The King of Kungfu in school 2026-2030


Chapter 2026

Tang Zichen looked at Master Lu and saw that he was holding a black, nail-sized stone in his hand.

"This is a memory crystal?"

"Yes, some people also call it the Three Life Stones, in short, each has its own name."

Tang Zichen was a bit shocked, because Tang Zichen had seen, in the mortal world, the technological world, Tang Zichen had seen even bigger ones, immediately recording many scenes from ancient times, there was a month, there were years, and the longest one was even five hundred years old.

Unexpectedly, after Tang Zichen came to the Immortal World, he finally saw this kind of thing appear.

Tang Zichen didn't think about it any further and immediately began to refine the Immortal Pill.

Master Lu said to the memory crystal, "I, Lu Yihua, assess for Tang Zichen, recording this process as proof."After saying that, the memory crystal began to record it for Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen refined very carefully, and about fifteen minutes later, Tang Zichen finished refining, and an Immortal Pill with a medicinal fragrance was made.

Lu Yihua took it to his nose and sniffed it, saying, "Not bad, you were able to refine a third layer of quality Immortal Pill in your first assessment.Congratulations, Tang Zichen, you have passed the assessment."

Tang Zichen said, "Senior, you can also call me Zhou Mi, add the two names to it."

"Zhou Mi?" First web site

"Yes, that was my name in my previous life."

"Okay, this conversation has been recorded to the memory crystal."

Then, ending the recording, Master Lu said, "This memory crystal is your first level Immortal Master officially, please keep it safe.Of course, you can also hang it on your chest, so that everyone can scan it with their Immortal Thoughts and discern its authenticity in a moment.

"Haha, that's not necessary."Tang Zichen didn't pretend to be so comparable, a first-grade Immortal Pill Master was nothing.

Tang Zichen's idea was wrong, a first-grade Immortal Pill Master was also in high demand, Human Immortals, Mortal Immortals, and even Earth Immortals, there were people who would need a first-grade Immortal Pill Master to help them refine Immortal Pills.

Master Lu instructed, "It's good to be less flamboyant, although the Immortal Pill Master's status is esteemed, but it's also high risk, there will always be some perverts that will grab the Immortal Pill Master and force him or her to refine Immortal Pills for them, and kill them if they don't."

"Ah, there are still such people."

"Right, so you'd better find a few strong long-term partners in the future, they provide protection for you, we Immortal Pill masters, specializing in Immortal Pills, the strength aspect is definitely not as good, even if there is a realm, most of them are in the empty realm, encountering the same level is mostly not a match."

"Hehe," Tang Zichen said in his heart, he was the exception, most of his peers were no match for him.

Just like that, Tang Zichen walked out of the Great Hall of Immortals.

Yun Zi, Belinda Ma, Wild Dew, and the three of them were waiting outside the Great Hall of Immortal Pillars.

Seeing Tang Zichen walk out, they immediately went up.

"How is it?Is the assessment up yet?"Belinda Ma was busy asking.

Tang Zichen pulled out his assessment crystal at once.

With a sweep of a few Immortal Thoughts, they immediately saw a rough view of Tang Zichen's assessment process.

"Congratulations Young Master Zhou."Belinda Ma panicked and flattered, as if Tang Zichen's entire demeanor had changed after he got the proof of being a first grade Immortal Master, Belinda Ma suddenly felt inside, so much love for Tang Zichen.

Yun Zi looked at Tang Zichen, and also the eyes all changed.

In the past, it could be said that Tang Zichen was not good enough for her, but now that Tang Zichen had obtained the title of First Grade Immortal Pill Master, it was different, at least worthy of her identity as the Princess of Yun Luo Immortal Kingdom, and Tang Zichen was stronger than her again.

Yun Zi asked, "Now you

Already the assessment is here, shouldn't we return to the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom next?"

Tang Zichen said, "What's the hurry, stay for a few more days."

Tang Zichen also wanted to meet with Star Luo, and also wanted to ask some more questions from Master Tianxiang.

"Oh."Yun Zi nodded, the look in Tang Zichen's eyes was no longer the same, forced feeling as before, but a willing one.

It could be said that Tang Zichen's status had quietly taken a leap when he got the status of a First Grade Immortal Pill Master.

Tang Zichen returned to the inn and prepared to go meet with Star Luo tomorrow.

