The King of Kungfu in school 2036-2040


Chapter 2036

A few days ago, the emperor had told her that in the future, he would find a powerful young man for Yun Meng in the Upper Fey Yan Continent, and then marry that person to solidify the power of the Immortal Kingdom.

Just then, a man suddenly patted Yun Meng's shoulder.

"What's a person thinking about."

"Ah, who."Yun Meng turned around, but it was Tang Zichen in a groom's uniform.

"Ah, Zhou Mi."Yun Meng was shocked.

"Princess Yun Meng, what are you thinking about, a person so lost, are you thinking about how great it would be if the bride tonight was you."

Yun Meng said furiously, "Zhou Mi, you are bold."

"Haha, Yun Meng, I'm a person who has come here, I'm married to Yun Zi, you look lost, it's obvious that you also like me, I'm not wrong."

"Zhou Mi, hurry up and go back, see you and me here, that's the end."Yun Meng said anxiously.

"I've had too much wine, I came out to pee and ran into you, can't I."

"Zhou Mi, you should hurry back." Remember the website

Tang Zichen said, "Princess Yun Meng, do you know that you were my dream lover in my previous life, and tonight when I saw you looking lost, for some reason my heart ached a little, I suddenly wanted to hold you in my arms, after all, once you were an unreachable dream for me."

"Zhou Mi, you're crazy."Yun Meng was shocked, this was really playing with fire.

Tang Zichen had drunk a little too much.

"Yun Meng, I like you."Tang Zichen said through the alcohol.

"Zhou Mi, you."Yun Meng's body trembled, feeling both afraid and suddenly happy inside.If Father popped up out of nowhere, or if someone saw that Tang Zichen and her were here on the wedding night to make a secret confession, then it would really be game over.

"Yun Meng, why not you, actually I had been thinking about participating in your marriage recruitment contest, hoping that you would choose me, but I never thought that I would get married to Yun Zi first, what a fabulous thing to do."Tang Zichen said.

"Zhou Mi, please don't say it."Yun Meng was busy.

"Yun Meng, is it that I can't get you anymore."

"Zhou Mi, you."

Suddenly, Tang Zichen kissed Yun Meng's mouth.

"Ah."Yun Meng's eyes were wide open, completely stupid looking, this was her first kiss.

Just at this moment, in the distance of the back garden, there were voices.

"Someone's coming."Yun Zi woke up in a panic and immediately pushed Tang Zichen away.

Tang Zichen wanted to catch up and shouted, "Yun Meng, don't go."

"Pah."Yun Meng knocked Tang Zichen back with a slap and then quickly disappeared into the night, Yun Meng returned to her boudoir in fear, she didn't know if she had found out about tonight's events.However, remembering the kiss she just had, she immediately blushed.

Tang Zichen was slapped by Yun Meng, and the man sobered up.

"Damn, I actually got drunk and confused."Tang Zichen's forehead broke out in cold sweat.

The wine in the Immortal World was extraordinary, it was common for Immortals to get drunk, Tang Zichen was really drunk after drinking so much.

"I've just, surprisingly, shit, I'm looking for death."Tang Zichen wiped out a cold sweat.

On the wedding night, confessing to another princess, forcibly kissing, oh my god, no matter which one was known by the emperor, it was a matter of killing his head.

At that moment, a few servants came with lanterns.

Tang Zichen immediately pretended to be taking a piss.

"Ah."Those few servants panicked and left in fear.

Tang Zichen whistled and looked left and right to make sure no one was there, then returned to the wedding scene.

"Zhou Mi, where have you been."Yun Zi asked somewhat grudgingly.

"Pissed, you know, drank so much wine and peed so much."Tang Zichen said with a bit of a guilty conscience.

Yun Zi didn't ask more.

After that, they continued to drink and toast until late at night.

Only in the second half of the night, did he return to the cave.


nbsp; This moment was the time that belonged to them.

This night, Yun Meng was just lying on the bed, not sleeping all night.

Finally, Yun Meng sighed, "I am your dream, where so what, we are no longer possible."

The next day, the emperor sent a great gift.

"Zhou Mi, this is a great gift from the emperor, three 100 million year old immortal grasses."

"Maaah."Tang Zichen held a 100 million year old Immortal Grass in his hand, and his entire body trembled.

Tang Zichen didn't know how much Immortal Fate he could accumulate and how much he could upgrade after refining this 100 million year old Immortal Grass into an Immortal Pill and taking it.

