The King of Kungfu in school 2011-2015


Chapter 2011

"Right, so if you can't escape this, I have another one as well."

"Damn, Senior Demon King, you're abandoning me, you can always cultivate one anyway, right?"

"Tang Zichen, don't think so badly of me, if you can continue to live and become stronger all the time, I certainly hope, I'm more than happy to, wouldn't it be safer to have two people I've cultivated to save me in the future, what's the point of abandoning me.It's just that I can't do anything other than communicate with your immortal mind, what do you want me to do.The people I cultivated, 28 of them have died before, those people, once all carried my expectations, but not everyone can grow up as I expected."

"Why didn't you tell me before, why are you telling me now."

"There's no need to reveal everything to you from the start, in case one of you betrays me, or one of you is found out about the secret, wouldn't it implicate the other."

Tang Zichen asked, "Not afraid to implicate the other one now?"

"Alas, I don't know if you'll be able to escape this, but in case you die, I'd like to make sure you die in peace."

"Damn, I actually doubt I'll die."

"Tang Zichen, you're only at the pre-Human Immortal stage ah, and you're only halfway through the pre-Human Immortal stage, while the other party is two mid-Human Immortals and one late, if you want to go over the top to kill the enemy in the Immortal World, it's simply a delusion, unless you have some powerful magic weapon, but you've just arrived in the Immortal World, where did you get the magic weapon."

Tang Zichen was startled, speaking of magic treasures, Tang Zichen remembered, didn't he have a past life mirror?Tang Zichen himself had almost forgotten about it.

It's just that the former mirror Tang Zichen didn't tell the devil king before, and the devil king didn't know that Tang Zichen had it, but if he said it now, would it make the devil king think that Tang Zichen wasn't sincere enough, and maybe his impression would be greatly reduced. The first website

As Tang Zichen hesitated to say anything, the Devil King said, "Tell you what, Tang Zichen, I'll risk helping you once."

"How to help?"

"Alas, seeing as it's so rare for you to ascend all the way up from the mortal realm, I'll save you for once.You listen to me now, don't move on yet, and stay at the inn for a few days.Since the people who are following you plan to strike when you leave the border, you can use this to delay for a few more days."

"And then what?"

"Then I informed a man to come and rescue you."

"It was another one of your trained men?"

"Yes, she's actually not far from you, she's in Upper Yama, I had her come over at full speed to rescue you."

"Are you sure that the person you're cultivating can save me?What strength he has."

"Oh, I've been cultivating her for a bit of time, and she's already at the Mortal Immortal level."

"Good, thank you Senior Demon King."

"No need to thank you, I can only take a risk once, you really need to be careful in the future, right, didn't I tell you before that it's okay to leave the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom Imperial Capital less often?Where are you running to?"

"Senior Demon King, to tell you the truth, I want to travel to the Upper Fey Yan Continent to assess that what, a first-grade Immortal Pill Master."Tang Zichen said with a smug face.

"What did you say?First-grade Immortal Pill Master?Don't tell me that the last time I sent you a most ordinary beginner's dictionary of Immortal Pills, you just figured something out straight away."

"Yes, I can already refine a first-grade Immortal Pill."After saying that, Tang Zichen took out an Immortal Pill and said, "Have you sensed it yet?This is the Immortal Pill that I refined."

"Sense it, it's not bad, although the quality is not high, it's only at the second level, but without a master, it's already extraordinary that a study can reach this level."


sp; "Thank you, I was planning to go to Upper Yarn Continent to take the exam, but unfortunately, I didn't expect to be followed.That Yun Zi, she's finished this time, I want her to die a painful death.Circle first and kill later."

"Oh, don't be happy yet, the person I notified may not be able to make it here, alright, I won't talk to you yet, I'll notify her to go."


The Devil King's immortal thoughts disappeared.

At this moment, in a very noble place in the Upper Fell Hell Continent, in a certain room, a woman was suddenly startled, then she said, "Senior."

"Star Luo, you quickly go to a place at this moment to save a person."

"Ah, it's the middle of the night."

"It's only even more secretive in the middle of the night, don't let anyone know about this matter."

"Fine, save who?Is it a relative of yours?"

"It's a long story, you side walk."

"Okay, then trouble Senior to help me see if anyone has found my whereabouts."