However, before Tang Zichen even entered the inn, he heard someone in the inn saying, "I really don't know where Cousin Yun Zi has gone?"

"I'm sorry, I really don't know, they're just staying at our inn, we don't go over where they go."The owner of the inn said.

Yun Zi heard the voice and was startled, "It's Cousin Yang Fan."

Saying that, a few people entered the inn, and sure enough, that cousin of Yun Zi's, and an unknown youth, were asking the shopkeeper about it.


"Hey, Cousin Yun Zi, you're back, I was just asking where you went."Yang Fan and another youth came up.

Yun Zi looked at the youth and smiled, "Brother Gusi Ba, you've come too."

"Hehe, Miss Yun Zi, it's been a few days, you've grown pretty again."Ancient Temple Ba said sweetly on his lips.

However, Yun Zi didn't like him and only accosted him with a smile.

Tang Zichen stood at the back and didn't say a word.

That Ancient Temple Ba looked towards Tang Zichen and said, "You are Yun Zi girl's friend, Zhou Mi, right."The corners of Guji Ba's mouth raised slightly, as if mentioning Zhou Mi was a bit disdainful, if it wasn't for Yun Zi, he would never have spoken to such a person to death.

Tang Zichen didn't bother talking to him and walked straight up the stairs, while saying under his breath, "Yun Zi, come to my room."

"Oh."Yun Zi said to Yang Fan and Gu Si Ba, "Sorry ah, I'm not free today, you guys please go back."

"This."Yang Fan was depressed, he purposely brought Ancient Temple Ba to deepen his relationship with Yun Zi.

Ancient Temple Ba was busy saying, "Miss Yun Zi, didn't you say that you and former Zhou Mi were just ordinary friends?Why is he allowed to command you?"

"Because he's my friend."

"A friend doesn't have to be obedient like a maid, Cloud Violet Girl."Guji Ba said with anger.

Tang Zichen stood on the stairs, stopped and said, "You're Guseba, right."

"Yes, how drop."Guji Ba looked at Tang Zichen as if he was his rival.

Tang Zichen said, "You want to know why Yun Zi obeyed me?Okay, I'll tell you."

"Don't say it."Yun Zi was busy shouting.

Tang Zichen said, "Because, Yun Zi likes me, worships me, and is willing to do everything for me.Gusheba, you can go now, you've got no chance, don't waste your time and energy."

"This is impossible, how can my cousin like someone like you, even if you are a genius, but where so what."Yang Fanton yelled.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Isn't it, just ask Yun Zi."After saying that, Tang Zichen walked upstairs, Tang Zichen didn't have a very violent conflict with them, after all, this was their territory.

Fan Yang was busy looking at Yun Zi and asked, "Cousin, tell cousin that this is not real, this toad is just dreaming."


Yun Zi sighed inside, she thought Tang Zichen would say something about her offering her soul.

Yun Zi had to go along with what Tang Zichen said and nodded, "Cousin, I'm sorry, I lied to you, Zhou Mi is right, I like him very much and I worship him, so I followed him all the way here from the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom, without any difficulty."

Yun Zi looked at Gu Si Ba again and said, "I'm sorry, Mr. Gu, I already have a heart, thank you for your kindness to me, you will find someone better than me, please go back."

"No."Guji Ba yelled, how beautiful a woman, he had almost decided inside that she was his wife, and as a result, flew off the handle, and liked a hillbilly, and the first lecher in his previous life.

Yun Zi said to Yang Fan again, "Cousin, please go back, I'm going upstairs, Zhou Mi asked me to go to his room, I don't want to keep him waiting, I'm sorry."After saying that, Yun Zi walked upstairs, Yang Fan was stunned there.

A few seconds later, Yang Fan yelled, "Yun Zi, you can't like him, that hillbilly doesn't deserve you."However, Yun Zi did not turn back at all.

Tang Zichen came to the room, and soon after, Yun Zi came up.

"Zhou Mi, what did you call me up here for."Yun Zi asked.

"You're my slave, can't you call if there's nothing wrong?"


"You must hate me in your heart for interrupting your marriage." Remember the URL

"No ah, I didn't like that Gusheba in the first place, it was my cousin who set me up with him."

At this moment, downstairs, Guji Ba looked dumbfounded, repeating with his mouth, "I'm surprisingly not as good as a yokel, huh?"

Yang Fan worried, "Brother Gu, are you alright?Don't scare me."