"Thank you, Father."Tang Zichen said gratefully.

"There's no need to be polite, it's the right thing to do, the emperor asked me to relay to you that you can take these three immortal grasses, that go and have Master Chen refine them into immortal pills, after all, what he refines is a second level immortal pill, while what you refine yourself is only a first level immortal pill."

"Uh, will Master Chen refine them for me?"If it could be refined into a Grade 2 Immortal Pill, Tang Zichen would certainly be happy to do so.

"Oh, Master Chen has to be willing even if he's not, alright, I'll leave first."

Tang Zichen put away the three 100 million year old Immortal Grasses.

Yun Zi said, "Zhou Mi, my father is expecting a lot from you."

"Why do you say that."

"Three 100 million year old Immortal Grasses, this is enough to show that even in the Upper Fell Hell Continent, there aren't many families that can easily take out three 100 million year old Immortal Grasses."

"Well, I have you to thank for that."

"Fool, I'm already your wife, what's there to mention thanks for."

"Oh, also."

Yun Zi asked, "By the way, now that you're married to me, how do you handle your relationship with Belinda Ma?"

"Uh, Belinda Ma."Cloud Violet didn't mention it, Tang Zichen had forgotten that it had been over a month since Belinda Ma had gone home.

"What do you think should be done about it."

Yun Zi said, "I can mind what happened between you and Belinda Ma in the past, but, I hope that in the future, you don't have any relationship with her.I am, after all, the princess of a country, if any woman can share a man with me, then how can I put my face on.You say right, don't worry, I will treat you a thousand times better, I will never begrudge you."Yun Zi said with a pleasing face.

Tang Zichen smiled, Belinda Ma was a small matter, the key was what about Mu Qianji and the others, now Yun Zi and the others didn't even know they existed.

Tang Zichen said, "Meaning, I can only have you as a woman in the future?"


"Haha, these three Immortal Grasses are really not that easy to take, paying so much."Tang Zichen said.

Yun Zi wiped out a cold sweat and said, "Could it be that three strains of immortal grass can't compare to one Belinda Ma?"

"No, no, no, you misunderstood my meaning, what I meant was that by marrying you, I can only sleep with one woman in the future, I could have had countless women, right, isn't that a big loss, no amount of fairy grass can change it back ah."

"Zhou Mi, don't joke about it, okay."Yun Zi pleaded.

"Ugh."Tang Zichen sighed, what a cocoon.

If on that day, when Yun Zi came to kill him, in that cave, Tang Zichen had directly killed Yun Zi, perhaps, there wouldn't be so much going on now.

If he had killed Yun Zi on that day, Tang Zichen would definitely not have been able to escape the wild beetle's pursuit.

Yun Zi thought that Tang Zichen was not satisfied, hesitated, bit his teeth and said, "Okay, Zhou Mi, if you really want so many women, all the palace maids beside me, you can let them serve you as much as you want, but only you know about this matter and I know about it, it can't be spread out, on the one hand, it will damage my reputation, on the other hand, if father knows about it, he will definitely not spare you.Is this okay?"

Tang Zichen was speechless, "Are you willing to aggravate yourself so much to satisfy me?"

"Zhou Mi, I love you, and since you feel so aggrieved about marrying me, I can only fulfill you."

"You, what a fool."Tang Zichen sighed.


"I do."Yun Zi said without hesitation.

Tang Zichen said she was stupid, and she said willing.

Tang Zichen was also speechless to her.

Originally, Tang Zichen didn't have any feelings for her, and was planning to play and throw her away, who would dare to do anything after being stronger than the emperor in the future.

However, Yun Zi was so moth-like and foolish that Tang Zichen was torn.

"Am I really worthy of you treating me like this?Although outsiders believe that we are consensual, in love, and in free love, we know each other that this is false, and we used to be enemies."

Yun Zi Dao: "In the past, it was me who was blind, I was unruly and capricious, I couldn't stand half of the grievances, but now I've deeply awakened.Zhou Mi, I can see that you don't really like me in your eyes, you're just forced by my father's pressure."

"Since you know I don't really like you, why did you still choose to marry me, why didn't you just let the emperor kill me."

"I can't do that with my concubine."

"Servant concubine?You are a princess of a country, it's me who should say minister.If your father knew that you call yourself a submissive concubine, he would kill you."