The woman immediately got up, then cast a spell and disappeared from the spot, appearing in a deserted countryside in the next second.

"Senior, no one should have noticed my whereabouts."

"Don't worry, my immortal thoughts have been on you, no one has noticed."

"Where is the place you want me to go?"

"The Yunluo Immortal Kingdom, on the border connected to the No Shang True Kingdom, a small town, I'll tell you the details of the location when we're almost there."

"Well, the person you want me to save, who is he?"

"Actually, he's someone I've trained."

"Ah, there's someone else besides me, huh?"The woman was just as surprised as Don.

"No, he's not like you, he's an accident."The Devil King slowly spoke out about Tang Zichen's history.

The woman was a bit shocked, "He actually ascended all the way up from the mortal world with thorns, it seems that it was not easy for him to come to the immortal world."

"Yes, and he's very smart, I passed on an Immortal Pill Introductory Book to him before, and he was able to refine a first-grade Immortal Pill after a few years of thinking about it himself.He's exactly heading to the Upper Fey Yan Continent this time to assess a first-grade Immortal Pill Master."

"Ah, so powerful."That woman was shocked, no master, this was not the only one in the Immortal World, but his talent was really the explosive kind.

"Oh, he's really smart, but, there are drawbacks, he has a strong personality, easily makes enemies, and, rather lustful."

"Ah, how come a person so smart can be horny."The woman felt a look of regret, she hated lusting.

"Oh, lust, it's human nature.And, he's lustful mainly because he was influenced by his previous life, he's not as lustful in this life as he was in his previous life."

"He still has a past life."

"Yes, his previous life was exactly from the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom, however, he wasn't a genius in his previous life, very mediocre.By the way, in his previous life, he was cut to death and stomped to death on the street."

"Ah."The woman was startled and said, "It can't be, the number one pervert of the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom that he stomped to death over fifty years ago, right?"

"Starro, you know about this?"

"Oh, I don't know if it's the same person, but a man I knew in the Upper Fellows Island, more than fifty years ago, he cut the lifeblood of a number one pervert in the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom, and then stomped him to death on the street.It shouldn't be the same person, it's too coincidental."


The Devil King was also a little embarrassed, "It's not like it's not possible, after all, the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom is just a few people who have been trampled to death in the street."

"Khan."That woman felt very depressed between moments, and she was going to save a former First Pervert.

"Star Luo, don't think too much, past lives are past lives, this life is this life, maybe you had a past life, forget, you don't have a past life.Oh, maybe you're a terrible person in your next life, too?You can't deny a man for that."

"Well, I know."

"Then speed up your journey, and I'll talk to him first."


The devil cut off fairy thought communication with the woman.

On the other side.

Tang Zichen was still waiting for the Demon King's reply.

At that moment, the Devil King replied.

"Tang Zichen, don't worry, I've already informed her to come, but the earliest it might take is about seven days, in these seven days, you'll have to fend for yourself, if the person who's following you wants to make an early move, I won't be able to do anything about it." Remember the URL

"Okay, thank you, Senior."

"By the way, her impression of you might not be very good, and her status is a bit high, even the emperors of the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom would probably have to greet her when they see her, so you should be more polite when you see her."

"Uh, the status is so high, but, I have the impression that it's bad how people haven't even met her."

"I told her about you, especially about your past life."

"Damn it, Senior Demon King, a past life is a past life, you can't do that."

"Oh, I was afraid that you would do something out of the ordinary then, so I gave her a clear explanation in advance.After all, with her status, if it wasn't for me, you wouldn't even be qualified to talk to her, and she's still a girl."

"Hey, a female, isn't she beautiful?"Tang Zichen was busy asking, finding that it was a woman, the first reaction was whether it was beautiful.

"You see you see, did I tell you, you were a lecher in your previous life, although you have improved a lot in this life, but, in the structure of your soul, you still have the construct of a lecher, just to a shallow degree.That's exactly what I was worried about, so I told her ahead of time that you were a bit horny."

"My grass, Senior Demon King, you hacked me."Tang Zichen was depressed, Tang Zichen didn't feel horny in this life, Tang Zichen didn't deny it in his previous life.Could it be that in the impression of others, Tang Zichen was also a lustful man in this life?