"I'm not even as good as a hick, huh?"Like a fool, Guji Ba repeated this sentence, then laughed bitterly.

Yang Fan was startled inside, "Oh no, Gusheba shouldn't be crazy, right?If you go crazy, it's really the end."

Right now, Yang Fan couldn't be bothered with Yun Zi and panicked, shaking Gusi Ba.

"Brother Gu, wake up, don't be like this, let's think of any problems together, I'm sure I can convince my cousin, Brother Gu."

However, Gusheba still looked like a fool, muttering to himself, "I can't believe I'm not as good as a hick, heh, I can't believe I'm not as good as a hick, heh."

"Ahhhh."Yang Fan was going mad, if Gusheba really went mad because of this, his family would definitely not escape responsibility, because he was the one who set up Gusheba and Yun Zi, how would the people in Gusheba's family let them go.

"Why do you have to be so unlucky, Guji Ba, can you stop being so useless, it's just one woman, so what."Yang Fan yelled.

"I'm not even as good as a yokel, huh?"Ancient Temple Ba was really stupid.

At this moment, many people in the inn had gathered around, this kind of public place, it was impossible for no one to know, Ancient Temple Ba was at least one of the top two hundred geniuses in Upper Fellows Island, the popularity was there, at this moment, seeing Ancient Temple Ba going crazy, everyone was incredible.

Fan Yang was anxious to stomp his feet, now was not the time to complain about the lack of belly, but how to solve it.

Yang Fan immediately carried Gusi Ba on his back and brought him back to the Yang residence first to report this to his father.

As soon as Yang Fan left, the entire inn was abuzz with discussion.

"Ancient Temple Ba has even gone mad, what kind of mental shock has he suffered?"

"I don't know, I just wasn't paying attention.

Put it on them, all I hear is, as Gusheba keeps repeating, I'm not even as good as a yokel."

"What do you mean?He's not as good as a yokel, how is that possible, that yokel daring to compare himself with Gusheba?"

And then a shop: "Do you want to know what happened?"


"Hey, money."Dropping a glance of the second child's shining gesture.

Those curious guests, who didn't care about the money, immediately tossed a bag to Shop Junior.

Shop Dao: "In our inn, there are a few guests from the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom living there, one of them is a girl named Yun Zi, the princess of the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom, she's so beautiful that one can't help but forget to breathe.It so happened that that Yun Zi was Yang Fan's cousin, Yang Fan wanted to befriend the ancient family, so he introduced his cousin to Gusiba, although I don't know what happened, but I know that after Gusiba saw Yun Zi, he liked her very much, and also, Gusiba was very confident that he would be able to hold the beauty back, after all, Yun Zi was only a princess of a small fairy country, with Gusiba's identity, he was worthy enough.However, the unexpected, that Yun Zi, already has someone he likes, that is, the man who came with Yun Zi, named Tang Zichen, and this man, Tang Zichen, is the reincarnation of Zhou Mi, the number one pervert of Yunluo Immortal Kingdom.Guji Ba learned the truth and went crazy."

"Wow shit, so that's how it is."

At this moment, in Tang Zichen's room, Tang Zichen had no idea that something significant had happened, he just looked at Yun Zi, and the more he looked at Yun Zi, the more tempting he found it, so now, Tang Zichen was slapdash, constantly pecking Yun Zi's fragrant lips.Yun Zi Zi blushed shyly, but she didn't even put up any resistance, allowing Tang Zichen to kiss her lips.

"Knock knock knock."Just at this moment, a rapid knock came from the door.

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The door opened, and Nodou came in with a rush.

"Wild beetle, what's the matter."Yun Zi blushed and asked.

Nodou saw Yun Zi Zi's blushing, suspicious eyes looking at Tang Zichen, not knowing what they had just done, but their clothes were still intact.

Nodou didn't have time to think too much, he was too busy reporting, "Princess, it's bad, something big has happened."

"Uh, what big thing?"

"Princess, that Guji Ba, he's crazy."

Yun Zi was puzzled, "What does his madness have to do with me, I don't like him."

Nodu was depressed: "Princess, it's because you don't like him that he's crazy.I just went downstairs and heard the whole inn talking about it."

"Ah, no way."Yun Zi was startled.

Tang Zichen also had a light frown on his brow.

