The King of Kungfu in school 1921-1930


Chapter 1921

"No wonder, Don Zichen, can you promise me one thing."


"Whether you succeed or not in the end, let me revert back to my past life memories, okay?"

This request, however, Tang Zichen couldn't agree to it because Tang Zichen had promised Wang Xuewei.

Now that the past life and the present life, messed up into the same as two people, if you can only choose one, which one to choose is better.

"It's useless for you to beg me, because my goal is to exist with both past life and present life memories, so I must experiment until I succeed."

"Oh, okay."

Just like that, Tang Zichen experimented for more than half a year, and Wang Xuewei and Murong Guoguo both repeated it hundreds of times over and over again.

Finally, Tang Zichen slowly summed up his experience and touched the tricks of his former mirror.

In the end, Tang Zichen was also very familiar with how to operate the former life mirror.

"Successfully, I can use all the functions of the Past Life Mirror, it turns out that after completely mastering the usage of the Past Life Mirror, I can have so many options.I can choose to restore some of my past life memories and cancel the bad memories of my past life, thus allowing the memories of this life to dominate in my soul, in this way, I won't turn into another person, and I won't First URL

Being influenced by the memories of your past life, thus changing your personality and such, and also, being able to know what happened in your past life."

Tang Zichen smiled slightly, not wasting his research for the past half a year.Of course, the person to thank the most was Wang Xuewei, who had been tossed around by Tang Zichen hundreds of times over the past half year.

"This is the last time, I promise."Tang Zichen said to Wang Xuewei.

The Wang Xuewei facing Tang Zichen at the moment was a combination of Murong Guoguo and Wang Xuewei, and her personality had changed to the point where she didn't know if she was Wang Xuewei or Murong Guoguo.

"Are you going to turn me into Wang Xuewei or Murong Guoguo?"

"This body of yours, after all, is from this life, so, to be fair, it must be dominant in this life, and the past life can only remain in your mind as a memory, and cannot affect any of this life.The same goes for me recovering my own memories afterwards, I can't let my past life memories change me or influence me."

"Well, that's best."

"Xuewei, now is the last time."

Ten minutes later, Wang Xuewei opened her eyes.

"Master."Wang Xuewei shouted excitedly, and from the look in her eyes, she was now completely Wang Xuewei's character.

Tang Zichen said, "Xuewei, do you have memories of your past life?"

"Well yes, there is, except that the memory of my past life is in my mind like a storybook I've read, I know what happened, but it doesn't affect me in any way."

"That's best."

"Master, I really liked you in my past life."Wang Xue Wei blushed and said.


Wang Xuewei was very happy.

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, next, I'm going to recover my memories of my past life myself, and to thank you for helping me, I'll let you watch from the side."

"Thank you, Master."

Tang Zichen was sufficiently confident this time.

Tang Zichen took the past life mirror, then began to recover.

Ten minutes later, Tang Zichen opened his eyes.

"Phew."Tang Zichen took a deep breath.

"Master, how's it going?"

"Shelvey, I'm fine."

"Have you regained your memories of your previous life?Why does it feel like you haven't changed at all?"Wang Xue Wei was confused.

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"Nonsense, if I change now, then wouldn't I be affected by my past life memories again, and this half year of research would be a failure.I've acquired past life memories now, only, the past life memories can only be like miniatures in my mind, they won't affect me in any way, I'm still me, but I can read past life memories again."

"Master, how was your past life, ah?"

"It's hard to explain, but in short, I died miserably in my previous life."

"Uh, how miserable."

"Getting my manhood cut off and finally getting my head stomped on.Fuck, one day, I'll find that man, steal his woman, fuck-burst him in front of his face, and finally stomp him to death."

Wang Xuewei was shocked, "Master, how could you say such words."

Wang Xuewei was horrified, Tang Zichen actually said to take away someone's woman and how about in front of someone's face, this kind of words, it seems like the previous master wouldn't be like this.

"Uh."Tang Zichen was startled.

"Master, it seems like the previous you wouldn't do such a thing."

Tang Zichen bitterly said, "What? More or less, more or less, the memories of my past life still affect me a bit, not at all at all, it's impossible."

"Mmhmm, me too."Wang Xue Wei nodded shyly.

"Uhm, what effect do you have again?"

"I, I seem to like my master more than ever, I think it must be influenced by memories of my past life."

"Then what are you waiting for."Tang Zichen smiled.

"Ah, Master, what do you mean."

"Come on."Tang Zichen hugged Wang Xuewei to his waist.

"Master, don't be like that."

"Hahaha, male and female love, human nature, even immortals are hard to avoid, hahaha."

Tang Zichen was in the main hall, giving Wang Xuewei the nasty.

After it was over, Tang Zichen sighed and seemed to have some regrets inside, Tang Zichen smiled bitterly, "Sleeping like a lustful devil, sleeping like a holy Buddha."

"Master."Wang Xuewei scrambled to get up and get dressed.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed straight, after this happened, the teacher-disciple relationship turned so awkward in the future.

"I'm sorry, Xuewei, I don't know why I'm so impulsive, I think I must have been affected by some of the memories of my past life."

"It's okay, Master."Wang Xuewei lowered her head and said.

Tang Zichen said, "In my previous life, I was a dude who was the nightmare of countless young girls throughout the nation's capital, and I defiled a total of over a thousand good women.Fuck, I'm all shocked now, before Bimbo said that I defiled dozens, that was after knowing Bimbo, before knowing Bimbo, I've fucking defiled thousands of good women."

"Master, you really were such an asshole in your past life."

"Yeah, so I really deserved to die a horrible death in my past life.I must have just been influenced by my past life thoughts, that's why I didn't control myself and did you a what."

"Master, it's okay, I won't blame you."

"Alright, don't tell anyone about this yet."

"Uh-huh, I'm leaving then."Wang Xuewei opened the door of the main hall and left.

Tang Zichen stood alone in the main hall, somewhat depressed.

Not exactly because of sleeping with his apprentice, but because of gaining memories of his past life, which somewhat affected Tang Zichen, for example, Tang Zichen felt deeply guilty inside after doing so many bad things in his past life.

In addition, being brutally killed in his past life, although he deserved it, Tang Zichen would still feel unhappy inside.


Originally, Tang Zichen didn't have these worries, but now he did.

As for the good aspects, there were some, for example, Tang Zichen could now remember many of the methods of immortal cultivation, which would allow Tang Zichen to become an immortal faster.

As for the others, Tang Zichen didn't go to read those memories, for example, the person he had a crush on in his previous life, Tang Zichen didn't want to read that memory because it had nothing to do with him now.

The woman that Tang Zichen had a crush on in his past life was something that Tang Zichen couldn't match and couldn't afford to offend .

Tang Zichen closed his eyes and cultivated for half a month.

Half a month later, Tang Zichen had broken through to the sixth stage of Tribulation.

"Haha, finally breaking through to the sixth stage of Tribulation, the Family's "Immortal Interception Method" from the previous life is still very powerful, if it were to be passed on to the Spirit World, there's no telling how many immortals it would cultivate."Tang Zichen laughed out loud.

The Intercepting Immortal Dharma Gate, it was a very powerful immortal cultivation method, in his previous life, Tang Zichen had the impression that people who were usually geniuses after all, could break through to the immortal level before the age of fifteen.Of course, there were also those who broke through to Immortal only when they were over a hundred years old.Why so fast?There were two reasons, the first was that in the former Immortal World, there were very many immortal cultivation methods, and the second was that the Immortal World had plenty of spiritual energy and there was also immortal energy, so naturally it wasn't comparable to this spiritual world.Therefore, there were many immortals in the Immortal Realm.Of course, there are even more immortal cultivators.

The foundation of the composition of the Immortal Realm was still the immortal cultivators, an endless number of them.It was just that the Immortal Realm's immortal cultivators, who were at the bottom of the hierarchy, especially those at the YuanYing stage, the Merging stage, and the like, were as numerous as a dime a dozen in the Immortal Realm, and were the most stateless in the Immortal Realm.In order to get by in the Immortal World, one had to become an Immortal.

After Tang Zichen ascended to the Immortal World in the future, he would naturally be an Immortal, and he wasn't the lowest status in the Immortal World, let alone the weakest.Although there were many Immortals in the Immortal World, not everyone could become an Immortal, and some of the ones who had no influence could hardly become Immortals because they didn't have an Immortal cultivation method.On the other hand, some big powers, big families, immortal kingdoms and the like, because they occupied the most favorable resources and had all kinds of immortal cultivation methods, it was often easier to become immortal, and there were many who became immortals in their teens.