"Alright, let's not talk about it with you for now, you can see for yourself."

The devil's fairy thoughts disappeared.

Belinda Ma had fallen asleep.

Tang Zichen's head was spinning.

The next day, the sun was on his ass, and Tang Zichen hadn't gotten up yet.

"Zhou Mi, get up, there's still a journey to be made, from here to Upper Fei Yan Continent, at our speed, it will take at least ten days and half a month ah."Belinda Ma shook Tang Zichen.

"Don't quarrel, this town, the scenery is beautiful, I plan to rest here for ten days and half a month before setting off."

"Ah."Belinda Ma was stupid, ten days and half a month later, and still resting here.

Tang Zichen couldn't tell Belinda Ma about being followed, in case she was exposed, the person who was following her would definitely do it in advance.

Tang Zichen was also very depressed, to blame only the incoming enemy was too powerful.

Fire up, Tang Zichen use the former life mirror forget it, of course, the premise is that Tang Zichen's former life mirror is really a powerful immortal weapon.

In fact, Tang Zichen had a feeling inside that the Past Life Mirror was not a powerful immortal artifact, if it really was, Tang Zichen could not hide it, with the spatial ring that Tang Zichen brought up from that mortal realm, if

A powerful immortal weapon that could still conceal that scent?

The more Tang Zichen thought about it, the more unreliable it became, could it really be that he was being presumptuous?

At the moment, it was more than ten kilometers away.

"Why isn't Zhou Mi departing yet?What are you still doing there?"

"Princess, why don't we do it now."

"Son of a bitch, this princess's time is precious, and she's wasting it for me."

"Princess, let's do it, this town, the strongest mayor, is only mid Human Immortal, with my strength, finish Zhou Mi without a sound, after killing him, we'll dump his corpse to the Sunless True Country."

"Hey, that's a good idea, we don't have to wait for him to travel to the Sunless True Country, we can kill him and then dump his corpse."Princess Yun Zi's eyes turned and smiled, "We're so stupid, we should have thought of that last night.Let's go, go kill him."Yun Zi gave an order.

At this moment, Tang Zichen walked out of the inn, Tang Zichen knew very well that someone behind him was always watching and might do something early, so he had to do something.

After all, Yun Zi was a princess and was afraid of being discovered, so he had to be secretive, then Tang Zichen let himself be in the most conspicuous place at all times, that way, Yun Zi would have to be a bit worried about making a move.

When Tang Zichen arrived on the street, he immediately pulled out a chair and wrote a sign.

"Free guidance for immortal cultivation."

Suddenly, many people gathered on the street.

"Senior Immortal, you're really giving us free guidance on immortal cultivation?"The Immortals who gathered around asked.

Tang Zichen said, "Of course, I have some connection with your town, which is half of my hometown, and I want to do something for my hometown people this time back here.Therefore, I am ready to guide the people of my hometown to cultivate immortality, no matter how high or low the realm is, no matter how big or small the power is, they can come to me and repeat the guidance, day or night.If you want me to guide you, please line up."

"I want, I want."

All of a sudden, everyone was excited.

One by one, Tang Zichen guided the people one by one, because Tang Zichen's goal was to gather popularity, the more people the better, so Tang Zichen's guidance was very detailed, and it was really very helpful to those people.

In less than an hour, the whole town spread, and in all directions, people kept coming.

There were people in front of and behind Tang Zichen, in the sky and on the ground.

Moreover, there were also people from further away in this town who came after hearing about it.

It could be said that Tang Zichen was afraid that he would not be able to spare a moment in these ten days and half months.

With so many people, Tang Zichen wanted to see if Yun Zi dared to take action.

Even if he did, people would definitely know, Yun Zi must be afraid of spreading the word, and the emperor definitely didn't know about this, if the emperor wanted to kill him, it would never be so troublesome to do it already in the capital.

"Damn it, what the hell is Zhou Mi doing?"At this moment in the distance, Yun Zi was trembling with anger, they were about to strike, kill and then dump the corpse to the Sunless True Country, but they didn't expect that before they did, Tang Zichen was surrounded by so many people.

"Princess, he seems to be instructing the immortal cultivators in this town."

"Son of a bitch, isn't he heading to the Upper Fey Yan Continent?"