"It's true, when Guji Ba heard you say personally that you like Zhou Mi, he went crazy and kept saying silly things in his mouth that he's worse than a hick.Now your cousin Yang Fan has taken him away, presumably back to the Yang residence."

"Khan."Yun Zi looked at Tang Zichen and was very speechless.

Tang Zichen snorted, "What a useless man."

Nodou said, "Zhou Mi, now is not the time to speak sarcastic words, Gusi Ba is mad because of Yun Zi and you, this matter will definitely get bigger, I think we better leave here right away, this is not a place to stay for long."

Tang Zichen said, "I'm not ready to leave yet."

"Zhou Mi, there will be blood if this matter is not handled properly, even if you don't think about yourself, you have to think about the princess, if you don't leave, I'll have to take the princess and hide first."


"Hiding, do you think you can hide?"

"Zhou Mi, I beg you."Nodou said pleadingly.

Tang Zichen looked to Yun Zi and said, "You're not going anywhere, if you're really afraid that something will happen, go straight to your uncle's house, no matter where you hide, it's not as safe as the Yang House, so it's best to go secretly."

"Good."Yun Zi nodded.

Nodou was suddenly ashamed that he had encouraged hiding, and handled the problem without Tang Zichen's calmness.

Yun Zi asked, "What about you?"

"Me, I live here,"Don Zichen said.

"No, it's dangerous."Yun Zi was busy stopping it.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed as he laughed lightly, "Can I understand that you care about me?"

"Ah, me."Cloud Violet was speechless for a moment, she just didn't want to get out of her mouth, and that's exactly what she said.

"Of course I care about you, because if you die, I die too."Cloud Violet said. One second to remember to read the book

"Pardon me if you don't like me,"Don Zichen said.

"Right, I'm just that my life is in your hands."Yun Zi was busy, she didn't believe that she would fall in love with Tang Zichen either.

Tang Zichen let Wild Moth take Yun Zi away.

As for Belinda Ma, Tang Zichen told her to go to another inn, there was no one here to care about Belinda Ma's existence.

Tang Zichen quietly left the inn and headed to a place called Star Music Square.

Star Music Fang was a place like a grand theater that specialized in playing music and singing and dancing.

Tang Zichen really didn't understand how the Xing Luo family could open a place like this, Tang Zichen found a fellow named Xin.

"Hello, what can I do for you?"

"Your name is Shin, I'm Don Zichen."

"Uh, you're Tang Zichen?"


"Starro passed you, and she said you could pass on anything you wanted on my behalf, but in the meantime, Miss Starro is in retreat."

"Oh, for how long is the retreat?"

"Xing Luo, it's about a month of seclusion, and in that month, if you have anything to do with it, she asked me to take you to Uncle Alan.What's the matter with you?"

Tang Zichen shook his head, "No, just here to see."

"Well then, go ahead."

Tang Zichen didn't go looking for any Alan, there was no point, it wasn't like he was seeking protection.

Tang Zichen was still back at the inn.

Right now, at the Yang residence.

"Father, how's it going, when is Gusheba going to recover?"In a room, Yang Fan asked anxiously.

"I don't know, the immortal is crazy, there's no way to save him, he can only rely on his own mind, if his mind figures it out, he'll naturally be awake, if he never gets out, then he'll be crazy forever."

"It's over, the Ancient Family will definitely not let us go, Cousin Yun Zi is also really disappointing us."

"What's the point of talking about this now, the biggest fault in this matter is us, we set them up, Yun Zi has the right to dislike it.We were in too much of a hurry, we didn't even figure out Yun Zi's relationship with that Zhou Mi, so we just set them up haphazardly."

"So what now?"

"At this point, you can only claim that we didn't introduce you, that they met by chance, that Gusheba fell in love with Yun Zi and asked you to introduce him.You were happy to set them up out of moral obligation as a friend.I don't think anyone suspects your motives, after all, Yun Zi is indeed very beautiful, and the Ancient Family also wants to save face, so they won't do anything to you regarding this matter."


Good, then I will now immediately take Gusheba back to the Gu family and make things clear with the Gu family."

"Go quickly, try to send Gusheba back before the news gets back to the Gu family, and make it clear to the Gu family, remember, all the blame goes to Gusheba, the implication is that Gusheba doesn't have the stomach for it."

"Mm."Yang Fan immediately brought the Gu Temple Ba with him and headed to the Gu Family.