In short, the gap between the 'rich and poor' was far greater than in the Spirit World, and the social competition and cruelty was even greater. Remember the website

Tang Zichen walked out of the main hall after breaking through to the sixth stage of Tribulation.

Now that he had the Immortal Cultivation Method, he was confident that he would ascend within thirty years.

Tang Zichen arrived at Mu Qianji's cultivation room.

Mu Qianji just happened to have finished his cultivation.

"Zichen, did you succeed in your research?"Mu Qianji asked with worried eyes, she was afraid that Tang Zichen hadn't succeeded, but instead had lost the memories of this life.

Tang Zichen smiled hehely, "What a beautiful little beauty oh, hehe, what kind of luck did I have, I was actually reborn and saw such a beautiful woman, hahaha."

"Hey, Tang Zichen, don't scare me."Mu Qianji's body trembled.

Tang Zichen laughed, "I'm just kidding with you la."

"You're scaring me to death."Mu Qianji stared.

"Told you I was joking with you."

"You succeeded?"

"Yes, and I've now recovered my memories of my previous life."

"Ah, so fast."

Tang Zichen said, "Alas, it's hard to explain, there's good and bad let's say, fortunately, I studied it for half a year to minimize the bad side, and I'm only slightly affected by my past life a little bit now.Qianji, if in the future you find that I'm different from the past in any way, or more that, it means that I'm affected."

Mu Qianji said, "The fact that you're able to talk to me like that now means that you're hardly affected at all, I'm relieved."

"Oh, Qianji, I'm now passing on to you a Cultivation Method, this Cultivation Method is the method of my former family."

"What's an immortal cultivation method?"


; "To put it simply, it's the Cultivation Exotica, and with this Cultivation Exotica, the speed of becoming an immortal will be accelerated, except that the Spirit World is after all the Spirit World, and the air conditions here can't be compared, so it can't have as strong an effect as the Immortal World.However, it's also already unbelievable that I've just broken through to the sixth stage of Tribulation.Originally, I was stuck at the sixth stage of Tribulation, but now that I have this immortal cultivation method, it's no longer a matter at all, and I'm confident that I can soar within thirty years, or even twenty, ten."

"Ah, so fast."

"Well, I'll pass it on to you now."

"Good."Tang Zichen immediately passed on his family's ancestral immortal cultivation method from his previous life, the Immortal Interception Method, to Mu Qianji.

Mu Qianji was shocked, "How strong, why didn't anyone in our spirit world create this method?No wonder you said it's a fairy cultivation outfitter."

"Oh, otherwise, why do you think there are so many immortals in the Immortal World, just by virtue of the air resources in the Immortal World?"

"I'm not talking to you la, I need to close the door immediately."Mu Qianji couldn't wait to say.

"Good!I'll go find Tang Huan and the others and teach them the Dharma Gate by the way."

Tang Zichen immediately went to find Lu Yuxi and taught the Immortal Dharma to Lu Yuxi.

Then, Tang Zichen came to Mo Yuyan's place.

"Yuyan, I'll let you recover your past life memories now, but you now have two choices: first, let this life become dominant, and second, let your past life become dominant.Your own choice?"

"I, I don't know, you help me choose, I'm whoever you want me to be."

"I want you to be Mokuyan, after all, this life is this life, the former WHO cherry is just a memory in your mind, you just know it, you don't have to be."

"Well, I hear you."

"Well then, let's begin."

Ten minutes later, Mo Yuyan recovered the memories of her past life, but the memories of her past life were stored in her mind, she needed to know what she needed to know to read it, it would have little to no effect on her personality in this life.

"Tang Zichen, huh, my brother."Mo Yan smiled.

"Haha, yes, you were one of my brothers and sisters in a previous life."

"Haha, Zichen, I have so complicated feelings now that I've learned the memories of my past life, I finally know, what happened to us in my past life."


Mo Yuyan said, "So many of your siblings in your past life, if they can all find their reincarnations and restore their memories, how good is the odd one out."

"I don't know, I shouldn't be so lucky, I've found someone I knew in my past life twice in a row, the heavens wouldn't be so partial to me."

"Then everything will be as fate would have it."Mo Yuyan looked at Tang Zichen with emotion, gaining the memories of her past life, the way she looked at Tang Zichen was definitely different, more affectionate than before, as if, they had known each other long ago.

Tang Zichen originally wanted to teach Mo Yuyan the immortal cultivation method, but, seeing Mo Yuyan's affectionate gaze, Tang Zichen felt that if he didn't do something right now, he would feel sorry for the atmosphere, so Tang Zichen had no choice but to do something with Mo Yuyan.

It was only after an hour that Tang Zichen passed on the Immortal Cultivation Method to Mo Yuyan.

"Alright, I'll go find Tang Huan, Tang Huan also needs to recover his past life memories."

"Tang Huan's mother from his previous life, I heard that she was very powerful."Mo Yuyan asked.

"Tang Huan's previous life was at least more powerful than my previous life, I know whether she chooses her previous life as dominant or this life, if she chooses her previous life as dominant, I'm afraid she might not like me anymore."

"Ah, how come."Mo Yuyan was shocked.

"With her status and vision in her previous life, it's impossible for her to look at me."Tang Zichen said in a somewhat complicated mood.


Tang Zichen arrived at Tang Huan's residence.

Tang Zichen was working hard on his cultivation.


"Ah, brother Tang, you're out."Tang Huan was busy getting up from his cultivation.


"How was it, did you succeed, when can I recover my past life memories?"


"Yay, great, then hurry up."

"Huanhuan, I can restore your past life memories, but, your situation is complicated."

"Uh, how so?"

"In your previous life, you should have a higher status, and your mother had a remnant soul before that was reborn into the second life along with your soul.I think that your mother should have a higher status in the Immortal World.So, if you regain your past life memories, I'm afraid, I'm afraid you won't see me." One second to remember to read the book

"Nerves, how is that possible."

"Oh, it's definitely possible, not that you're saying it's impossible right now, but if you're going to regain your past life memories, I have to be prepared to lose you.In case, you have someone you like in your past life again, that's even worse."

"Ah, I'd better forget it then, I don't want to recover, I don't want to leave you."Tang Huan was busy shaking his head.

"You've really decided not to recover?"


"There are benefits if you recover your past life memories, for example, if your status in your past life wasn't low, you would definitely be able to use your past life's abilities to help you cultivate yourself very quickly, and maybe with your past life's vision, you would be able to ascend faster than me.Actually, I should support your recovery, I can't be so selfish as to prevent you from recovering just because I'm afraid that you don't like me anymore."

"Brother Zichen, please don't say that, I'm really conflicted."

"Come on, it's better to recover, and besides, recovering may not necessarily mean that you don't like me anymore."


Tang Zichen immediately helped Tang Huan recover his past life memories.

About ten minutes later, Tang Huan recovered her past life memories, and Tang Zichen didn't delete any for her, all without reservation.

Tang Huan slowly opened her eyes, and sure enough, with the interference of her past life memories, Tang Huan's eyes were much more complicated.

"Slow down."Tang Zichen called out.

Tang Huan looked at Tang Zichen, his mouth moved, wanting to say something but not saying it.

"Say it, what's your situation now, do you not like me anymore."

Tang Huan said, "Tang Zichen, thank you for taking care of me."

"Haha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud, did he really get it right?

"Let's, like, break up,"Tang Huan said.

"Oh, good."Tang Zichen said with a wave of his hand.

"Pfft."Tang Huan burst out laughing, "Haha, deliberately scaring you la."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, "What do you mean?"

"Brother Zichen, I was just joking with you, I saw how nervous you were, so I deliberately scared you, I wouldn't break up with you."Tang Huan said.

"Uh, did you regain your past life memories and didn't dislike me?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Why should I dislike you ah, a past life is a past life, a present life is a present life, besides, my past life was ordinary ah, I wasn't a noble person in my past life, but just an ordinary girl in the Heavenly Immortal Realm."Tang Zichen.


"By the way, what was your mother's status in a previous life?I think she's very powerful ah, at first, he could kill the Exaltation Stage in one breath."

Tang Huan was speechless, "You can do it now as well, you could kill the Out-of-Touch stage in one breath, you thought it was very powerful at the time."