"I don't know, Princess, are we going to do it now?"

"With all these people, can you guarantee that you won't be recognized?Afterwards, Zhou Tie came to investigate. Can you guarantee that you won't be found out that I did it?If the whole country knows that I assassinated Zhou Mi and I have such a small amount of magnanimity, then my royal family will lose face."

"Princess, that's just wait, I don't believe he can guide forever, he will always end it, and when he does, kill him."

"Hmph, Zhou Mi, I'll let you live a few more days."Yun Zi stomped her foot, her eyes cold.


Tang Zichen was in the same place, guiding the town's people in cultivation for a day.

Yun Zi and the others were very resentful and had nowhere to do anything.

However, half a day later, they found a solution.

"Princess, I've thought of a solution."

"What solution?"

"Princess, Tang Zichen can instruct others in cultivation, why can't we?We can also instruct the people here in another part of town, day and night, in cultivation.Tang Zichen is only a pre-Human Immortal, while we, a late Human Immortal, will then have people running to our side."

"Huh, right, a strong person guiding a late stage Human Immortal will definitely draw the people here over, and then, when there's no one here for Tang Zichen, we'll be able to do it."

"Haha, you're so smart, just do it."

And so, within half a day, an even more shocking news came from the town: on the other side of the town, there was also an Immortal guiding, and that Immortal was a late stage Human Immortal, who also made no distinction between day and night.

When they got this news, suddenly, the people lining up on Tang Zichen's side of the line turned to the other side, and there were fewer and fewer people on Tang Zichen's side.

"I'm going."Tang Zichen was depressed, this tactic, it was really a way to deal with his own people. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen had to think of something quickly, if this continued, soon he would have no one here, and once there was no one, Cloud Violet's would immediately do it.

"Fuck."Tang Zichen was on fire.

Just then, the Devil King's immortal thoughts contacted Tang Zichen.

"Senior Demon King, you're just in time."

"What's wrong?"

"Senior Demon King, they're going to make an early move."

"Ugh, I thought you said that you had a way to make it impossible for them to do it."

"I didn't expect them to use my method to deal with me, but now I have fewer and fewer people around me."

A few seconds later, the Demon King said, "I've sensed their location, just a few kilometers east of you, and they're watching you."

"Damn, this is to force me."

"Tang Zichen, this is all I can do to help you."The Devil King was regretful.

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "Senior Devil King, I've obtained a magic treasure in the Spirit Realm, help me look at this treasure."


Tang Zichen immediately took out the Past Life Mirror.

The Devil King immediately recognized it and said, "This is the Past Life Mirror, I used it back then.If it has immortal energy, it can make a powerful opponent's body regress, and as for how much it regresses, the difference in strength between the opponent and you.The bigger the strength gap, the smaller the regression, and the smaller the strength gap, the bigger the regression.For example, regressing back to when you were young, or even regressing to a drop of liquid."

"There I go, a drop of liquid."

Tang Zichen thought it was mysterious, but it turned out that the Devil King had used it and even knew no less than Tang Zichen about the former mirror.

The Devil King said, "I never thought that it would be in your hands now."

Tang Zichen said, "Senior devil king, since you used this past life mirror in your previous life, why is it in my hands?"

"Back then, when I ascended, I had no choice but to stay behind, you should know that I ascended on my own, and before I ascended on my own, I couldn't take it with me, no matter if it was a pseudo-immortal artifact or anything else."

Tang Zichen remembered that the five pseudo-immortal weapons in the spirit world were just passed down from one generation to the next, because every owner couldn't take them with them.

Tang Zichen was able to bring the former mirror with him because Tang Zichen was not the

Ascended by regular channels, but instead, Bimon tore through space to bring him up.

"Senior Demon King, then this former World Mirror can deal with my enemies?What level of immortal artifact does this front world mirror belong to?"

The Devil King said, "You don't need to get too excited, lest you be disappointed, this former life mirror is just a low-grade immortal artifact, but you're also lucky that it's not an ordinary low-grade immortal artifact, this former life mirror, I don't know what origin it has, the age is probably very old, at least over 100 billion years old.Therefore, it gradually degraded."

"What if it wasn't degraded before?"Tang Zichen was busy asking.