Half an hour later, in a large hall of the ancient family, there stood more than a dozen strong men, more than a dozen strong men all looked at the large hall, foolishly saying that they were inferior to a hillbilly Gu Temple Ba.

And Yang Fan stood to the side, silent, he had just explained everything.

A strong man from the Ancient Family slapped and slapped Gusi Ba's face.

"Useless thing, a woman can do that to you."

However, after the slap, the Gu Temple Ba, who was not sober, seemed to be even worse, hugging a maidservant and saying, Yun Zi, I want to marry you.

At this time, Tang Zichen was practicing in the inn.

The next day, before Tang Zichen even opened his eyes, he heard a sharp knock on the door.

Tang Zichen waved his hand and the door opened automatically.

Only to see it was the inn's fellow.

"What are you looking for me for?"

"Senior Tang, something big has happened."

"What big thing has happened."

"Guzi Ba's sister, Guzi Ba has come to our inn and is asking where you are at the moment, I think she'll be up here soon."That fellow said that this fellow had previously given Tang Zichen the benefit of the doubt, so he had come up to inform in advance.

"Guvunba?What the heck, never seen it."

"Senior Tang, you don't know anything, Guzhi Ba's sister, Guzhi Ba, is a true genius, Guzhi Ba is ranked within 150 on the Pre-Human Immortal list, but his sister, Guzhi Ba, is ranked in the top 20."

"What? Top 20?"

"Right, exactly twenty, this woman's strength, it's really not ordinary, you have to be careful ah, I'm leaving first."After saying that, that fellow felt withdrawn.

Soon after, a woman dressed in red rushed up and came straight to Tang Zichen's room.

Tang Zichen hadn't even stood up.

"Are you the reincarnation of the number one pervert, Zhou Mi?You're the one who hurt my brother's feelings with that bitch Yun Zi?"That red-clothed woman raged.

Tang Zichen slowly stood up and took a look at Gu 咛巴, she was quite pretty, her figure was straight, and she had big breasts, however, her face looked very unpleasant, a fierce and evil look.

Tang Zichen said, "You're the famous Gu 咛巴, right?"

"You know me?"

"Hehe, the genius ranked 20th on the pre-human immortal ranking list in Sanshenshu, Gu Enba, who doesn't know him."Tang Zichen gave a small flattering pat on the back.

As expected, people liked to be praised, and Gu Enba, who had just looked fierce and evil, eased up a bit.

"Hmph, scared, eh?"

"Hahaha, I, Tang, have never been afraid of anyone in my life, you might have heard that I defeated Yang Feng with one move before."

"Which so what, Yang Feng is nothing, I can also defeat him with one move."Gu Ronba's gaze rose.

Tang Zichen said, "Did your family send you here to find me today?"

"Wrong, I only came to you on my own behalf."

"So, what do you want with me?"

"You and that bitch Yun Zi hurt my brother, what do you think I'm looking for you for?"

"Hurt?Why didn't you tell me that it was your brother who was useless and crazy for a woman."


"You shut up."Gu Ronba yelled.

Tang Zichen said, "Your brother likes Yun Zi, and Yun Zi likes me, so your brother is crazy, it's such a simple matter, and you're now coming to trouble me in private, if your family sent you here, then it just shows why your family has such a lack of magnanimity as Guji Ba, because, your family also has no magnanimity."

"You are talking nonsense, I told you, this is just my personal move."

"Guvunpa, you are also a woman who is worshipped by many people and is considered a well-known figure in Upper Fellows Island."

"Nonsense, those who like my girl can line up in a street."Gu Ronba snorted.

Tang Zichen said, "So, if everyone is as useless as your brother, then wouldn't it be that there are entire streets of men in Upper Yama Continent who are crazy."

"What do you mean."

Tang Zichen said, "Didn't you say that there's a whole street of men who like you?You're sure you don't like any of the men on this street, and if all the men on this street are like your brother, who is crazy if the woman he likes doesn't like him, is there a street full of men who are crazy."

"Uh."Guvonba was startled, it seemed to make some sense, was it, really, that her brother was so lame?

Gu Enba reacted in a panic and said, "Tang Zichen, I don't want to be long-winded with you, you're too good with your mouth, I can't talk to you, I didn't come here today to play with your mouth."