"That's true."

"In my previous life, I really wasn't as noble as you think, I followed my mother Zhantai Fairy around as a wandering girl, I remember wandering around ever since I was born, about my mother, in fact I don't know anything about her, it seems like my birth was all an accident, it feels like my mother was abandoned by someone, after being abandoned, she took me around with her.Unfortunately, I died before I reached adulthood.So, I really didn't have much concept or memorable experiences in my previous life, but instead, this life has given me even more memorable experiences."

"Ugh."Tang Zichen was speechless, thinking that Tang Huan was such an awesome identity in his previous life, but he ended up dying before he reached adulthood in his previous life.

"About how old were you when you died in your previous life?"

"Less than ten years old."

"I'll go."

"Alas, the truth is that my memories of my mother in my past life are all a bit fuzzy, and it's hard to remember exactly what she looked like, and I don't know exactly who she was or what she did, but my past life was just a rush to come to earth and a rush to end.I merely came out and wandered around for eight or nine years, and then I left the world."

Tang Zichen said, "No wonder your mother used to look like she owed you a lot, letting you die at such a young age, she must have blamed herself for not protecting you well."


Tang Zichen asked, "Then do you have any memories of your previous life, any awesome feats or anything like that?"

Tang Huan shook her head, she was only eight or nine years old when she died, what could she know, I'm afraid she hadn't even cultivated to be an immortal, still a little girl who needed her mother's protection.

"Haha, I'm sorry, I'm mercenary, it's good that I'm not.Alright, then forget about your past life, you don't have any memories of your past life at all anyway, I'll now teach you the Immortal Dharma."

"Immortal cultivation method, it seems like my mother told me about it in my previous life, but I was still young at that time, I didn't even practice it with my heart, and I don't remember any of the contents."

"In the Immortal Realm, there are many Immortal Cultivation Dharma Doors, every major power has its own unique Immortal Cultivation Dharma Door, the one I want to impart to you is my family's Dharma Door from my previous life, it's called the Immortal Interception Dharma Door."

Tang Zichen imparted the Immortal Cultivation Dharma Gate to Tang Huan, after which Tang Huan continued his cultivation.

Tang Zichen returned to his own residence.

Regarding Tang Huan's past life, Tang Zichen was a bit regretful, Tang Zichen would have preferred that Tang Huan was a bull after she regained her memories of her past life, but the truth was helpless, she died at the age of eight or nine in her previous life.Moreover, Tang Huan's mother's identity was unknown to Tang Huan himself.

Perhaps, it was destined that Tang Zichen couldn't soar to the sky with Tang Huan, and Tang Zichen would have to fight for it step by step on his own.

"Come on, Tang Zichen."Tang Zichen secretly gave himself a pep talk and immediately entered into cultivation.

One year later, Tang Zichen's cultivation ended.

"Seventh Stage of Tribulation, I've stepped into the Seventh Stage of Tribulation."Tang Zichen laughed.

That night, Tang Zichen called everyone out and they all had a reunion dinner together.

This year, everyone had only focused on cultivation, everyone had progressed very fast because of the Immortal Cultivation Dharma, Mu Qianji had now all cultivated to the Third Order of Tribulation, the rest had all cultivated to the Second Order of Tribulation, and everyone had successfully passed through the Thunder Tribulation, with the Immortal Cultivation Dharma, there was almost no pressure to cross the Tribulation.


"Hehehe, Immortal Method, it's worthy of being an Immortal Exotica, it's simply awesome."At the dinner banquet, Tang Huan said happily.

"Outsider device?"Mo Yuyan's eyebrows furrowed.

Tang Zichen said, "That's right, just like playing the game, the Immortal Method, just like the game through the strategy, there are always some experts who play the game, they will release some strategies, as long as you play according to the strategy, playing the game will be simple.It's the same with immortal cultivation, the immortal cultivation method invented by previous generations is the summary of their experiences, through the strategies."

Mu Qianji asked, "Zichen, now that you've cultivated to the Seventh Stage of Tribulation, how is your strength?"

"It's strong,"Don Zichen said.

"Uh, how so."

"I hadn't even cultivated to the Seventh Stage of Tribulation before, I got Bimbo's five hundred breaths, now, not only do I have Bimbo's breaths, my realm has improved, and I've also recovered my memories from my previous life.Although I was a dude in my previous life, I was at least the lowest level of an immortal, and at least I knew some of the immortal world's techniques.So, I guess I'm close to invincible in the spirit world."

"Ah, close to invincible?"


"Does that mean in the extreme south continent, or does it include the various races such as the dragons?"

"Nonsense, the Extreme South Continent's invincibility has a damn meaning, including all races of course."Tang Zichen rolled his eyes, the Extreme South Continent Tang Zichen had already been invincible. The first website

"Wow, so that means we can walk around in the Seven Seas without being restricted to stay in the Extreme South Continent."

"Of course we can, it's been more than two years since one passed, and I don't know how the little white dragon, purple pupil, and little fire are doing now.I think it's time to go see them."

"Hmmm, we'll go too."

"Okay, this time, I'll take you guys with me."

"But what if the dragons don't welcome us?"Xia Xiaoxin asked.

Tang Zichen smiled, "We're not welcome?Then hit them where they're welcome, in fact, the dragons shouldn't be unwelcome, and if they're not, they weren't welcome in the first place."


"Anyway, my strength isn't low now, as long as I'm not a parahuman, no one should be my opponent anymore, even if I am a parahuman, I may not be able to kill me, what else do I have to fear."

Mu Qianji said, "Zichen, don't take anything for granted, your strength is fine, but if so many of us follow you, if we encounter a strong person at the level of the ninth stage of tribulation, are you sure that you can protect each and every one of us?What if the other party has many of them at the ninth stage of tribulation, so averaging so many of us weaklings with you immediately lowers your strength."

"Also, when I said near invincible just now, I meant that I alone, if I take you guys with me and get averaged out by you, it does drop a lot."

"So if we really want to go out, we have to be careful."Mu Qianji said.

Tang Zichen nodded his head.

The next day, Tang Zichen set off with everyone.

Even Wang Xuewei went with him.

It should be noted here that Wang Xuewei was using her aura by Tang Zichen, soaring to the first stage of the Tribulation, and she had also learned Tang Zichen's Immortal cultivation method, after all, Tang Zichen had also taken her there, so she couldn't be too indebted to others.

"Our first first stop is to head to the Dragon Clan."

A few days later, Tang Zichen and the others arrived near the Dragon Clan.

Out of courtesy, Tang Zichen didn't barge in directly, but rather informed first.

Soon after, the little white dragon himself came out to greet them.

"Wow, brother Zichen, sister Xin, you're all here, I'm so happy."The little white dragon flew out in human form, incomparably happy.


p; Two years in the past, the little white dragon in human form looked much more mature and plump.

"Little White, two years no see, how have you been in the Dragon Clan."

"Brother Zichen, I'm having a good time, and you guys, I've missed you guys, unfortunately, my grandfather forced me to cultivate, otherwise I would have come back to see you guys.".

"Haha, we're fine too."

"Let's go, let's go to the Dragon Valley first, I'm going to feast you guys tonight."


Tang Zichen and the others flew into the Valley of the Dragons along with Little White.

However, with so many humans to the Dragon Clan, it suddenly caused many of them to watch, many of them didn't look very happy, but because of Little White's identity, no one said anything.

Dao: "Actually, you guys are just in time."

"Uh, what's wrong."Tang Zichen saw that Little White's face didn't seem to be very happy.

"Actually, in a few days, I'm going to hold a marriage recruitment contest."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm now the number one beautiful princess of the Dragon Clan, and my fame has spread to where all the holy beasts of the Seven Seas are.Our Dragon Clan is dwindling by the day, so we want to use my beauty to hold a public marriage recruitment contest."

"Ah, this is to find you a boyfriend, huh?And to face all the holy beasts?"

"Mmhmm, after this news was sent out, almost all the holy beasts young talents said that they would come and participate, and I heard that even the Half Immortal Clan had people coming.In the past few days, our Dragon Clan has also been making preparations."

Tang Huan whispered, "Little White is a dragon, could it be, that the dragon race can interbreed with other holy beast races?"

Tang Zichen glared at Tang Huan, "Don't be so nasty."

Tang Huan was embarrassed.