"Before it was degraded, this Immortal Artifact was at least a top-grade Immortal Artifact, possibly even a supreme grade."

"Ah, so strong."

"There's no point in asking, it's already degraded, unless you have the ability to repair it, but that's impossible because even I can't do it, degradation is irreversible."

"Oh."Don was both disappointed and depressed.

"That means that I can't even use it against my enemies now."

The Devil King said, "You can only try, weaken your opponent's opponent's strength as much as you can, even if you can set your opponent back a hundred years, that's still better than nothing.You should also know that between immortals, each layer of cultivation is difficult, which means that the gap between each layer is very large, and with a large gap, the former mirror plays a small role."

"Mm."Tang Zichen could only nod, channeling his Immortal Qi into the Existence Mirror and making an attack at any time.

What made Tang Zichen other than that was that after he became an immortal and filled the former world mirror with his immortal Qi, his body did not have much less immortal Qi, which meant that Tang Zichen could use the former world mirror almost continuously without restriction.

Soon, on Tang Zichen's side, there was no one left for him to guide his cultivation.

Tang Zichen smiled bitterly.

At this moment, Yun Zi from afar gave a command, "Go up and capture him, don't kill him yet, I want to torture him personally."

"Yes, princess, we'll just subdue him."

In the next second, two mid Human Immortal powerhouses surrounded Tang Zichen.

These two mid-Human Immortal strongmen were not far from cultivating, and were just starting out on the path of mid-Human Immortal.Tang Zichen, relaxed a little inside.

"Zhou Mi, your end has come."One of them said.

Tang Zichen said, "Who are you guys and why are you trying to kill me."

"There's no harm in telling you, you're going to die anyway, and our master, Princess Yun Zi, wants you to die."

"Hmph, this bitch."

"How dare you, you dare to insult the princess."

"Fuck you, you're going to kill me, and I don't even dare to insult her?"

"Cut the crap with him and capture him."

Tang Zichen immediately ex-worldly mirror swept, taking advantage of the fact that they were not paying attention and were completely unaware of the situation.

"Swoosh."It was like two intense lasers that swept over them.

Those two mid-Human Immortal powerhouses never expected Tang Zichen to have immortal artifacts.

Immortal artifacts were something that no ordinary immortal deserved to have, especially a weak person at the Human Immortal level.Even Princess Yun Zi hadn't had a single Immortal Artifact until now, and in the entire Yun Luo Immortal Kingdom, only the Emperor possessed a primary Immortal Artifact, and after that, there were five other Mortal Immortals who possessed a low-grade Immortal Artifact, which meant that in the entire Yun Luo Immortal Kingdom, only six people possessed Immortal Artifacts.

Therefore, Tang Zichen's sudden appearance of an Immortal Artifact in his hands had blinded them all.


However, they were also greatly delighted inside, snatching an Immortal Artifact, this was even better than killing Zhou Mi ten thousand times.

If they turned this Immortal Artifact over to the Immortal Kingdom, I'm afraid that the Emperor would immediately be happy to marry a princess to them.

"Immortal artifact?"The eyes of the two mid Human Immortals brightened regardless of the damage they had received.

Yun Zi, who was watching from afar, was also dumbfounded after seeing the Immortal Artifact in Tang Zichen's hand.He didn't even have one for a princess, but Zhou Mi did, and Yun Zi's eyes immediately turned greedy.

After Tang Zichen used the mirror of his past life once, suddenly, those two mid Human Immortals, fell back to about 500 years of cultivation.

However, what Tang Zichen didn't expect was that five hundred years ago, they were both only pre-Human Immortal, about the end of their pre-Human Immortal cultivation.

Tang Zichen was overjoyed, and counted these two as unlucky, only becoming mid-Human Immortals within five hundred years.

Tang Zichen laughed out loud.

Those two mid Human Immortal, no, pre-Human Immortal, suddenly reacted, they were just so excited that they forgot about the changes in their bodies.

"Ah, this, how come I'm a pre-Human Immortal?"

"Oh my god, I'm also a pre-human immortal, how is this possible?" First web site

Both of them were silly.