Tang Zichen laughed and said, "Guvunba, do you really want to fight me?Well, I read that you're a woman, so I'll let you make the first move." The first website

"Hmph, Tang Zichen, I'm not going to fight you here, I'm going to fight you to the death, do you dare?"

"What's not to dare."

"Fine, tomorrow at noon, Thunder Dueling Stage, see you later, and bring that bitch Yun Zi as well."

"I'll do it."

"No, I want that bitch Yun Zi to see with her own eyes how you are like a dog in my hands, and I want Yun Zi to regret how she chose such a loser like you."Gu Enba said.

Tang Zichen said, "This matter has nothing to do with Yun Zi."

"No, if I say it's relevant then it is, forget it, I'll go find her myself, I know she's in the Yang residence."

Gu Enba snorted and walked away.

Tang Zichen watched her fly out through the window, his brows furrowed lightly.

Tang Zichen could have just done it right now, but Tang Zichen didn't, because Tang Zichen was wondering if he defeated Gu 咛巴 tomorrow in full view of the public, did Tang Zichen's fame go out in Upper Fei Yan Continent as well?

After Gu 咛ba landed on the ground, a servant busily came up and asked, "Miss 咛ba, have you found that Tang Zichen?"

"I found it, let's go, now go to the Yang residence and find that bitch Yun Zi, I want to humiliate her and show her how bad she looks."


Gu Enba quickly arrived at the Yang Mansion.

Many of the ladies and maidens of the Yang Mansion looked at Gu 咛巴 with great admiration.

"咛巴, you're here."Yang Fan walked up with an attentive face, looking at 咛巴's touching body and stunningly beautiful face, Yang Fan was in a frenzy.

Unfortunately, in the next second, Yang Fan sighed inwardly, as he was simply not good enough for someone.

Moreover, Yang Fan also knew that Gu Enba already had someone he liked, a very talented Level 1 Immortal Pill Master, and the person he liked also had a Level 3 Immortal Pill Master's master.

Gu咛ba looked at Fan Yang and snorted, "Lazy toad."

Yang Fan's face

A moment of embarrassment, the reason why Gu Enba called him a lazy toad was because Yang Fan had secretly revealed his fondness for her before, but I didn't expect that Gu Enba wouldn't give him any face at all and directly called him a toad.

"Where is Yun Zi?Say."

"Uh, my cousin."

"Say it or not?"

"Fine, fine, I'll say."Yang Fan immediately beckoned under Gu Enba's gaze.

In a hall, Gu 咛ba found Yun Zi, who was talking to a few cousins.

Those few cousins were advising Yun Zi to leave Tang Zichen, the first lecher in his former life, what was there to do.

However, Yun Zi was adamant that he wouldn't like anyone else, and said that she didn't fancy background and family history.

Gu Ronba, who just happened to walk in, heard this and became even more furious.

"You're that bitch Yun Zi?"Kuvumba said rudely.

"Uh, you are?"

"Miss Ben, Guvonba."

"Oh, it's you, what do you want with me?If you're also here to persuade me to be with Guji Ba, then forget it, I won't like anyone but Zhou Mi, even though he was the number one lecher in his previous life, even in this life."

"Bitch, you think so, even you are worthy of marrying into my family, delusion.I came today, but to inform you that tomorrow at noon, head to the Thunder Dueling Stage, you will see a surprise."

"What do you mean?"

"To-morrow you will know that the man you like will lie at my feet like a dog."

"Ah, you, you're going to duel with Choomi."

"Huh."Gu Zhuanba walked away with a huff.

Those cousins of Yun Zi's were stunned, Gu Ruoba was the 20th ranked genius.

One of Yun Zi's cousins said, "Yun Zi, it's good to go there tomorrow, after all, you didn't see many geniuses in the Yun Luo Immortal Kingdom, that's why you were confused by that Zhou Mi, go there tomorrow and see more real geniuses, maybe, you'll feel that that Zhou Mi, it's really nothing more than that."

"Yeah, yeah, you'll see more, your eyes will be opened, maybe if you look back at that first pervert, you won't feel interested in him anymore."

Everyone urged Yun Zi to see it.

Yun Ziwei was a little worried about Tang Zichen inside for some reason, could it be that she really had some feelings for Tang Zichen, a little?

"No, definitely not, it's just because my life is in his hands, if something happens to him, I'm just as finished."Yun Zi admonished herself internally.