: "I don't know about that, I don't know anything about men and women right now, but the elders of my dragon clan have dared to send out messages to other sacred beast races, so I guess it's okay, it doesn't have to be the same race to get married.Even the Half Immortal Race has people who want me, but the Half Immortal Race is exactly the same as the humans in the Extreme South Continent."

Mu Qianji said, "Aren't you happy then?"

"Why should I be happy ah, I'm not happy at all."

Tang Zichen said, "Xiao Bai, didn't you say before that you like humans, the Half Immortals are also us humans, and I'm more advanced than us humans, born with a Half Immortal physique, it's not good for you to find a Half Immortal."

"I don't want one."


"I just don't want it, I don't want to find a man so soon."

"Then why would your grandfather want you to find a man so soon?"Xia Xiaoxin asked.

Sebastian's eyes were red.

"What's wrong?"Tang Zichen was nervous, in Tang Zichen's eyes, Xiao Bai was like his sister, if he suffered any grievances here, Tang Zichen would be the first to refuse.

"My grandfather, he has already ascended to the Immortal World."..


"No wonder it's so hard on you, go, take me to your clan leader."

"It's useless."

"It's useless to say."

Tang Zichen soon met the clan leader of the Dragon Clan.

"Haha, Fellow Daoist Tang, you're here, could it be that you also heard the information about Sebastian's recruitment contest?"The dragon clan leader chuckled.

Tang Zichen asked, "I didn't even think of it if you didn't tell me, I'm at least Xiao Bai's brother, Xiao Bai is going to hold a marriage recruitment contest, so I should be notified at any rate, you've notified every other sacred beast race, why didn't I?"


The Dragon Clan Leader said, "Tang Daoist, you don't know something, Sebastian is a recruitment contest, is it, you want to participate as well?Although I don't have a problem with it, but you're at least Xiao Bai's brother, how can you participate in your sister's marriage recruiting contest, how bad is the rumor.Besides, the rest of my dragon clan will definitely not want you to participate.It's not that I'm squeezing you, but the humans in your Extreme South Continent do have a lower status."

"Hmph, if I hadn't happened to be here, we wouldn't even know about this, so why would you let Sebastian hold a marriage recruitment contest?"Tang Zichen questioned.

"Fellow Daoist Tang, I understand your feelings very well, but you should also think about it, Xiaobai is a dragon girl after all, and as long as she is a woman, she is destined to find her other half.Do you want Xiaobai to be a bachelor for the rest of her life."

"But Xiaobai herself is unwilling."

"Tang Daoist, I don't know if Little White is willing or not, but Little White's grandfather is willing, before Little White's grandfather ascended, he told us that in the future, when Little White is looking for a husband, he must choose the best one and hold a marriage recruitment contest for her, only the best will be worthy of Little White."

Tang Zichen looked at Xiaobai, "Did your grandfather really say that?"

"It's said, but I didn't think it would be so soon."Little White was depressed.

The Dragon Clan Chief laughed, "Fellow Daoist Tang, do you still want to stop it when people's own grandfather has given such instructions?Little White is not too young at this age, in order to reproduce more offspring, almost all the young men and women of the dragon race are married very early, the reproductive capacity of the dragon race is not as high as the humans in your extreme southern continent, if you don't do it earlier, the population will only get smaller and smaller."

Tang Zichen said, "But you are inviting marriage from all holy beasts, this different race, what do you want Sebastian to have?"

"Hahaha, Daoist Tang, you're being superficial, in the Immortal Realm, there are thousands of races, there are too many interracial marriages, and after becoming an Immortal in the future, whatever holy beast will return to its human form more completely.Alright, I don't want to explain so much to you, Sebastian's marriage recruitment contest, it's already set, it's going to be held in a few days, if you sincerely come to congratulate me, I welcome it, if you come to mess up, then I'm not going to be polite."

Tang Zichen snorted, "As long as Xiaobai is unhappy, I'll be in charge." Remember the website

"Tang Zichen, I've already given you face."The Dragon Clan leader's face was cold.

The atmosphere in the palace was tense.

Tang Zichen wasn't afraid of the Dragon Clan Chief, but with so many people around, if he really did it, one or two deaths would be very likely, after all, Tang Zichen hadn't reached the point where he could completely spike the Dragon Clan Chief, and Mu Qianji and the others were so fragile that they could be blown away in a single breath.

Xiao Bai was afraid that things would get too big, so he was busy saying, "Alright, alright, I'll just promise to hold a marriage recruitment contest, but I must be promised one condition."


Little White said, "Brother Zichen must also participate."

"This."The Dragon Clan Chief's brows furrowed.

"If Brother Zichen doesn't participate, I won't agree."

"But he's a human from the Extreme South Continent, if he participates, how will the other Sacred Beast races view our Dragon Clan?It will think that we Dragon Clan have degraded ourselves, and also that we have insulted other races who don't care to compete with Tang Zichen."The dragon clan leader said, deep down he had never looked down on Tang Zichen, let alone the other humans of the Extreme South Continent.

"I don't care, brother Zichen has to participate anyway."

Tang Zichen's brows were furrowed at the moment, wondering why Sebastian wanted him to participate.

The Dragon Clan Chief thought for a moment and said, "Fine, I can agree to it, but you are responsible for any consequences that go wrong.If it's a marriage recruitment

On the day of the tournament, the other races will be furious and will definitely be rude, and at that time, it is possible that the entire human race of the Extreme South Continent will be plunged into a crisis of extinction."

"Ah, this."Little White hesitated.

Tang Zichen was very upset and hummed, "I'd like to see who can plunge my entire continent's human race into crisis, Little White, I promise to participate."

"Mmhmm, thank you, brother Zichen."

The dragon clan leader grunted and waved his hand.

Tang Zichen and the others were busy walking out of the clan leader's palace, after which they arrived at the palace where Little White lived.

"This is my private residence, so you guys can stay here.".

Tang Zichen asked, "Little Bai, why did you let me participate?"

"Brother Zichen, I don't know if it's because I have too much faith in you, but deep down I always thought that you were the best.If you can defeat the other races, then I don't have to marry them, I can follow you openly."

Mu Qianji said, "Little White, you want to marry Brother Zichen, right?"

"Ah, no, no."Little White blushed.

Tang Zichen said, "It's fine to marry me, it's better than marrying someone else."Tang Zichen's own face blushed after saying this, and everyone looked at Tang Zichen, because they were under the impression that Tang Zichen wouldn't say such words so bluntly.

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "I, I don't know how to say such words all of a sudden, I, I'm really so wronged.What the hell, it must be the influence of my past life memories again."Tang Zichen slapped his head.

Xiao Bai hee hee smiled, "Brother Zichen, since you've said that, you must strive for it oh, otherwise I'll be someone else's woman la."

", I really didn't mean that, I just took you as my sister's, I just, I don't know how on my own."Tang Zichen was busy explaining.

"Brother Zichen, I know it."

"Mother's egg."Tang Zichen slapped his own head in depression.

Xiao Bai smiled happily and said, "You guys sit down first, I'll go out and order the chef, we'll have a good meal tonight."

Xiaobai slipped away in an instant.

Tang Zichen was left incomparably depressed, and Mu Qianji and the others were all stunned.

They were not so forward in their perceptions and always felt that Xiaobai was a dragon and Tang Zichen was a human.

Tang Zichen actually read the memories of his past life, and indeed, in the Immortal World, there was no racial distinction in the marriage contract.

It was like the Bull Demon King and Princess Iron Fan, one was a cow and the other was a human.Of course, this is just an example, it doesn't mean that the Immortal Realm necessarily has a Bull Demon King.

Mu Qianji said, "Zichen, no matter what, I support you."

Xia Xiaoxin said, "Yeah, I'm not worried about Xiao Bai marrying a holy beast of another race."

Tang Huan nodded and said, "Yes, I think so too."

Lu Yuxi smiled, "I also think it's good, and it's about time those holy beast races looked down on us humans, so it's time to give them some credit.Brother Zichen cheer up oh."

Tang Zichen glared, "Don't you guys just follow the nonsense.You guys know that, that sentence just now, really wasn't my intention, you guys have known me for so long, when have you seen me say something so direct, I, Tang Zichen, am not such a person, it must be the influence from my past life memories."

"Really?It won't be an excuse."

"I don't want to talk about it, leave me alone."