Rewind back to the pre-Human Immortal period, did Tang Zichen still need to be afraid?Even though they had reached the end of their training in the pre-Human Immortal stage, and Tang Zichen was only halfway through, it should be known that Tang Zichen had previously defeated all of his opponents in the Genius Ranking Tournament, all of these opponents, including any stage of the pre-Human Immortal stage.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud, his eyes cold, "What a godsend, death."

Tang Zichen didn't talk nonsense and immediately charged up.

"All things without spring."Tang Zichen's punch went out, carrying the power of the Silence Technique, knocking the two of them into nothingness at once.

"Bang."The bodies of the two men were reduced to pieces.

This wasn't in the ring, in the ring, you can't kill people, naturally Tang Zichen didn't put out his full strength, in fact Tang Zichen didn't put out his full strength now, because the first level of the Silence Art, and the even stronger Tang Zichen hadn't even practiced it.

"Ah."Not far away, Yun Zi's face changed.


Yun Zi never expected that the situation would be drastically reversed, her two dogs were actually killed, that was the middle stage of Human Immortal, what was the wonderful use of Zhou Mi's immortal weapon?

However, Yun Zi already didn't have time to think too much and immediately fled in the other direction of the town.

In the other direction of the town, another one of Yun Zi's men, a strong late stage Human Immortal was still there instructing the town's people in cultivation, Yun Zi must reach there immediately so that even if Tang Zichen came after him, he wouldn't be afraid.No matter how strong Tang Zichen's immortal weapon was, it would be impossible to defeat a late stage Human Immortal.

Tang Zichen was also very anxious at the moment.

"We can't let him escape to that strong late stage Human Immortal, otherwise, I will definitely not be able to deal with it."

Tang Zichen quickly chased after him.

However, Yun Zi's speed was also very fast, after all, she was the second ranked in the genius list, and the distance of a few dozen kilometers was very quick.

Tang Zichen wasn't able to stop Yun Zi before he arrived.

However, upon arriving at that late Human Immortal powerhouse's side, he found a large crowd of people over there.

Yun Zi shouted, "Wild Eaters, save me."

Tang Zichen had now caught up and pounced on it.

"Wild."There was no chance to shout for the second time, Yun Zi hadn't even shouted the other person's name before Tang Zichen covered his mouth.

However, that late stage Human Immortal called Wild Moth had heard it this time.

R /> The wild moth that was guiding someone else's cultivation, stopped, turned pale, and shouted, "Princess."

Tang Zichen inwardly said, "Oh no."

However, it was too late to think, Tang Zichen grabbed Yun Zi and quickly ran, Tang Zichen didn't immediately shoot Yun Zi to death, if that wild moth caught up, he could use Yun Zi as a hostage.

"Princess."That wild beetle realized that something big had happened, but he was now surrounded by the crowd.

"Senior fairy, it's my turn."

"Get out of the way."

"Immortal Senior, didn't you say that you would guide me day and night?We've all been in line for so long."

"Get out of the way."That wild beetle was in a hurry all over the place, shaking away the people surrounding him.Everyone was shaken apart and many even died, showing how anxious the wild beetle was.

However, at this moment, Tang Zichen had already grabbed Yun Zi and left.

"Princess."Nodou shouted with a pale face, if anything happened to the princess, then he would really be finished.

Wild Moth immediately launched a search.

Tang Zichen's gaze was chilling, although he was also in a crisis right now, he had finally caught Yun Zi, the bitch, and was going to die to pull a cushion.

Tang Zichen didn't flee with Yun Zi because it would expose him even faster, and that Wild Beetle was definitely searching all over the world.

Tang Zichen could only grab Yun Zi and go into the deep mountain forest to hide first.

Tang Zichen threw Yun Zi into a cave.

"Zhou Mi, you dare."

"Pah."Tang Zichen slammed his palm and said in a chilling voice, "Bitch."

"You."Yun Zi was afraid, sitting on the ground and constantly backing up, Tang Zichen's gaze was by no means kind.

This time, Tang Zichen was literally a death sentence.

"Wild worm."Yun Zi shouted with a cry, filled with helplessness.

"Pah."Tang Zichen interrupted her shout with a slap.

"Oooh, Zhou Mi, I was wrong, will you let me go, I was wrong, isn't it enough?Sooooo."Yun Zi cried and begged for mercy.

Tang Zichen coldly snorted, "Want me to let you go?Huh? You think my last name is put?"