When Gu 咛巴 walked out of the Yang residence gate, Yang Fan immediately offered his hospitality and said, "咛巴, I'll see you off."

Inside Yang Fan seemed to want to try again to see if he could pursue Gu 咛巴.

However, Gu 咛巴 snorted, "Yang Fan, don't waste your energy.You should know that you are a hundred thousand miles away compared to Gao Qiong, he is a First Grade Immortal Master and has a Third Grade Immortal Master, and you, you are just an ass in front of him."

Yang Fan was embarrassed.

Gu Ronba's gaze was high and he strode away.

Tomorrow at noon, the news of Gu Enba's duel with Tang Zichen would immediately spread.

I'm sure tomorrow, the Thunder Dueling Stage will not be quiet, after all, Gu咛ba is the 20th ranked genius, while Tang Zichen, who was the number one lecher in his previous life, and most importantly, he also made Guji Ba mad.

A few hours later, in a certain quiet courtyard, a beautiful woman was studying immortal pills when a maidservant dressed as a woman walked in.

"Miss Celestial Fragrance."



"What is it."

"That person who came to our place a few days ago, it seems like something happened."

Tian Xiang's eyebrows furrowed, "Which person?"

"It's just that, the man Miss Starlot brought here, and you mentored him, saying he was smart."

"What happened to him, Chow Mi Reincarnation?Killed?"Tian Xiang was busy asking, feeling a bit sorry for a person who was quite a genius, if he continued to refine pills, he was bound to have some success in the future.

"No."That maid, one-by-one, said what she heard to Tianxiang.

Tianxiang was a bit surprised, "Gu 咛巴 isn't an alchemist, how could he challenge Zhou Mi?"

"I don't know about that."

"Zhou Mi shouldn't really be that stupid to go get beaten up."Master Tian Xiang thought inwardly and decided to check it out tomorrow.

The next day would be here in a flash. Remember the URL

Early in the morning, many people came to the Thunder Dueling Stage, and by around 11 am, the Thunder Dueling Stage was already crowded with people.

Gu 咛ba had arrived at the Thunder Dueling Stage very early in the morning and was waiting there for Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen opened his eyes at around 10:00 am and ended his Immortal Machine Spitting.

Tang Zichen looked at the time and said, "It's almost time to depart, I'm not familiar with the Upper Yama Continent, I'd better leave early."

"Do you have confidence?" asked Julie Ma.

"I don't get it, fight it and then say it, I won't be ashamed anyway, whether I win or lose."

"No, if you lose, Kuvumba will beat you up."

"Then beat her, all right, want to go?If you want to go, go together."

Tang Zichen and Belinda Ma immediately headed to the Thunder Dueling Stage, searching for an hour and a half before Tang Zichen found this place.

"Zhou Mi is here."

When Tang Zichen arrived, someone recognized him, presumably some fellow at the inn.

Tang Zichen flew straight towards the Thunder Dueling Stage, and Tang Zichen saw that Gu Ronba was already standing on the dueling stage.

Tang Zichen landed directly on the dueling stage in full view of everyone.

When Tang Zichen landed on the dueling stage, countless gazes came up.

At this moment in the crowd of spectators, Yun Zi and her cousins were standing together.

Yun Zi looked at Tang Zichen on the ring, tsetse and handsome, without any timidity, feeling a bit too attractive.

Yun Zi inner silently said, cheer up.

However, those cousins of Yun Zi's, shamefacedly said, "Today, I'll see how he'll be beaten half to death by Gu Zunba."

"A country bumpkin from the Immortal Kingdom, and he's still trying to make waves here."

"Yun Zi, this time you, the person you like, is not as good as you think you are in your heart, you, ah, a blindfold, to put it bluntly, a frog at the bottom of a well, thinking that the sky is only as small as the mouth of the well."

Yun Zi smiled slightly, she was also quite worried inside, but Yun Zi was very sure inside, even if Tang Zichen was really beaten up today, she would not think that Tang Zichen was bad.

Yun Zi was trembling inside, could it be, she really had feelings for Tang Zichen, right?Why else would the idea be born?

Right now in the crowd of spectators, there was another acquaintance, that was Master Tian Xiang, but Master Tian Xiang had dressed up in front, so no one recognized her, she didn't want to cause a stir.Master Tianxiang said in her heart, "This silly kid, really coming to get beaten up?Where's Staros?And Starro doesn't stop him?"Master Tianxiang was filled with doubts, she thought that Tang Zichen was just an alchemist.

