely over."

Yun Meng said, "Yun Zi, wake up to me, this kind of mischievous person has no respect in his heart, even if he is successful in the future, he will be a traitor to the Immortal Kingdom, how can the Father Emperor tolerate such a traitor, how can the Immortal Kingdom stay, do you want to raise him as a scourge?"

"No, Yun Meng, he's my grandfather, I don't care so much, I just want him to be safe."Yun Zi cried out.

"Yun Zi, you have disappointed Xian Guo too much, unfortunately, I must take him to Father, if Father thinks he can stay, then he can stay, if not, then he is at Father's mercy."

"Yun Meng, you are so cruel."Yun Zi cried out.

However, Yun Meng was still desperate to bring Tang Zichen before the emperor.

Perhaps from Yun Meng's point of view, she was right because Tang Zichen had no country in his eyes and the future was a disaster.

But Yun Zi wouldn't think about it that much, she only knew that Tang Zichen was her prime minister.

Tang Zichen allowed Yun Meng to drag him, it's not that Tang Zichen didn't resist a bit, Yun Meng late human immortal strength, Tang Zichen may not be able to resist even if he resisted, one layer a day.

Yun Zi came up to grab Tang Zichen, but Yun Meng slapped him back.

"No, woohoo."Yun Zi cried out.

Tang Zichen saw Yun Zi's reaction, his inner feelings for Yun Zi were already very determined, although he once had an unpleasant acquaintance with her, but Yun Zi really loved him, it was worth Tang Zichen to treat her better in the future.

Tang Zichen couldn't bear to see her cry and comforted her, "Yun Zi, it's okay."

"No, Zhou Mi, you don't understand my father, if he thinks you are disloyal to the country, he will definitely not let you go, sob."Yun Zi cried out.

Yun Meng saw Yun Zi crying so sadly, her heart also had a trace of pity, but she couldn't control herself once she remembered Tang Zichen's stateless look in his eyes, she, as the princess of the Immortal Kingdom, should first consider the empire, and only secondly consider her kinship, so Yun Meng didn't care about Yun Zi's crying and forcefully brought Tang Zichen to the emperor's palace.

At the moment, the emperor was in the palace, and he didn't seem to be looking too good.

After all, after what had happened before, the matter of him eating Cloudfall had already been revealed by Tang Zichen, and his good friend He Guoxiang already knew about it.

The emperor was worried that this matter would be told by Tang Zichen, and if it got out, what face would he still have.

The emperor secretly decided in his heart that he must find Tang Zichen to do some more good thinking and make Tang Zichen not to tell anyone about him eating Cloudfall's bone marrow.


Just at this moment, footsteps came from outside, and there was the sound of crying.

As soon as the emperor heard the sound, he knew that the cry was Yun Zi's.

"What's going on?"

Just thinking about it, Yun Meng dragged Tang Zichen into the main hall, and Yun Zi ran in crying.

When Yun Zi saw the emperor, she immediately knelt down and said, "Father, don't listen to Yun Meng's nonsense, Zhou Mi is not such a person."

Yun Zi had to plead for mercy first.

Tang Zichen didn't say a word, let's see how the emperor wanted to handle it, handle it so that Tang Zichen was full of dissatisfaction.

"What's going on?"The emperor asked.

Yun Meng said, "Greetings to Father, originally today, we wanted to go to Upper Tree Yama early, but, just as we set out, something unpleasant happened, so I thought twice and came to report to Father."


"It's like this, I found out that Zhou Mi, who has no Immortal Kingdom in his eyes, was just asked by Yun Zi how it would be if he went to Upper Fei Yan Continent and stayed at her uncle's house, and Zhou Mi even said that he didn't have such an uncle.He's married to Yun Zi, but he said such a treacherous thing, and he doesn't think there's any fairy kingdom in his eyes.Moreover, I taught him a lesson and he was actually still unconvinced, in short, he has absolutely no loyalty to the Immortal Kingdom to speak of."Yun Meng finished in one breath. The first website

Yun Zi was busy saying, "Father, it's not like that, Zhou Mi is not such a person."

The emperor said, "Yun Zi, don't speak."

The emperor looked at Tang Zichen and asked, "Zhou Mi, what Yun Meng said, but is it the truth?"

Tang Zichen nodded and said, "Yes, without the slightest exaggeration, it's completely factual."

"Zhou Mi, you're crazy."Yun Zi shouted.

Even Yun Meng was silly, Tang Zichen actually dared to say that in front of his father, oh my god.

The emperor was not surprised.

Yun Meng was busy saying, "Father, you heard it, Zhou Mi really isn't patriotic at all, why should a person who doesn't love the country give him three immortal grasses, why should he marry a princess?"

The emperor stepped down from the dais.

"Pah."Suddenly, the emperor slapped Yun Meng's face.

