The King of Kungfu in school 1391-1400



"Grandpa, I really am."

"Shang Hong, I know you're a mercurial person, but what you're doing now is for the sake of your children and grandchildren.Alright, you can go back first, when the family identifies a woman with outstanding talent, you will be notified."

"Yes, Xuan Sun takes his leave."Tang Zichen depressedly left the palace.

Qin Ren was really right last night.

Tang Zichen went to talk to his mother, hoping that she would understand him.

"Hong'er, your great grandfather is right, you are the family's genius, and those who can continue to lead the Shang clan in the future will come from your outstandingly gifted descendants.If our Shang clan, so geniuses don't have children, then the next generation will almost be extinct.Hong'er, since you are a descendant of the Shang Clan, this is your mission, not yours."

"Me."Tang Zichen became even more depressed after hearing his mother's words.

It wasn't easy to be a genius, and it was even harder to be a genius of a big family.

Tang Zichen couldn't have children and grandchildren think only for himself.It must also consider the future generations.

Tang Zichen's mother said, "Hong'er, you and Little Grass, both of you are geniuses, and the probability that your children will continue to be geniuses in the future will be much higher.Therefore, you and Little Grass will have more in the next few decades."

"Mother, I already have several children, having too many, I really can't take care of my feelings." Remember the website

"Hong'er, although I like them too, Mother has to take things on their own merits, the chances of you and Xu Mei Qian, Liu Xiangyun, Li Xuan'er and their children becoming strong in the future are very low, maybe it's uncomfortable for you to hear, but that's the truth, and that's true for anyone in the past or present."

"Mother, I'm going back first."

Tang Zichen returned home sullenly.

Tang Zichen saw that Little Sister was asking Qin Nui to practice martial arts.

"Why are you so stupid, you haven't understood this move after learning it for so long."Little Sister said somewhat angrily.

Qin Nui pouted her mouth in aggravation.

"Continue, don't stop."

Tang Zichen was busy walking up, he rarely taught Qin Nui martial arts training, so let's teach her well today.

"Qin Nui."


"Mother scolded you."

"No, it's just that Qin Nui is stupid and has never been able to learn."

"Oh, there's no hurry, you're only eleven. Come, daddy will teach you."Tang Zichen taught Qin Nui.

"Alright, you just practice like this first."

"Yes, daddy."Qin Nui went to practice her martial arts.

Qin Ren walked to Tang Zichen's side and sighed, "Husband, don't be too spoiled, you have to say it when it's time, Qin Nui is eleven years old, and she still doesn't fully understand the first style of the Descending Dragon Sword Technique."

Tang Zichen laughed, "When you were eleven, you weren't necessarily much more powerful than she is now."

"Husband, you're making fun of me."

"I'm not making fun of you, it's because you're too hasty."

"Husband, now can't be compared to our time, when we were there, no one in the entire world had surpassed the clan, but now here is different ah, besides, Qin Nui is a princess of the Shang clan, she can't be mediocre."

"Alas, everyone has everyone's fate, it's not like we can do whatever we want, Qin Nui's talent isn't much worse than yours back then."

"But my talent, in your Shang Clan, is not considered a genius at all, I don't want our daughter to be like that."

Tang Zichen patted his little sister's meeting and didn't say anything.

Little Senior Sister.

My sister looked like she was very lost, perhaps she was feeling stressed.

Inside, Tang Zichen was thinking, "What my mother said wasn't wrong, alas."

In the blink of an eye, two months had passed.

Tang Zichen had been working hard every day, but having reached the late stage of peak ascension, it wasn't just a year or two before he could see results if he wanted to take his martial arts further.

Tang Zichen and Xiao Cao's big wedding had finally arrived.

On this day, the entire imperial city, many people came to attend the wedding ceremony, Tang Zichen's great grandfather was very happy, he wanted to see it the most.

In the blink of an eye, eight years had passed.

Eight years ago, Tang Zichen had just recently stepped into the late stage of peak ascension, and eight years later, Tang Zichen had comprehended the meaning of six peaks of perfection.

In a secret room.

"After comprehending four more times to the peak-descending perfection state of mind, I will be able to step into the peak-descending perfection."Tang Zichen exhaled deeply.

Tang Zichen walked out of the secret room.

This year, Tang Zichen was 73 years old.

Other people were 73 years old and still at the Clan Master Perfection, a little more powerful, the early stage of peak ascension.

Tang Zichen, on the other hand, was already in the late stage of peak ascension and had comprehended six times the perfection of intent, Tang Zichen was already gradually creating miracles.

That Shang Jiao, who was also in the middle of peak with Tang Zichen before, is still in the middle of peak today, and Shang Jiao is two years older than Tang Zichen, 75 years old.

At 75 years old, Shang Cao is still a genius, but he is no longer comparable to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen walked out of the secret room.

"Dad."A youthful and beautiful girl called out.

Tang Zichen chuckled, time passed so quickly, Qin Nui was already 19 years old and had grown into a big girl.

All these years, Qin Rei taught her day and night, not daring to slacken in the slightest, so Qin Nui's martial arts skills weren't too bad, at 19 years old, she had already reached the middle stage of the Unity Realm.

When Tang Zichen was 19, he was still hanging out on Earth, but of course, the times and conditions were different, so it was impossible to compare.