"Just let me go, I'll give you anything you want."Yun Zi said in a panic.

Tang Zichen was also depressed now, not knowing if he would be found by that wild beetle, so Tang Zichen couldn't make a choice to kill Yun Zi, in case he was found, he could take Yun Zi as a hostage, so Tang Zichen endured and didn't kill.

Tang Zichen looked at Yun Zi's graceful and slender body and said, "If you serve me comfortably, anything is easy to talk about."

"How dare you blaspheme this princess."Yun Zi was subconsciously furious.

"Pah."Tang Zichen slammed his palm.

"What time is it, still blaspheming, now that I'm willing to blaspheme you, it's all a gift from you."

"Oooh, Zhou Mi, as long as you let me go, I'll go back and have my father decree that you be recruited as my son-in-law."

Tang Zichen ridiculously said, "If you really want to go back, I'm afraid the first thing you'll do is to exterminate my nine clans."

"Don't worry, I won't be so heartless."

"Hmph, bitch, you think I don't know that you're trying to stall for time, but unfortunately, I won't let you get away with it.I'd rather not have you as a hostage, but I'll kill you first."After saying that, a cold light flashed in Tang Zichen's eyes.

Yes, Tang Zichen was still planning to kill her, in case she was really found, Tang Zichen might not be able to coerce her, late Human Immortal was extremely powerful, maybe Tang Zichen would be gone before he realized it, it was better to kill her first and then think of a way to escape.


"Zhou Mi, don't."Yun Zi saw that Tang Zichen was really about to strike, and panicked and pleaded.

Tang Zichen grabbed Yun Zi, Yun Zi suddenly attacked, but unfortunately, Tang Zichen slapped her and vomited blood.

Tang Zichen said: "This face, this body, it's a pity to die like this, why don't you let this young man have some fun before you die?Anyway, I'll do it quickly, and I don't care about ten minutes."

"Zhou Mi, please, you can play with me however you want, as long as you don't kill me, okay?Sooooo."Yun Zi cried out, at the moment she was beaten by Tang Zichen, her nose and face swollen, her hair messy and pitiful, and she was terribly afraid, she had never experienced such a horrible thing before, her heart had broken.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Still telling jokes."

"Zhou Mi, I'm begging you, if you don't trust me, I can offer my soul to you, so that I can lie to you again, unless I want to die myself."Yun Zi cried and kneeled to beg.

Tang Zichen was smart, hey, this was indeed a way, if Yun Zi offered her soul to him, she would become Tang Zichen's slave, if Tang Zichen died, she would still be alive?Even if she wanted to live, she would probably have to follow the same path as Beamon before, going to the spirit world to hide and never daring to return.Moreover, now that Wild Beetle was searching all over the world, if Yun Zi became Tang Zichen's servant, Tang Zichen could walk out openly, what would Wild Beetle dare to do?

Tang Zichen smiled inside, if Yun Zi herself hadn't brought it up, Tang Zichen wouldn't have even thought of a way to turn her into a slave.

Tang Zichen said, "Do you really want to live?"

"Uh-huh, please."Yun Zi nodded pitifully.

"Good, then offer up your soul, or else, die." Remember the URL

Tang Zichen pressed his palm on the top of Yun Zi's head, Yun Zi must voluntarily offer her soul before Tang Zichen could collect her soul.

Yun Zi shed tears, biting her teeth, helplessly offering her soul, at this moment, she could not think of any way to live, so she could only save her life first.

Tang Zichen succeeded in collecting Yun Zi's soul, Tang Zichen could clearly sense that her soul was under his control, Tang Zichen could cause her pain and even let her die with a single thought.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen let out a loud laugh, right now, all crises had been averted, that wild beetle even if he found it now, so what, his master had turned into Tang Zichen's slave, and he was nothing more than a slave's slave.

Yun Zi sat on the ground, sobbing and crying, she was a Xian Kingdom princess, but she had become someone else's slave.

Tang Zichen went up to Yun Zi and hoisted her up.

"Bitch, now you regret it, stealing a chicken and bending yourself in instead, hahaha."

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped her hard, although he had taken her as a slave, but, inside, there was no resentment, since he spared her life, the death penalty could be forgiven and the living crime could not be escaped.