"Ah."Yun Meng was silly.

Yun Zi was also silly.

"Father, you've hit the wrong person, I'm Yun Meng."Yun Meng said subconsciously, she couldn't think of any reason why Father Emperor hit her other than this explanation.

The emperor snorted, "It's you who's hitting."

"Father, you, why are you hitting me?"

"Slap."The emperor slapped again.

"I said, it's you who's hit."

"Father."Yun Meng immediately cried out, the way she was crying in aggravation was quite charming.

The emperor ignored her weeping and walked up to Tang Zichen, apologizing to him, "Mr. Zhou, I'm really sorry, I didn't educate my daughter properly, and I've caused you to suffer."

"What."Yun Zi and Yun Meng were both silly, their father actually whispered an apology to Tang Zichen, and actually said that Tang Zichen had been wronged.

Only Tang Zichen said indifferently, "I'm a bit unhappy."

The emperor's face turned pale, was Tang Zichen warning him about this?

The emperor immediately turned to Yun Meng, his face full of anger.The emperor had managed to stabilize Tang Zichen's emotions over the past few days, and had asked Tang Zichen to return to the Upper Feyama Continent and not say anything to the Star Clan, which Tang Zichen had reluctantly agreed to do.However, now Yun Meng dragged him here to sue him, seemingly putting all his efforts of the past few days to waste.

"Yun Meng, look at the good you've done."

"Boom."The emperor slapped Yun Meng with his palm, as if he wanted to kill her.

Tang Zichen was also shocked, Tang Zichen just wanted Yun Meng to be taught a little lesson, not so much that she would pay with her life.

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "Killing her wouldn't be necessary, little

Just a little punishment."

"Bang."The emperor slapped Yun Meng and flew down to the outside of the palace.

Yun Meng vomited blood at once with severe injuries, but the emperor stopped at the last moment, otherwise, he would definitely be slapped to death.

Tang Zichen knew one more thing about the Emperor as a person, and when he came down, he was really ruthless enough, if Tang Zichen hadn't stopped a cry in time, his own daughter would have killed him.

"Yun Meng."Yun Zi panicked and ran out of the palace, Yun Meng fell to the ground, but her eyes were still open, she still couldn't seem to figure out why this was.

The emperor said to Tang Zichen, "Zhou Mi, I hope you're not angry, but if you're not relieved, I can kill her."

"Alright, as far as it goes, from her point of view, she didn't do anything wrong.It's okay for me to kill her, it's a bit much for you to kill her."

"Yes, yes, it's good that you're not angry."

The emperor walked out of the palace, tossed Yun Zi an Immortal Pill and said, "Feed her and take it."


Shortly after Yun Meng took it, her injuries were still recovered, and soon, Yun Meng recovered enough to stand up, however, still pale.

In the main hall, the emperor was pleading with Tang Zichen, "Zhou Mi, please, don't reveal this to the public ah, if Yun Meng Yun Zi, and all the princes and grandsons know, then how can I still mix."

"You also know that it's not good to mix."


"Alright, for the sake of Yun Zi's face, I can keep quiet."

"Thank you, thank you so much."

At this moment, Yun Meng walked in.

The emperor's gaze was majestic as he looked at Yun Meng.

Yun Meng was busy saying, "Father, where exactly did my son go wrong?I expect Father to correct me, even if Father kills me, I will still say it."

The emperor said, "Yun Meng, don't worry about what is wrong, you just need to know that Zhou Mi, you must treat him with the same respect as your father."

"My son is puzzled, is it because of Zhou Mi's gift?"

"I don't need to explain to you, anyway, remember my words, and you too, Yun Zi."

"Yes, Father."

"Alright, you two can go out now."

Yun Meng and Yun Zi had to walk out of the palace, Yun Meng looked very disgruntled inside, but didn't dare to disobey.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm leaving too."

The emperor was busy asking, "Zhou Mi, are you leaving now?"


"I'll send you a ride, then."

"Uh, send me?"

"Yes, I'll send the Black Prisoner to send you there, in case you encounter any strong enemies on the way, it'll be troublesome."

"No need, I can handle it myself, besides, there may not be any trouble."

"Then be careful, and have a safe journey."

Tang Zichen turned around and walked out of the main hall.

Outside the main hall, Yun Meng and Yun Zi were standing there.

Yun Meng, who had just looked pale, had now recovered as before, and the effect of the emperor's pill seemed to be very good.

Yun Zi and Yun Meng looked at Tang Zichen's eyes a little differently.

They were filled with doubts.

"Zhou Mi."Yun Zi called out, as if she wanted to ask.

"Don't ask anything, in short, just remember your father's words and treat me as if I were your father."

"But, why are you?"

"No why, let's go, let's go."

Tang Zichen immediately flew away.

Yun Meng and Yun Zi paused for a moment and followed.


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