Tang Zichen thought about it for a night, and finally figured it out, maybe it wasn't necessarily a wrong idea in his previous life, anyway, give it to someone else, give it to yourself, why refuse it just to be embarrassed, Xiaobai's beauty was seen by everyone, even the half-immortal race wanted it.As for Xiaobai being a dragon, what does it matter, people are immortal, who cares what race.

Tang Zichen thought it through and smiled hehehe.

The next day, Xiaobai came again.

"Brother Zichen, I've found some information for you."

"What kind of information?"

"About your opponent ah.".


"Only when you know your opponent can you have confidence in victory.There are a total of nine races of holy beasts, plus one half-immortal human, plus you, of course, that's eleven if you come to participate in my recruitment contest."


"These people who came to participate in my wooing contest, the one from the Half Immortal race is the most powerful, his name is Xubi Shake, of course, the patriarch said that there is a possibility that the prince of the Half Immortal race, will also come.If the prince of the Half Immortal Clan will also come, then I might be one hundred percent his."

"Why?" One second to remember to read the book

"Because no one of any race would dare to take anything from a half-immortal prince, including women."

"So tugged?"

"Well, the Half Immortal Clan is the most powerful race, and no other race dares to offend.Hopefully, the prince of the Half Immortal Clan won't come."

Tang Zichen snorted, "It doesn't matter if he comes, if he dares to steal a woman from me, I'll let him go back across the room."

"Brother Zichen, you, what did you say?Me, I'm your woman?"Sebastian asked happily.

"Yes, Sebastian, I've figured it out."

"Brother Zichen, that's great."Little White burst into Tang Zichen's embrace.

"Uh, Sebastian, don't get so excited."

"I'm biased, Brother Tzichen, actually, I've always liked you."

"Alright, alright."Tang Zichen pushed Xiao Bai away, Xiao Bai pursed her lips, Xiao Bai seemed to hate to try something with Tang Zichen right away, but Tang Zichen still had more or less goose bumps inside.

Tang Zichen suddenly asked, "By the way, where's Purple Pupil?I've been here all day, why haven't I seen Violet Hitomi."

Sebastian also suddenly remembered, "Yeah, I forgot to inform him."

"Is he in the Dragon Clan now?"

"Yes, Purple Pupil has been integrated into our dragon clan for the past two years, and he's worked hard, he's already gotten a dragon girl."

"Haha, great, where is he, take me to him."

"Mmhmm, follow me."

Xiao Bai took Tang Zichen and left the Dragon Valley, Purple Pupil's status was not yet eligible to live in the Dragon Valley, in a small village around the Dragon Valley, Xiao Bai said, "This is one of our Dragon Clan's small villages, the population is about three hundred, Purple Pupil chose to come here in the first place, he fell in love with a girl here, and he relied on her deadly hard, slowly, that girl accepted Purple Pupilup."

As soon as Tang Zichen and Bai entered this small village, many dragons flew out.

"Pay your respects to the princess."

The dragons paid their respects.

"There's no need to be polite, may I ask where Violet Pupil is?This is Zitomi's uncle."

"Zitomi is in that creek up ahead, with Mei."

"Okay, you guys go busy."

Tang Zichen and Xiaobai flew to that stream ahead.

However, there was no Purple Hitomi to be seen.


bsp; "This guy, where did he run off to ."

Xiaobai suddenly said, "They must be under the water, look at all the ripples on the surface of the water."

Tang Zichen rushed into the bottom of the water, and so did Xiaobai.

However, the next scene made Tang Zichen dumbfounded.

He saw a bearded uncle, holding a smaller dragoness in his arms, performing a blush-inducing scene under the rocks under the water.The one with a bearded face was the purple pupil in human form.

"Ah."Sebastian exclaimed in alarm, but then again, Sebastian couldn't help but be curious enough to keep watching.

"Don't look."Tang Zichen pulled Little White out of the water, fortunately just under the water, purple pupil and that dragon girl under the rocks, only saw half of the body, did not see anything critical, otherwise it destroyed the pure Little White.

Rushing out of the bottom of the water, Little White was busy saying, "Brother Zichen, what are they doing?"

"Don't ask."

"Are they in that one, Brother Tzu-Chen?"Sebastian didn't understand, but he could guess.

Not long after, Zi Hitomi and that dragon girl rushed out of the water.

Zi Hitomi was a bit angry, but once she saw Tang Zichen, she lost her temper.

"Uncle Minister, how, how is it you."

Tang Zichen said, "Zi Hitomi, you're mixing well."

"Uncle Minister, why don't you say hello when you're here, just now, how embarrassing."

"Hahaha, God knows what you're doing underwater most of the day."

Zi Pupil was very embarrassed and lowered her head, that dragon girl was busy paying her respects: "Greetings princess."

"No need to be polite, Mei, what were you doing underwater just now?"Sebastian asked.

"Ah."That dragon lady named Mei blushed all over.

Xiaobai was also really, as if she was very un-shy.

Tang Zichen said, "Little White, you're a princess, pay attention to your image."

"Oh, I just want to make sure that they are not doing that, have I ever seen them before, a bit curious."

"And say."

"Alright, alright, I won't say anything, you guys can talk, I'll go back first."Sebastian turned around and flew away.

Tang Zichen and Purple Hitomi were left, as well as that Amei.

That Amei was also busy saying, "Zitomi, I'm also going back to the village first, you guys talk."


Tang Zichen and Zi Hitomi, sat on the edge of the stream.

Tang Zichen smiled, "These two years, I was still worried about you, how have you been, will you be bullied, if it seems, our worries are unnecessary well."

"Uncle Chen, don't make fun of me, I've only recently been accepted by the people here, in the beginning, the dragons here looked down on me, they said I looked like a beast.Even if I've evolved into a dragon, I still have the scent of a beast on me."

"What about now."

"Then I kept wondering to see how the dragons here live, and now I'm becoming more and more like a dragon, and I've finally been accepted by the dragons.Also, Amei, who I've always liked, has accepted my quest.Although, Amei is average looking, but, I swear I will love her."Zi Hitomi said happily.

"Oh, congratulations, you guys were just under the water and had a very forgettable game."

"Uncle Minister, don't make fun of me."Zi Hitomi lowered her head and said.

Tang Zichen said, "You and Mei are both dragons, why were you just underwater, you were like humans?Instead of, what, turning into a dragon?"Tang Zichen was a bit curious.

"Uncle Minister, nowadays, the entire dragon clan, who usually live in human form, will only reveal themselves when they are fighting or when it is necessary."


"Oh, haha, I was just curious to ask, don't mind."

"Uncle Minister, what are you doing here."

"I also had nothing to do to bring the others out for a walk, but I didn't know until I came here that Sebastian was going to hold a marriage recruitment contest."

"Uncle Minister, speaking of which, I was planning to go back and inform you, I was planning to return to the Extreme South Continent this afternoon."

"Now I've come on my own."

"Uncle Minister, do you want to participate?"

"Of course you do, all right, come with me to the Valley of the Dragons."


When Zi Hitomi arrived at the Valley of the Dragon, Mu Qianji and the others were happy to see him, asking questions about him, and in terms of status, Mu Qianji and the others were his elders.

Now that Zi Hitomi was gradually adapting to his human form, he suddenly realized that he liked human women a little bit, especially after seeing Mu Qianji and the others, he realized that they were so beautiful.That Ah Mei of Zi Hitomi's was actually many levels worse.

This comparison suddenly made an idea arise within Zi Hitomi. First URL

Does he, really need to find a normal looking dragon lady?Why can't we get a pretty human?There were too many beautiful women in the Extreme South Continent, before he couldn't understand the beauty of human women, but now that he could, his mood was different.

Purple Hitomi was torn inside, it was only because he was evolved, he used to have the scent of a beast on him.

"Zi Hitomi, why don't you say something, what brought your girlfriend to us to see."

"That's right, Zi Hitomi, when are you going to do something good with Mei."

Everyone asked one thing at a time.

"Me."Zi Hitomi was torn, seeing a room full of beautiful women, he suddenly didn't have the courage to bring Amei out.

Of course, with this room full of beautiful women, Zi Hitomi didn't dare to think anything untoward.

In a blink of an eye, five days passed.

Finally, the day of Sebastian's marriage recruitment contest arrived.

Apart from the Half Immortal Clan, the young talents of those nine races came to the Dragon Clan.

That night, the clan sent someone to invite Tang Zichen.

"Fellow Daoist Tang, our clan leader asked you to go to the Dragon Clan's main hall."