"To death I would be willing to be your concubine." One second to remember to read the book

"Oh, you're wasted for a man, where you still look like a princess."

"I don't mind, I just want you to like me and treat me truly."

Tang Zichen sighed, "Originally, my impression of you was never too good, but, right now I'm touched by you."

"Ooh, Zhou Mi, I will spend my whole life to make up for the mistake I once made to you."Yun Zi excitedly hugged Tang Zichen.

"No need, you don't owe me anything."

"Zhou Mi, thank you."

"There's no need to rush to thank me, although I was touched by you, I didn't say that I was in love with you, to be honest, I already have someone I like."

"Was it Belinda Ma?If that's true, I wouldn't mind if you were with her in private."


"Then who is it?"

"Yun Zi, you still know too little about me, you only know that I was Zhou Mi in my previous life, but you don't know, the origin of my current life Tang Zichen, let's just say, I will tell you, how I Tang Zichen climbed up from the bottom step by step."

In the middle of the night, Tang Zichen did not have a bridal chamber, instead, he was there to narrate the journey.

Yun Zi listened, only then did he understand Tang Zichen for the first time, and realized how hard it was for him to come to the Immortal Realm.

It was already dawn, and Tang Zichen had finished speaking.

"Alright, it's time to get up and wash up, your father is still waiting for us to toast the morning tea."Tang Zichen got up.

But Yun Zi hugged Tang Zichen, not letting him get up.

"What's the drop, there was no bridal shower last night, you're not happy are you."Tang Zichen said.

Yun Zi ghostly said, "Zhou Mi, after knowing your journey in this life, I love and worship you even more.Don't worry, I will never hinder you from meeting up with those ladies in your current life.If necessary, I will cover for you."

Tang Zichen was quite touched inside, it was not in vain that Tang Zichen had told her the legendary story of the night.

"Thank you."

"No, then let's go to Father's place to toast tea."

Tang Zichen said, "No, let your father wait."

"Uh, what else are you doing?"

"Hehe, you know."Tang Zichen smiled cheaply and Yun Zi blushed, instantly understanding what was going on.

In one of the main halls, the emperor and Yun Zi's mother was waiting for Tang Zichen and his two men to go toast morning tea.

"Why aren't you here yet?"The emperor's brow furrowed.


The queen said, "Don't worry, wait."

"The sun is on your ass and you're still not coming, go hurry."

"Yes."The servant by the emperor's side immediately went to hurry it up.

However, after ten minutes, that servant returned alone.

"Where are Zhou Mi and Yun Zi?"

"Your Majesty, I don't know, I wasn't able to enter their courtyard, but I asked their maidservant to rush them, and their maidservant replied that the son-in-law and princess are still exercising, so wait a bit."

"Exercise, what exercise takes so long."

"Slave doesn't know."

After another half hour, Tang Zichen and Yun Zi finally came.

At this moment, outside the main hall, Tang Zichen said, "Your father has been waiting for us for almost an hour, I guess the fire is getting hot."

Yun Zi said angrily, "It's all your fault, the consequences of my father's anger are very serious."

Tang Zichen smiled, "I have an idea, you are now walking with a limp on purpose, of course, just don't exaggerate too much."


"Just do as you're told."

"Oh."Yun Zi immediately limped slightly into the main hall.

The emperor was about to ask, "What's wrong with you, Cloud Violet?At that moment, Yun Zi's mother stopped it.

"I pay my respects to Father."Tang Zichen bowed.

The emperor raged, "Why are you coming now?Is there any regard for me?"

This emperor was very autocratic, Tang Zichen actually disliked him inside, as if he was the old son of the Heavenly King.

Tang Zichen pretended to be embarrassed, "Your Majesty, forgive me, I was too excited to be able to marry Yun Zi, so, I was unable to control my inner excitement."

The emperor saw the queen make eye contact and suddenly understood, could it be that Zhou Mi had tossed his daughter around all night?Is that why she's limping?

It was not good to say anything more about such an embarrassing matter, and the emperor could only wave his hand, "It's just a matter of time, learn self-control in the future, there are still hundreds of millions of years in the future, are you still afraid of running out of time."

"Yes, Father."

Yun Zi remained silent, she already understood why Tang Zichen made her limp, and couldn't help but give Tang Zichen a loving glance.

The future of life, with Tang Zichen and Yun Zi's immortal fate, it was less than 100 million years, so there was really a long, long time in the future.