"Slut, slut, slut."Tang Zichen slapped several times in a row, beating Yun Zi's nose and face even more.

However, no matter how bruised and swollen her nose was, she looked, still beautiful.Tang Zichen was depressed, it seemed that a beautiful woman, no matter how she was tossed, was still a beautiful woman.

Tang Zichen reached out to Yun Zi front a tug, pulling her chest belt down, immediately revealing the alluring that.

"Zhou Mi, I've offered my soul to you, what do you still want?"Yun Zidun said at once.

"Hmph, you're already my slave, I can do whatever I want, you know?"

"Chow Mi, you."

"Slap."A slap.

"Try that crap again and I can still want you dead."


"Ooooh."Yun Zi cried out in pain.

Tang Zichen pressed Yun Zi to the ground, Yun Zi wanted to struggle but couldn't, so he could only watch as he was being nana'd by Zhou Mi.

Because this was not the time, that wild beetle could be found at any moment, Tang Zichen was quick, and it was over in ten minutes.

Yun Zi wowed and cried, looking at Tang Zichen was a bit sympathetic to her, but unfortunately, it was her own choice.

"Princess."Just at this moment, a shout came from the distant sky.

Tang Zichen said, "Don't hurry up and put your clothes on, your dog's legs have found them."

Yun Zi cried as she put her clothes on.

Soon after, that wild beetle found Tang Zichen and the others.

"I'll kill you."The wild beetle burst into the cave.

Tang Zichen said, "Dog slave, try to touch my master, kneel down."

"You."Nodou looked at Yun Zi, a glance could see that Yun Zi was not only beaten and bruised, but also defiled, Nodou was furious, such a noble princess, a sacred that could not be desecrated in his heart, was given by Tang Zichen.

"I'll kill you."

Tang Zichen yelled, "Kneel to me."

Princess Yun Ziwei said, "Wild Dodo, you still won't kneel down, do you want me to die with you?I've already offered my soul to him, woohoo."After saying that, Yun Zi cried out.

"What."That wild worm was dumbfounded, startled in place quickly, and then, with weak legs, he slowly fell to his knees.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed.

The wild beetle kneeled on the ground and sobbed, "Princess, my subordinate is late, whimper."

Yun Zi cried out of the cave with a handful of tears and a snotty nose, looking at that wild moth incomparably distressed, noble princess, how could she be subjected to such bullying.The wild beetle looked viciously at Tang Zichen, killing intent thick in his eyes.

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped dryly over.

"If you look again, do you believe I'll gouge out your eyes?"Don cursed the wild beetle and said.

"Yah yah."Nodou was so angry that smoke was coming out of his nostrils, he was so insulted by this guy at the late stage of Human Immortal.

"Slap."Tang Zichen slapped him again and said, "Dog thing, behave yourself from now on, you'd better not reveal half a word about this matter, otherwise, you'll be waiting to exterminate the nine clans.The princess was taken by me as a slave, you slave, the emperor will let you go?Hahaha."

Tang Zichen laughed and walked out of the cave.

That wild beetle hissed in pain, Tang Zichen was right, if the emperor knew that the princess was taken as a slave, let's not say what he would do to Tang Zichen, but he would definitely exterminate the nine clans because he didn't protect the princess.

Tang Zichen was in a doubly happy mood right now, half an hour ago, Tang Zichen was worried about whether he could survive this disaster, but now, everything was over and passed perfectly.

Yun Zi lost his mind walking in the forest, as if he had gone silly.

That wild beetle scrambled to catch up, wiping his tears as he shouted, "Princess, wait for me."

At that moment, the voice of the Devil King sounded in Tang Zichen's mind, "Congratulations, Tang Zichen, you have finally made it through this crisis, I was right about you, you really are one, who can turn good fortune into evil, now you don't need my help anymore, I can make sure that another person doesn't have to rush to save you."

Tang Zichen smiled, "I should thank Senior for this, if you hadn't reminded me, I would have been in danger.Moreover, if it wasn't for this late Human Immortal who happened to go to instruct those immortal cultivators and provide me with the opportunity, I definitely wouldn't have been able to kill those two middle Human Immortals, let alone turn Yun Zi into a slave."Tang Zichen's heart was also palpitating inside.


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