"Our clan chief said that only you will go alone."


Tang Zichen arrived at the Dragon Clan's Grand Hall, where the clan leader was now smiling and entertaining a dozen young talents from other races.

When Tang Zichen walked into the main hall, everyone saw Tang Zichen and said with a questioning face, "Clan Leader, what do you mean?Don't tell me that even humans from the Extreme South Continent can participate in your Dragon Clan's recruitment contest."

The patriarch chuckled, "Everyone, you have no idea, this human from the Extreme South Continent, his name is Tang Zichen, he is the most outstanding human from the Extreme South Continent, and, has a very deep connection with our Dragon Clan's Xiao Bai, who invited him to participate.Of course, I believe that all of those present here are very outstanding."

"Hmph, bullshit, the trash humans of the Extreme South Continent have outstanding ones as well."A man with a pair of horns said.

Tang Zichen looked at the horns man, Tang Zichen knew from Sebastian's information that this man was from the Heavenly Sheep Clan, they Heavenly Sheep Clan had a pair of horns on their heads when they transformed into human form, but other than the horns on their heads, they were otherwise indistinguishable from humans.

Tang Zichen looked at that Heavenly Sheep Clan person and snorted, "If I'm trash, then

, you are worse than trash."

Tang Zichen spoke directly enough, because Tang Zichen didn't want to waste energy.

"What did you say?You have the guts to say it again."That Heavenly Sheep Clan man was furious, a man of the lowest human race dared to insult him, the Saint Beast Clan.

Tang Zichen said, "I said you're worse than trash, if you haven't heard it yet, I'm not allowed to say it a third time, I'm ready to do it directly."

The Dragon Clan Chief panicked and shouted, "Tang Zichen, you weren't told to come here and make trouble, if it wasn't for Little White threatening me, how could I have let you participate, you'd better be self-aware and participate casually without any other ill intent."

Tang Zichen said, "So, you never intended to betroth Little White to me."

"Nonsense, you don't even look at your own identity, betrothing the most beautiful dragon girl in the history of the dragon clan to the lowest human, do my dragon clan still want to hang out in the Seven Seas."

"That's right, get out of here."That Heavenly Goat Clan man shouted.

Tang Zichen laughed, "A good roll, but unfortunately, it's not me who should roll."

"Then don't blame me for making an early move."The man from the Heavenly Goat Clan flew out.

"Drink."The Heavenly Goat Clan man slashed at Tang Zichen with a palm.

This Heavenly Sheep Clan man, who was a fifth stage Sacred Beast of the Tribulation, thought that he could easily defeat Tang Zichen, even though Tang Zichen was a seventh stage Tribulation.

Because under normal circumstances, a human who was at the seventh stage of tribulation was no match for a holy beast at the fifth stage of tribulation, and holy beasts had an inherent advantage over the humans of the Extreme South Continent.Because the humans of the Extreme South Continent, their physical defenses were too poor, only those with pseudo-immortal weapons to defend themselves had a little defense in front of the Saint Beast.

"Looking for death."The corner of Tang Zichen's mouth lifted and he let out a cold laugh.

"Bang."Tang Zichen's body remained motionless as he swung out a palm from afar, a white palm print flew out, and the palm print instantly struck that Heavenly Sheep Clan man.

"Ah."The Heavenly Sheep Clan man let out a scream, and was suddenly blown away by Tang Zichen's palm print, and his body flew straight out of the palace, falling down with a thud.

"Poof."A mouthful of blood spurted out wildly.

"You, you, you."

Tang Zichen's body moved, rushing to the Heavenly Sheep Clan man's side in a blink.

"Bang."Tang Zichen stepped on the Heavenly Goat Clan man's chest.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Now if I want you to die, you'll die, so that you can live, understand?"

At this moment, everyone in the palace, including the Dragon Clan Chief, was shocked.

They thought that the weak and unstoppable Tang Zichen had blown out the Heavenly Sheep Bar Hoo in one go.

The Heavenly Sheep Bar Hoo came from the Heavenly Sheep Clan, Heavenly Yang was their surname, and Bar Hoo was his name.

This Heavenly Sheep Bar Hoo, although not the most genius of the Heavenly Sheep Clan, but, at least, he was a youth of the fifth stage of robbery, reasonably speaking, it was impossible for a human to be a match for someone, even if it was someone like No Elephant Nose in the past, he might not be able to beat the Heavenly Sheep Bar Hoo.

"How is this possible."The Dragon Clan Chief touched his eyes.

Tang Zichen provoked a kick and kicked the Heavenly Goat Bar Hoo several thousand meters away, flying away and shouting in shame and anger, "I'll be back."

Tang Zichen walked into the Dragon Hall, looked at the other eight youths of the Sacred Beast Race, and asked, "Who else is there?"

"Who, who else wants to steal a woman from me, Tang?Please step forward immediately, I, the lowliest human, will never blow him up."

The Dragon Clan leader did not speak, but looked at the remaining eight Sacred Beast races.


At this moment, a young man from the Hiezi race stood up.

This man from the Hiei race looked very fierce, and although his appearance also resembled a human, he had a particularly broad, horizontally developed body that was very explanatory at a glance, and his palms were also very large, at least the size of two human palms.

"Bang."That man slapped the table, and it shattered, and the man roared, "Let me meet you."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Come on, let me see how well you, you ugly bastard, can come to woo me, and not look at your appearance, do you deserve the noble and beautiful dragon beauty?"

That man of the Hiei race shouted, "You're farting, the shape of our Hiei race is the most standard physique, and the size of the lowest human like you in the Extreme South Continent is incomparably ugly."

"Hahaha, I really admire your cheek."

"Yah yah."That man of the Xie Xie race's angry teeth were chattering.

Of course, different races had different aesthetic standards, and humans felt that their body type was the most perfect, but other races, too, thought that their body type was the most perfect.However, no matter the human body type, or the body type of other races, they were all extremely similar, only some details were different, such as horns on the top of the head, such as large palms, such as arm muscles as thick as the thighs, or for example, blue, green, and purple eyes.But no matter what, they were all human in appearance.

The appearance of the dragon race was the most similar to the humans in the extreme southern continent, also the eyes were different, the eyes of the dragon women, were dark blue and looked as beautiful as gems.This, even Tang Zichen admitted that the eyes of humans were uglier, and the eyes of dragon women were born with beautiful pupils.

"Fuck you."The man from the Xiezhi Clan stared fiercely, a whirlpool appeared in front of his body, his body transformed into arrows and launched out from the center of the whirlpool, the speed and power of that was no one else.

If Tang Zichen didn't have two strikes, he would definitely be finished, and if it were any other human, even if it was the formerly strongest No Elephant Nose, I'm afraid this Xie Xie Clan man's face would die.No wonder the humans in the Extreme South Continent didn't dare to leave the Extreme South Continent by half a step, compared to these powerful holy beast races, they were indeed much weaker. Remember the URL

But unfortunately, they ran into Tang Zichen, who, although he was the lowest human in this life, had memories of his past life and had the breath of a bimbo and a pseudo-immortal weapon to defend himself, so his actual combat abilities were extraordinary.

Tang Zichen struck out with another white palm print.

"Boom."This time, that Xie Xie Clan man actually resisted it.

"Buzz."In the next second, the man from the Xiezhi Clan killed Tang Zichen with a single finger in front of his eyes.

In front of Tang Zichen, a black screen appeared, which was Tang Zichen's Black Water Pearl.

"Hmph, a tiger doesn't give out, treat me as a sick cat."Tang Zichen snorted, and suddenly a black knife appeared in his hand.


This knife seemed to be dark and silent without any warning, this was the pseudo-immortal Death Blade.

"Ah."In the next second, the man from the Hiei Clan screamed, one of his arms falling off, spilling blood all over the ground.

"Bang."Tang Zichen provoked a kick.

"Swoosh."The man of the Xie Xie Clan flew into the sky thousands of meters away, just short of hearing the phrase I'll be back.

In the main hall, everyone was even more surprised.

The young man from the Xie Xie Clan just now was considered to be among the top few in terms of strength among them.

Tang Zichen turned back and asked, "Now what about anyone else, if there really is no one else, then we might as well go together, just a few of you turtle grandsons, Tang hasn't put it in his eyes yet."

"What did you say?

?Together?"At this time, a thin man stood up, this thin man, his skin looked redder, Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, this thin man, his appearance was very similar to Little Fire, of course, referring to his appearance, not his appearance.