With such a long life, there was time for everything you wanted to do.

Perhaps, this was the reason why countless immortal cultivators, chipping away at their heads, wanted to become immortals.

Immortal cultivators in the Immortal Realm, just like those in the Spiritual Realm, had a lifespan of ten thousand years.Any Immortal in the Immortal Realm, during their long lives, often saw generations of Immortal cultivators, dying right under their noses.It was a feeling that those who did not experience it firsthand could not understand.Countless immortals, before their death, looked at the immortals with longing, how they wanted to live as long as the immortals, but they were so desperate.

After toasting the morning tea, Tang Zichen and Yun Zi left the palace and returned to the Zhou residence.

Naturally, he also had to toast a cup of tea with Zhou Tie.

After the toast, Tang Zichen said, "I'm going to find Master Chen now and ask him to refine my pills."

"Fine, I'll go too."

Tang Zichen arrived at Master Chen's dan room.

Master Chen and his disciple, Ah Miao, the two of them had become prisoners.

It was really sad to think about, their previous status was incomparably superior in the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom, but now they were prisoners.

In the pill room, Master Chen was refining pills with a bruised nose and swollen face, his eyes dazed.

By the side, Master Chen's disciple, Ah Miao, was full of complaints and helped with the refining of the pills with no strength.


Both of them were miserable.

Miao grumbled, "It's all your fault, if you hadn't wanted to leave, we wouldn't have ended up as prisoners today."

"Hmph, Ah Miao, I'm so disappointed in you."Master Chen snorted.

These days, the two of them, Master and Disciple, had fallen out.

"I'm now implicated by you and have also become a prisoner, you're satisfied."

"Heartless thing, if I hadn't taught you the art of Immortal Pill, you wouldn't be a fart now."

Ah Miao snorted, "Even if I'm not a fart, that's better than losing my freedom now, I'm afraid I'll be imprisoned here for the rest of my life, refining pills until I die."Ah Miao's eyes were in despair.

In Master Chen's eyes, there was just as much despair, there was no way they could escape.

Ah Miao's heart was filled with sorrow and said, "Last night's cannon fire was booming and joyous, and I heard that it was the day of Zhou Mi and Yun Zi's wedding.It's really unfair, why is it that such a person can still become a son-in-law, I'm such a good person, I've chased after Princess Yun Meng for so long, I've made so many pills for her, and she still doesn't have any feelings for me, it's really unfair."

Master Chen sneered, "Even you dare to presume that the princess, after learning the art of Immortal Pill by my side for so many years, and still only being able to train into a second level of quality, with this qualification, you have the nerve to chase after Yun Meng."

"Ridiculous, the reason why it took me so long to train a second level quality Immortal Pill, do you seriously think it's my problem.You yourself didn't even teach it wholeheartedly, heck, you still have the nerve to call me stupid."Ah Miao was annoyed. First URL

Master and disciple, one sentence from you, one sentence from me, both sides filled with despair quarreled.

This kind of day, they still have to continue for millions, tens of millions, even billions of years, with no end in sight at all, and they want to die.

At this time, Tang Zichen and Yun Zi came.

"Yo, Master Chen, you're busy with your alchemy early in the morning."Tang Zichen smiled.

Master Chen lifted his head and saw Tang Zichen dressed in palace splendor and dashing about, he was suddenly furious.

"Zhou Mi, you still dare to come."Master Chen roared.

Tang Zichen laughed, "When you see this imperial prince, it's just a matter of not kneeling down, but you still dare to yell, you don't want to die."


Ah Miao at this moment saw Tang Zichen, and Tang Zichen beside Princess Yun Zi, heart is not a taste, especially see Yun Zi that beautiful face, associated with this stunning body, has been Zhou Mi this pervert with flipping ravaged, inside is a fire to spew, he for Yun Meng Princess alchemy refining for how long, even he? a finger did not touch, really nesting ah.

"Zhou Mi, you will not die a good death."Ah Miao gritted her teeth.

Master and disciple, perhaps they were finally able to form a united front in their treatment of Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "No matter how much you don't deserve to die, I'm able to marry and sleep with princesses, while you, on the other hand, are only able to refine pills here day and night."

"Pfft."Ah Miaoton spat out blood in anger.

Yun Zi felt that she wasn't suitable for such a situation and said, "Husband, I'll wait for you outside the door."