The scene was quiet.

On the dueling stage, Gu Ruangba's gaze twisted and said, "Number One Pervert, you've finally come, I've been waiting for you for a long time."


nbsp; Tang Zichen said, "Every time a duel is fought, my opponent always starts with this sentence, I'm so tired of it, Kuwunba, let's make it quick, Tang can come today, it's a hard squeeze of time."

"You."Gu咛ba saw that Tang Zichen was so wild, a duel with her still required hard squeeze of time.

"Tang Zichen, later I'll see how wild you still are, I want you to lie down under your aunt's pomegranate skirt."Kuvunpa said.

Tang Zichen said, "Seriously, I don't mind if lying down under your skirt lets me do your thing."

"You."Guvunba was furious.

The audience, however, was wowed, worthy of being reincarnated as Zhou Mi, so wavy.

Gu咛ba didn't want to talk nonsense anymore, her hands raised, and her hands suddenly turned into two colors, one red and one black.

"Swoosh."Gu咛ba's entire body rushed towards Tang Zichen, if one looked carefully, one could see that in fact Gu咛ba wasn't moving, rushing towards Tang Zichen was just an illusion, as well as a very powerful spell, a spell that no matter how Tang Zichen responded, he was bound to receive a heavy blow.This spell of Gu 咛ba's was called the Vault of the Heavens, and it was heard that when practiced to its most powerful, it could cover the heavens.Gu咛ba was very confident in herself, this spell of hers could be ranked in the entire Upper Fellows Yan Continent, and it was taught to her by a mysterious strong man in return for an unintentional favor.

Tang Zichen's heart was in awe, this spell, it really was strong, it was probably not inferior to Tang Zichen's Silence Art, except that Gu Ronba obviously didn't practice it deeply, otherwise, Tang Zichen wouldn't have been able to win.

Tang Zichen also instantly cast the Silence Art.

"Ten Thousand Bones Blossom."

"Wow."Tang Zichen's move went out like dozens of withered bones, each withered bone blossomed like a flower, and finally, the flower was like a mouth that ate people, biting into Gu Ruumba at once.

"Ah."Gu Fangba turned pale, sensing Tang Zichen's strength.

At that moment, Gu Wunba felt that another equally powerful spell was attacking behind her.

Before and after, both came.

Gu咛ba suddenly felt so helpless, she didn't know whether to deal with the front or the back.

"Pah."Just for a second, the front and back attacks, like two slaps, slapped, and Gu咛ba, caught in the middle, was flattened in the slap like a mosquito.

Gu Enba fell to the ground in a mess in full view of the crowd, his eyes wide open.

The crowd was screaming, this duel, it was over so quickly, they didn't even get a good look, Gu 咛巴 was like a mosquito, he was flattened in the slap.

Everyone looked at Tang Zichen incredulously.

Ku咛ba got up quickly and looked at Tang Zichen unwillingly.

Tang Zichen said, "Gu咛ba, you are no match for me, you are high and proud, but unfortunately, you can't even beat an Immortal Pill Master, what pride do you have in front of me."

Gu Fanba was busy, "Immortal Pill Master?What do you mean."

Tang Zichen took out his First Grade Immortal Master identity crystal and said, "I, Tang, am a First Grade Immortal Master."

"Ah, this, how is this possible."Everyone was dumbfounded, if Tang Zichen added another First Grade Immortal Master identity, then Tang Zichen's status would be extraordinary, and Gu Fangba really didn't have the qualifications to stand tall in front of Tang Zichen.

Gu Fangba's Immortal Sense swept through, and sure enough, Tang Zichen was a first-grade Immortal Pillar Master.

"Heavens, you, you're still a First Grade Immortal Pill Master."Gu Fangba was dumbfounded, the person she despised had not only beaten her, but was also a Grade 1 Immortal Pill Master.

Everyone on the scene was also incredulous at the moment.

Yun Zi now, seeing everyone's incredulous gazes, suddenly felt proud inside.

"He's a Grade 1 Immortal Dan Master?"Yun Zi's cousins were also in a dumbfounded state at the moment.

Of course, in the crowd, that Heavenly Fragrance Master was also shocked, "He's actually so genius in terms of strength, even better than in terms of immortal pills, gosh."


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