Tang Zichen said, "This one, if I'm not mistaken, you're from the Qilin Clan."

"Exactly from your grandfather, the Qilin."The man yelled.

Tang Zichen smiled, "The Qilin Clan and I are somewhat destined to be together, so if you leave nicely, I can do so without difficulty."

"I'll leave your mother."That skinny man raged.

Tang Zichen sighed, since he was so rude, then don't blame Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen originally didn't want to hurt him for the sake of Little Fire's face.

That skinny man, immediately shook his body, revealing his unicorn body.

"Roar."The skinny man let out a roar, then opened his mouth and a mouthful of fierce fire came down towards Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was secretly shocked, "A single virtual fire?I thought that this was only unique to Little Fire, but it turns out that the Kirin Clan will also."Tang Zichen remembered that the One Flavor Void Fire was from Little Fire's inherited memories, so it seemed that all the Qilin Clan would be able to do it, Little Fire didn't have an advantage over the Qilin Clan, and even had a weakness.

In front of everyone's eyes, Tang Zichen was overwhelmed by that One Flavor of Void Fire.

"Hahaha, I thought it was some kind of three-headed, six-armed man, but it's nothing more than that, my One Flavor of Void Fire devoured him in one go."That skinny man laughed.

However, his laughter wasn't over yet, Tang Zichen's voice sounded from behind his head, "Silly Hang, I'm behind you."

"Ah, I plainly saw you being consumed by one of my virtual fires."The skinny man was shocked.

"Did I devour you."

"Bang."Tang Zichen fiercely covered the skinny man with a palm, and suddenly, the skinny man was covered to the ground by Tang Zichen.An unfathomable hole appeared in the ground.

In the great hall at the scene, no one dared to doubt Tang Zichen's strength anymore at this point, it was clear that Tang Zichen's strength surpassed everyone at the scene.

A man from a certain tribe asked, "Why did you just have two bodies?"

Tang Zichen said, "Is it possible that I would have to tell you about such things as I can bilocation?"

"Ah, bilocation."

Even the Dragon Clan Chief was shocked.

It wasn't actually a bilocation technique, but rather a pseudo-immortal weapon of Tang Zichen's, the previous Pusara's weapon, the bilocation puppet, which Tang Zichen had just used to easily defeat the one from the Qilin Clan.

Tang Zichen asked, "The rest, do we need to go together?"

The remaining few people looked at each other and said, "Everyone, now that it's over, let's not lose face, let's go together and exterminate this particular human."

"Yes, exterminate him, I don't know what's wrong with the Extreme South Continent, but there's such a strong one."

"He must be exterminated, otherwise, the population of the Extreme South Continent is so large, if a few more such strong ones appear, then where would we, the Sacred Beast Race, have a place to stand."

"On."The rest of the group of people pounced towards Tang Zichen, each showing their prowess, and with a murderous aura.

With a snort, Tang Zichen shouted, "Heavenly Maiden Scattering Flowers."Saying that, with Tang Zichen at the center, they scattered hundreds of fist shadows, blasting in every direction like flowers.

"Bang bang." That group of people were suddenly blown away in all directions, flying thousands of meters into the sky away, and the entire palace, except for the dragon clan leader and Tang Zichen, was left with the roof of the palace and a dozen holes.


The Dragon Clan Patriarch looked at Tang Zichen in shock, and the two looked at each other.

Tang Zichen said, "Clan leader, no one is here to participate in the recruitment contest now."

"Tang, Tang Zichen, how can you be so powerful, you're the lowest of the lowly humans."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Then you're not even as good as the lowest human."

"What do you mean when you say that?You think you're great just because you defeated those races?In fact, I'm not afraid to tell you that those youths you just flew by, they're not particularly outstanding geniuses in their tribe, and you defeating them isn't a big deal."The Dragon Clan Chief snorted.

Tang Zichen said, "Clan Leader, what if I even defeat you?"

"What did you say?Even I was defeated?"

Don held out a hand and said, "Let you have one hand."

"You."The Dragon Clan leader was furious, Tang Zichen actually said to let him have one hand, knowing that the strength of the clan leader was not at all comparable to those other race youths just now, ah.

Tang Zichen said, "Not only let you have one hand, and, if within three breaths, I don't beat you until you can't get up, count me as a loser, and, I'll kill myself in front of you on the spot."

"You."The Dragon Clan Chief was stunned, Tang Zichen let him have one hand without saying anything, but he actually let out such wild words, three breaths to beat him until he couldn't get up, and if he didn't do it but also committed suicide on the spot, God, the Dragon Clan Chief was wondering if Tang Zichen had suddenly gone crazy. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen asked, "Is this the patriarch's disdain to fight with me, Don?"

"Looking for death."The dragon clan leader was furious and suddenly killed Tang Zichen.

The corner of Tang Zichen's mouth rose, if he, a man with immortal memories, couldn't even deal with a Dragon Clan Leader of the ninth stage of Tribulation, then he was still a chicken feather.

A stream of heat rose within Tang Zichen's body, which transformed into an arrow that suddenly shot out of Tang Zichen's mouth.

"Swoosh."Accurately shot into the dragon clan leader's chest.

"Bang."The sharp arrow suddenly turned into a fist as it approached the clan leader, which was the reason Tang Zichen considered, not to take another person's life.In the next second, the dragon clan chief flew backwards like a sandbag.

"Boom boom."No longer crashing and breaking many pillars before finally falling.

"Poof."The dragon clan leader spat out blood in a large mouthful.

Tang Zichen walked up, and the Dragon Clan Chief trembled as he looked at Tang Zichen, as he was horrified by Tang Zichen's strength, which was no match for the recently ascended old Clan Chief, who was Little White's grandfather.If Tang Zichen was really as strong as Xiaobai's grandfather, then the entire Seven Seas could be ranked in the top twenty of all the Saint Beast races.Because Little White's grandfather was just about the top twenty before.

Tang Zichen walked up to the dragon clan leader and said, "I said that if I didn't beat you until you couldn't get up, count me as a loser and I'll kill myself in front of you, and right now, I feel like you're still barely able to run."

After saying that, Don Zildon grabbed the clan leader.

"Bang bang bang."

"Bang bang bang."

Tang Zichen went on a rampage.

Just then, Sebastian came running in from outside.

"Clan leader, clan."Xiaobai saw that Tang Zichen was slapping and slapping the clan leader wildly, and his entire body was dumbfounded.

Xiaobai wondered if he was blinded, how was this possible, Tang Zichen being wildly slapped was more like it.

Tang Zichen put down the Dragon Clan leader as he gave him a fierce beating until he was dying.

Don't look at the slap that Tang Zichen had just used, but the power was extraordinary, because every slap Tang Zichen used carried a Bimbo's

In one breath, these hundreds of slaps came down, and the dragon clan leader almost didn't hang on.

"Don't, don't fight, woo-hoo."The dragon clan leader fell to the ground, his nose and face swollen, even his mother didn't recognize his mother raised her head and said, this miserable appearance, if anyone else saw it, they wouldn't believe that this was the dragon clan leader.

Tang Zichen had beaten the dragon clan leader to death, and his inner displeasure had finally dissipated, seeing if he dared to say something like, Tang Zichen was the lowest human being.

Tang Zichen asked, "Clan Chief, who is the lowest now?"

"It's me, it's me."The Dragon Clan leader said evenly.

"I hope you remember that."Tang Zichen snorted.

Sebastian busily came up.

"Brother Zichen, what's going on?"

"What else can happen, your clan leader is dying from my beating, so why don't you go get someone to help him heal."

"No, don't."The dragon clan leader was busy struggling.

"Don't look for someone, I, I."Before the Dragon Clan Chief could finish, his head tilted and he fainted.

Little White said, "Brother Zichen, how are you?"

"How am I so strong, you ask?"


"Sebastian, you always remember that I'm the strongest man in your mind."


"Alright, let's leave it at that for today, tomorrow when the clan leader wakes up, don't go looking for anyone yet, your clan leader definitely can't afford to lose this man."


Tang Zichen left first, and closed the main hall door.

Back at the residence, Mu Qianji and the others were waiting for Tang Zichen.

"How's it going?"Mu Qianji was busy asking.

"Don't worry, those few who participated in the recruiting competition were all kicked out by me, even the dragon clan leader, they were all beaten to death."