"Good, this place is also really not for you to stay, how can you let people look at your thousand gold body."

Yun Zi was busy walking away.

Tang Zichen said, "Ah Miao, perhaps, just now was the last time you saw a woman in your life."

"What do you mean?"

Tang Zichen laughed, "You've become a prisoner, do you think, you still have a chance to see women in the future?No, not a chance. But you're also lucky that the last woman you'll ever see in your life is mine.


"Choomi, I'm going to kill you."

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped Ah Miao down.

"Ah Miao, I'm not the one who hurt you, it's your master."

"Enough."Master Chen yelled.

"Zhou Miao, if you've come to see my joke, you've already seen it, you can get out now."

Tang Zichen said, "Don't worry, I'm not in the mood to see your jokes, I'm here for you to give me alchemy, I married Yun Zi, the emperor gave me a few immortal grasses, so train me into a grade two immortal pill."

"You're dreaming."Master Chen roared, his eyes extremely resigned to the extent that he had to refine pills for him.

"Do you think you're still the old Master Chen?Only for the emperor alone?No, you're a prisoner now, and I told you to refine it."

"Ahhhh, what have I done wrong, why are you doing this to me."Master Chen yelled in pain, tears streaming down his face.

Tang Zichen couldn't help but sympathize with him when he saw such a painful appearance.

Although Tang Zichen fought with him and became the winner, Tang Zichen could not guarantee that he would always be the winner, and perhaps one day, he might also become a prisoner or even be killed directly.

However, fortunately, Yun Zi was very much in love with Tang Zichen, and this alone would save Tang Zichen from this difficulty.

Tang Zichen felt in his heart that it was better to treat Yun Zi better in the future, don't really make her desperate, otherwise, the prisoner would have a share of Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "Master Chen, in this life, you have no hope of leaving this place, except for one person, who might be able to help you."

"Ah, who?"Master Chen was busy looking at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "Me."

"You, huh."Master Chen snorted.

Tang Zichen said, "Don't don't believe me, maybe I'm really the only one who can help you."

"If it wasn't for you, why would I be here and you would still help me?"

"Yes, but there are conditions."

"What conditions?"

"Guide me in alchemy."

"You're dreaming."

"If you guide me in alchemy, I can plead with the Emperor to pardon your innocence."

"If you become a Second Grade Immortal Pill Master, I'll die even faster."Master Chen snorted.

"From a certain point of view, that's true, but if you teach me, that's not necessarily the case, at least I learned your Immortal Pill technique, and you're considered my point man, so naturally I should plead for your mercy.Think about it yourself, I'm afraid no one can give you hope except me."After saying that, Tang Zichen turned around and walked away.

Master Chen was stunned there, perhaps considering Tang Zichen's words.

Ah Miao was busy saying, "Master, promise him ah, this is our only chance, although we don't know if he is lying to us, but we have no other way out."

After Tang Zichen walked out of the Pill Room, he said to the strong man who was guarding the Pill Room at the late Mortal Immortal stage, "Senior Black Prisoner, these three Immortal Grasses of mine, please urge Master Chen to help me train them into pills."

"Don't worry, Emperor Zhou, the emperor has explained."

"Thank you."

Tang Zichen walked away with Yun Zi.

If the emperor hadn't explained before, it would have been useless for Tang Zichen to come, even though Master Chen was now a prisoner, the emperor wouldn't let him refine pills for just anyone, still only for him.

Tang Zichen returned to his home, while Yun Zi went back to the palace.


"Young Master, Belinda Ma requests an audience."The butler came to report.

"Uh, let her in."

Soon after, Julie Ma came and seemed to have lost weight.

"Belinda Ma, when did you come to the Xian imperial capital."

"Been here for half a month."

"Uh, so how."

"I didn't dare to bother you, you've been given in marriage."Belinda Ma said with a sad look.

"Oh, and why do you bother."

"Zhou Mi, what should I do."

Tang Zichen said, "I'm sure you'll find a better one than me."

"I don't want to."Belinda Ma cried out. Remember the URL

Belinda Ma said, "Zhou Mi, I really can't leave you, without you, I already feel like living is meaningless, but, you're called a son-in-law again, I don't dare, sooooo."

Tang Zichen saw her crying so sadly, so he had to hug her.

Tang Zichen said, "Indeed, my current status is as a son-in-law, I'm afraid I'll even lose my own life if I mess up again."