"What? How is that possible."Everyone was shocked.

"I'm sorry, I used some techniques from my previous life and consumed some of the Nine Dao Demon King's Immortal Qi, so it was inevitable that I would spike the Dragon Clan leader."Tang Zichen said, if he hadn't consumed the Nine Demons' Immortal Qi, Tang Zichen certainly wouldn't have been able to spike the dragon clan leader so neatly.

"No wonder, do you need immortal qi to be able to stimulate any of the techniques from your previous life?"

"Of course, I'm afraid that the Immortal Qi of the Nine Demons will only allow me to continue to consume it about thirty times, and after thirty times, there will be no more Immortal Qi of the Nine Demons in my body completely, but it doesn't matter anymore, I'm already standing at the peak of the Immortal World."Tang Zichen smiled slightly.

"Then you beat the clan leader to death, will you be alright?"

"It will, but it's not us that's in trouble, it's the dragons."


"I'll go see the clan leader tomorrow when he wakes up, let's see how he is."

The next morning, Tang Zichen arrived at the entrance of the dragon clan's chief's palace.

Soon after, the clan chief opened the door of the main hall, and seemed to be muttering something under his breath.

"Clan Chief, healed up in one night, yesterday he was still bruised and swollen, but today it's as if nothing has happened."

"Ah, Tang, Tang Zichen."The patriarch was shocked, he didn't expect Tang Zichen to be standing at his door early in the morning.

Tang Zichen said, "What, very afraid of me."

"No, no."

"No?Meaning I didn't hit enough yesterday."Tang Zichen glared fiercely and looked like he was about to do it again.


"Ah, there is there."The Dragon Clan leader was depressed inside, he was so afraid of Tang Zichen, he couldn't help it, who let him be no match for others, and he was afraid that Tang Zichen would beat him again, if the rest of the Dragon Clan knew about it, wouldn't it be a shame.

Tang Zichen walked into the main hall and asked, "Did you get any results from yesterday's marriage recruitment contest with Sebastian now?"

"Ah, well, didn't you beat all those people away yesterday?"

"So, then, I've become the final winner."

"Theoretically, yes."

"Why theoretically?"

"There were still the Half Immortals yesterday and they didn't come, so I think they gave up temporarily, so if the Half Immortals still don't come today, then Sebastian is yours."The Dragon Clan leader said.

"It's best if they didn't come, if they did come, we might have to kill a few more people today."Tang Zichen said.

The Dragon Clan Chief's body trembled, and he was busy saying, "Brother Tang, never, the Half Immortal Clan is powerful beyond your imagination ah."

"Is that so."

"If you kill the Half Immortal Clan, you will implicate our Dragon Clan ah, the strength of the Half Immortal Clan is almost the sum of all the holy beasts ah." First URL

Tang Zichen snorted, seemingly unafraid at all.

Tang Zichen turned around and walked away, the Dragon Clan Chief was busy saying, "If the Half Immortal Clan comes today, I will send someone to inform you."

After Tang Zichen left, the Dragon Clan Chief wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, and his mouth cursed, "Damn, how could I be so afraid of him, damn, what a disgrace to my old dragon."

At noon, a Dragon Clan lad came.

"Fellow Daoist Tang, our clan leader told you to quickly go to the main hall."

Tang Zichen's gaze was slightly cold, it seemed that the Half Immortal Clan had finally come today, and after finishing off the Half Immortal Clan, Little White was Tang Zichen's.

Whether Tang Zichen let Xiaobai be a sister or a woman, it was Tang Zichen's freedom now.

At this moment, in the Dragon Clan's main hall, a man whose appearance was completely indistinguishable from the humans of the Extreme South Continent was sitting in the main hall.

This man, whose realm was around the sixth stage of Tribulation, however, his strength was such that not even the Dragon Clan Chief would dare to say that he had won a hundred percent, because the Half Immortal Clan possessed a natural Half Immortal physique, and his flesh was tough, far tougher than the Dragon Clan.

"Clan Leader, where is that first ever beauty of your Dragon Clan?"The half-immortal man asked.

"It's coming soon."

The dragon clan leader was a little confused and asked, "May I ask, didn't you say before that a certain prince of your half-immortal clan would also come?Why haven't you seen him?"

"How can our prince have the time, no matter how beautiful he is, he's just a dragon woman, lower than our half-immortal, so he's not even close to being a prince of our half-immortal clan to marry him.It's already an honor for your dragon clan that I can come."That half-immortal clan man said.

The Dragon Clan Chief was a little uncomfortable inside, but it was fine, after all, the Half Immortal Clan was indeed one step nobler than the Dragon Clan.

The dragon clan leader asked, "That, what is your status in the Half Immortal Clan?"

"Truth be told, I'm a top ten ranked young genius in the Half Immortal Clan, so you should feel honored, hurry up and bring out that number one beauty of your Dragon Clan, if it's really pretty, hehehe, I'm going to have a go at this palace."

"What."The Dragon Clan Chief was shocked, a big hall coming up for a round?It was too little to put him

This clan chief put it in his eyes.

That half-immortal clan man smiled wickedly, in fact, inside, he was only treating the first beauty of the dragon clan as a plaything, purposely coming over to play, where he was truly sincere.

Not long after, Tang Zichen and Xiao Bai walked in together.

That half-immortal clan man immediately stood up and stared at Xiaobai.

"Gulp."The Half Immortal Clan man gulped down his saliva and said, "My goodness, it turned out to be really pretty, not worth all the trouble I went through to come here, hahaha."

The patriarch was busy saying, "This is the most beautiful woman in the history of our Dragon Clan."

The Half Immortal Clan man nodded, "Not bad, I like it, and since it's really so beautiful, I've decided to have a go at this palace."The Half Immortal Clan man watched as Sebastian rubbed his hands, as if he couldn't wait to get up there and grab Sebastian's body.

Without saying a word, Tang Zichen walked up.

"Slap."Tang Zichen slapped the half-immortal man in the face, the man's attention was on Little White and he thought Tang Zichen was an underling of the Dragon Clan, he didn't even pay attention to Tang Zichen, this sudden slap made him confused, his body stumbled back a few steps as if he was very dizzy.

Tang Zichen's slap, but it contained several mouthfuls of Bimbo breath, and it made the half-immortal man dizzy with one slap.

"You, who are you."The half-immortal man asked in anger.

Tang Zichen slapped the man again and grunted, "A good one on the spot."

The guy was slapped a second time and fell back a few steps.

"Fuck you, you try it again."

"Slap."Tang Zichen slapped fiercely and smirked, "Just try it, I want to have a go at you too."

"What? Take a shot at me, you."The Half Immortal Clan man was furious.

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped it away and said, "You damn well want to."

The Half Immortal Clan man wanted to punch Tang Zichen, but Tang Zichen struck first and knocked him unconscious, and for some reason, Tang Zichen's slap was so fierce that it was like a thunderstorm coming down, so he couldn't carry it.Before he could react, he was slapped again, so the Half Immortal Clan man was beaten without the ability to fight back.

The Dragon Clan leader was watching in fear, he was afraid that Tang Zichen would offend the Half Immortal Clan and get the Dragon Clan into it as well.

The Half Immortal Clan man bellowed, "Who the hell are you."

The dragon clan leader was busy saying, "He is the most outstanding human from the extreme southern continent, he also came to participate in the recruitment contest, yesterday the dozen or so youths from other races were all beaten away by him.Originally, we waited for you to arrive today and the two of you would have a sparring session, but I didn't expect that you would do it as soon as you met.What he's doing to you at the moment doesn't represent the attitude of the dragon race, don't blame it on the dragon race ah."The Dragon Clan finished in one breath, skimming off the Dragon Clan first.

Tang Zichen chased after the man all the way through dozens of slaps, and every time the Half Immortal Clan man tried to fight back, Tang Zichen slapped him dizzily, and after two entire circles around the palace, the Half Immortal Clan man didn't even find a chance to fight back.

In the end, after dozens of slaps, the Half Immortal Clan man completely fell down, unable to stand up, his entire face swollen into a piggy bank.

When the Dragon Clan leader saw this, he couldn't help but think of him yesterday, his body trembled slightly, and said in his heart, this Tang Zichen was too strong, the top ten ranked young genius of the Half Immortal Clan, was slapped by Tang Zichen with a single slap, and he was powerless to fight back.This was something that only someone whose strength absolutely spiked could do ah.


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