"I really can't leave you."Belinda Ma cried, she also knew that she couldn't be with Tang Zichen anymore, she had been heartbroken for the past half month.However, she still couldn't hold back today and came to look for Zhou Mi.

Tang Zichen smiled, "However, the reason is like this, but I, Tang someone, don't like to be restricted, no matter if he is an emperor or some heavenly king, don't try to restrict me.Belinda Ma, if you still want to be with me, there's only one way."

"What way?"

"I'll tell Yun Zi to make you her personal maid, so that you and Yun Zi can be together often, and we, too, can be together often, hehe."Tang Zichen smiled proudly.

"Ah, will Princess Yun Zi agree?"

"Of course I'll agree, I'm in charge of this family, Yun Zi dares to disagree, spank her."

Belinda Ma blushed and was happy inside.

"It's just that it's going to be hard on you, but of course, the maid is only a superficial identity."

"Then if the Emperor knows?"

"No, Cloud Violet won't say, he'll cover for you."

"Ah, that doesn't make sense."

"Alright, never mind that, I'll arrange it, you leave my place before anyone finds anything."


Belinda Ma left happily.

Tang Zichen inwardly sighed helplessly, it was fortunate that he had met a princess who was so good to him, if he had been replaced by a careful one, Tang Zichen would have been in a very bad position.

That night, Tang Zichen returned to the palace and went to have a good time with Yun Zi, since she was so reasonable, Tang Zichen couldn't begrudge her until three days later.

Tang Zichen went to the Pill Room.

"Senior Black Prisoner, have I trained my Immortal Pill yet?"

"Well, it's already refined, take it."The Black Prisoner took the three immortal pills to Tang Zichen.

These three Immortal Pills, the Black Prisoner was also gluttonous, only, he wouldn't touch them, he was the Emperor's brother and the person the Emperor trusted the most, that's why the Emperor sent him here to guard Master Chen.

"Thank you, Senior Black Prisoner, I'll leave first then."

"Brother-in-law Zhou, take care."

After Tang Zichen took the Immortal Pill, he immediately secretly went to a certain other courtyard to check on Mu Qianji and Little Fire and the others.

"Brother Chen, you're here."

"How are you guys doing, have you become immortal?"Don Zichen asked.


"Minister, what are you kidding, it's only been a few days, you think it's so easy, it feels so far away."..

Mu Qianji also stopped cultivating.

"Alas, there's no progress at all, the immortalization spell you taught us feels too difficult to understand."Mu Qianji said somewhat petulantly.

Tang Zichen said, "There's no hurry, take your time, today I brought immortal pills, this time it's 100 million years old, and it's made by a second level Immortal Pill Master, the effect is doubled."

After saying that, Tang Zichen took out an Immortal Pill, this Immortal Pill was huge, the size of a pigeon egg, which meant that the black prisoner didn't give Tang Zichen a deduction.

Tang Zichen divided this Immortal Pill into several portions, one for each of them.

The large Immortal Pill turned into a dozen smaller ones.

"One for each of them, call everyone else up."

"Zichen, where did you get this?A 100 million year old Immortal Pill, that's too extravagant, normally, it's impossible to get, before, even that former father of yours couldn't get one."

"Indeed, apart from emperors, ordinary mortal immortals really don't even think about it, the reason why I was able to obtain three 100 million year old Immortal Pills, this is because, I was just about to tell you guys."Tang Zichen had difficulty speaking.

Dao: "It shouldn't be because you married a certain princess."

Black Pupil just happened to wake up and was busy saying, "How is that possible, my minister uncle is not like that, he's not interested in women anymore."

Tang Zichen stared at Black Pupil in depression, how did he know that his eyes saw that Tang Zichen was not interested in women anymore, making it so hard for Tang Zichen to step down.

Tang Zichen said, "I'd better start from the beginning, starting from the last time I attended the Genius Auction."

Tang Zichen began again, finishing the process of getting to know Yun Zi without missing a beat.

"Alright, that's it, I was forced, had no choice, had to, very grievously and helplessly, marry Yun Zi.I believe that all of you can feel my helplessness and pain."Tang Zichen concluded.

Tang Huan said, "Yes, I can indeed understand."

Lu Yuxi said, "Yes, I can understand too, Zichen, you've worked hard."

"Yes, I've really wronged you.".

Tang Zichen saw them, one by one, all full of sarcasm, and laughed, "Alright, alright, don't be sarcastic, although I am, right now, not without feelings for Yun Zi, but it's true that I have no choice."

Mu Qianji said, "You thought we wouldn't understand you, you're wrong, you could have abandoned us for these burdens, but you didn't, what more can we ask of you.It's just marrying a princess, besides, you obtained the Immortal Pill and came to share it with us in the first place, we really have no complaints, you don't need to look so guilty."

Everyone nodded, in fact they were very grateful that Tang Zichen had never abandoned them, if they had been some thin-hearted ones, they would have thrown these burdens away long ago, but Tang Zichen always had to take them with him.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Alright, take the immortal pills first, I can't come here often now, I'll have to be more careful in the future, even though Yun Zi doesn't mind, the emperor definitely does, if the emperor knew, you would definitely be killed, and I might die too."

"Well, then, contact less in the future, just send a henchman.".

"A henchman?There's no henchmen for now, don't worry, with Yun Zi covering for me, it's not that hard for me to meet with you guys.That's it, I'm leaving first."

Tang Zichen didn't stay long, it hadn't been more than a few months since we last met, and if it wasn't for the gift of Immortal Pills, Tang Zichen wouldn't have come here again so soon.

Tang Zichen walked carefully all the way, not going home and heading straight to the palace to go to Yun Zi's.

The emperor must have known that Tang Zichen had received the Immortal Pill, so the emperor must have been secretly observing how effective Tang Zichen was in taking the Pill this time.


Tang Zichen took the remaining two immortal pills and then entered the closed door.

Tang Zichen immediately sensed the accumulated Immortal Qi in his body.


Tang Zichen was a little surprised, not long after the Immortal Pill had been consumed, the Immortal Machine had accumulated a value of 580, of course, this value was not a specific value, it was what Tang Zichen had approximately felt.

When Tang Zichen felt it again, he had already stepped into the middle stage of Human Immortal.

Moreover, Tang Zichen had reached the halfway point in the middle Human Immortal stage.

"Two Immortal Pills to raise me to halfway to the mid Human Immortal stage is not bad at all."

Tang Zichen felt that as long as his Immortal Machine accumulated to 1000 again, he could step into the late stage of Human Immortal.

Only, it was very difficult to accumulate from 580 Immortal Machine values to 1000.Without any Immortal Pills, it could take tens of thousands of years just by Tang Zichen himself.

Don't think that this was a joke, Immortal upgrades were easily 100,000 or a million years, and 10,000 years was already very short.

"Yun Zi."Three days later, Tang Zichen walked out of the cultivation room. One second to remember to read the book

"Zhou Mi, are you out so soon, my father said that in order to maximize the effect of the Immortal Pill, it must be thoroughly digested before the retreat can end."Yun Zi was busy.

Tang Zichen smiled, "I've thoroughly digested it, look at my realm."

"Ah, mid Human Immortal stage, you've even stepped into the mid Human Immortal stage."Yun Zi was incredulous.

"Yes, but there's nothing to be happy about, I was also more than halfway to pre-Human Immortal cultivation before."Tang Zichen said.

Yun Zi said, "Do you know that my father's highest expectation for you is to be able to let you cultivate to the end of Pre-Human Immortal, but my father said that it's difficult with only three 100 million year old Immortal Pills.However, I never expected that you would directly enter the middle stage of Human Immortal."Yun Zi seemed to feel beyond imagination.

"Hehe."Tang Zichen knew that that was without the Immortal Machine Spitting Technique, Tang Zichen had the Immortal Machine Spitting Technique, and any bit of Immortal Machine would accumulate without causing a single bit of waste or loss, which was incomparable.

"Quick, come with me to see my father, my father would be shocked if he knew, this means, you are very genius.The better the effect, the higher the Immortal Fate, i.e. the higher the talent."

"Oh, good."

At this moment, in the palace hall.

The emperor contemplatively said to his close retainer, "Guess how much Zhou Mi advanced after taking three Immortal Pills?"

"Sovereign, I don't think there's much progress, after all, it still takes time for immortals to settle down when they upgrade, and no amount of immortal pills taken in a short period of time will improve it much."

Just at this moment, Yun Zi and Tang Zichen walked in from outside.


"What are you guys doing here, Zhou Mi, didn't you just take the Immortal Pill?Why don't you close the door properly."At this point, the emperor's eyebrows furrowed in shock as he said, "You've stepped into the middle Human Immortal stage?"

"Exactly, I have come to pay my respects to His Majesty, but if it wasn't for His Majesty's grace, I wouldn't have been able to step into the middle Human Immortal stage so quickly."Tang Zichen bowed.

The emperor, however, was startled there.

The effect of Tang Zichen's use of immortal pills greatly exceeded the emperor's expectations, thinking that it would be good for Tang Zichen to be able to cultivate to the end of the pre-human immortal stage.

Yun Zi was also busy saying, "Thank you, Father, for your kindness to my husband."

The emperor smiled, "Zhou Mi, it seems that you are indeed extraordinary, with an extremely deep immortal fate, otherwise, it is impossible for you to become a middle stage Human Immortal so quickly.One level at a time, you are now looking back at the Human Immortal stage, all of them are ants, congratulations.I expect you to treat Yun Zi well, don't let down my king's good intentions."The emperor spoke in a somewhat sour tone.

"Yes, humble servant will definitely love Yun Zi more than love


Cloud Violet sounded sweet.

"Go down."

Only then did Tang Zichen and Yun Zi left.

Inside the emperor's heart, he wasn't really happy for Tang Zichen.

It was a very complicated feeling, human nature was all selfish and complicated.

The emperor thought of himself, in the pre-Earth Immortal stage, I don't know how many years, has been unable to go up to the middle Earth Immortal stage, one layer a day, he really wanted to become the middle Earth Immortal stage, right now see Tang Zichen so easily enter the middle Human Immortal stage, how could he not be sour.

After Tang Zichen left, he said, "Your father doesn't seem to be very happy."

"Uh, does he."

"Oh, I should be mistaken."Tang Zichen laughed, but Tang Zichen had an extra piece of mind inside, it was better not to be too piercing in the future, it was very scary when people got jealous.

After that, the emperor issued an order, Zhou Xianma stepped into the middle stage of Human Immortal, and the whole country went on vacation for three days.

Tang Zichen was somewhat speechless, making such a big battle.

In fact, it wasn't an exaggeration, a member of the royal family upgrading, that was such a big deal.

After the national celebrations ended, Tang Zichen came to the Dan Room again.

Tang Zichen was brimming with springtime, while Master Chen was still painstakingly concocting pills.

"Master Chen."Tang Zichen called out.

"What are you doing here."Grandmaster Chen snorted.

That Ah Miao was busy begging Tang Zichen, "Greetings to Zhou, congratulations to Zhou on stepping into the middle stage of Human Immortal."

Tang Zichen said, "Yo, even you can tell my realm?"

"What did Zhou prince-in-law say, you stepped into the middle stage of Human Immortal, the country took a three-day vacation, and we also had a rare three-day break."

"So that's it."

Tang Zichen looked at Master Chen and said, "Master Chen, how well did you consider my proposal last time?"

"Hmph, if you want me to guide you in alchemy, fine, but what guarantee do you have that the Emperor can release me?"

Tang Zichen said, "I can't guarantee it, but since I, Zhou, have made a promise, I will find a way."

"You're clearly trying to cheat."

"It seems that you don't believe me, so forget it, goodbye."Tang Zichen didn't bother to say anything more, anyway, this Master Chen was also an extremely poor level Second Grade Immortal Pill Master, so don't let him teach you badly.

Tang Zichen thought about it, it was better not to rush, take it one step at a time, he still had a long life ahead of him anyway.

Tang Zichen walked away.

Master Chen's heart, however, was filled with regret, his only chance was gone.

Tang Zichen arrived at the palace, and as soon as he entered Yun Zi's courtyard, he saw Yun Zi and Yun Meng inside.

"Husband, you're back."Yun Zi happily came up.

Yun Meng also looked to Tang Zichen and smiled at him, "Congratulations, Zhou Mi."

"Thank you."Tang Zichen nodded, looking at Yun Meng's eyes, both of them were a bit strange.

However, Yun Zi didn't see it.

Yun Zi said, "We're going to sweep the graves, do you want to come with us?"

"Grave-cleaning?Whose grave to sweep?"

Cloud Violet said, "Brother Cloudfall's grave."

"Yunluo?"Tang Zichen immediately said in his mind, searching the memories of his past life.

Tang Zichen immediately knew.

Yun Luo was a very talented prince of the Yun Luo Immortal Kingdom in the past, but unfortunately, he was later killed.


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