"Qin Nui, you're slacking off again, why don't you go practice your sword."At this time, Little Sister came out and ordered to Qin Nui.

Qin Nui pursed her lips in aggravation, so she had no choice but to go practice her sword, in comparison, Qin Nui felt that her father loved her the most and never drove her to practice her sword whenever she had time like her mother did.

Qin Ren walked to Tang Zichen's side and said, "Husband, the closed door is out."

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Rei'er, don't rush too much, Qin Nui is also a human being, so she will also get tired."

"Husband, you shouldn't blindly direct Qin Nui's martial arts training, if you had listened to you all these years, don't rush anything, that Qin Nui would have been useless by now, I'm afraid that she may not even reach the late innate stage."

"Oh, okay, just you right."Tang Zichen touched Qin Rei, the corner of Qin Rei's eyebrows, inadvertently, would reveal a bit of crow's feet.

Tang Zichen sighed, "When children grow up, it means that their parents start to get old, this, it's really an eternal saying."

Qin Ren laughed, "Husband, but you look, yet you don't look too old ah, still like a thirty-four or fifteen year old young adult.I, on the other hand, look several voices older than you, and in the future, we will definitely die more than a hundred years before you."

"Reiji, don't say such things, it's still a long way from death."


Tang Zichen looked at Rei Qin, in the blink of an eye, they had already spent twenty years hand in hand with each other.

"I'll go check on them."


Tang Zichen headed to Xu Mei Qian again.

Xu Mei Qian was practicing her sword and said that she wanted to keep her figure.


"Mei Qian."Tang Zichen walked up.

Xu Mei Qian was four years older than Tang Zichen, she was already 77 this year, and it was because she was the oldest that she wanted to stay in shape, because she didn't want to get old and be disliked by her husband.

"Zichen, you're out of the gate."

"Why are you practicing martial arts so diligently lately."

Xu Mei Qian said, "I practiced martial arts just to stay energetic, not to become stronger, and now that I'm also having difficulty progressing, it seems that in my whole life, I'm probably going to end up stuck at the Grand Master completion, or even less than that."

Xu Mei Qian was now in the late Zongshi stage, but it was difficult to progress any further.

"Mei Qian, relax your mind, you'll surpass the Ancestor.By the way, where's Shang Xu?"

"Xu'er."Xu Mei Qian shouted.

There was no response.

Xu Mei Qian huffed; "This brat is probably running off to the palace with Shang Lei again."

"Run off to the palace for what?" One second to remember to read the book

"What else to do, pick up girls."


"You still don't know ah, before that someone came to report that Shang Xu and Shang Lei, were molesting the little palace maidens in the palace."

"I'll go."Tang Zichen was speechless, these two kids, but it was normal, after all, Shang Xu was eighteen and Shang Lei was seventeen, they were both adolescents.

It was just that Tang Zichen thought of Shang Xu and Shang Lei, but there was a hidden pain inside.

Because Shang Xu and Shang Lei, their martial arts talent was far from what Tang Zichen had expected.

Shang Xu was eighteen years old and was only in the middle of innate talent, while Shang Lei, too, was only in the middle of innate talent.

This was a far cry from Qin Nui, and it seemed that it wasn't unreasonable for Qin Ren to have painstakingly taught Qin Nui all these years.

It was because Shang Xu and Shang Lei, whose martial arts skills were far from Qin Nui's, which caused Xu Mei Qian and Li Xuan'er, to feel a little bit bad inside, after all, everyone wanted their birth to be more successful.

Tang Zichen could only comfort Xu Mei Qian, everyone has their own destiny, no need to force it.

Tang Zichen's talent was so strong, and it might not be a good thing.

After that, Tang Zichen went to Liu Xiangyun, Shangguan Rou, Qi Xueyun, and Song Yu'er, Youruo, and others.

Finally, Tang Zichen arrived at Little Grass's courtyard.

"Dad."A little boy immediately flew over.

"Swoosh."That little boy immediately drew his sword and at the same time said, "Father, look at my martial arts skills."

That little boy made the Dragon Descending Sword Technique and threw a drip of water.

At that moment, a woman shouted, "Ji'er, don't be rude to father."It was Little Grass.

That little boy was busy stopping and smiled hehehe.

Tang Zichen looked at the little boy in front of him, he was only seven years old, and the Dragon Descending Sword Technique was already so watertight.

"Ji'er, not bad, your martial arts skills have improved again, you're only seven years old, you're almost at the Houtian realm, hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud.

That's right, Little Grass's son, Shang Ji, this talent is really no one else.

Back then, Shang Cao's son, Shang Bu Ping, was nine years old and trained to the Inner Gate, while Tang Zichen's son, at the age of seven, was about to reach the Houtian realm.

"Father, don't worry, my son will definitely step into the Houtian realm after the New Year."Shang Ji said with eyes full of confidence.

"Hahaha, good."Tang Zichen lovingly hugged Shang Ji up.

Indeed, children who were competitive and successful were more liked by their parents.Like Shang Xu and Shang Lei, not knowing how to practice martial arts properly and still going to the palace to provoke the little palace maids, it really depressed Tang Zichen.However, Tang Zichen couldn't say much about them for fear of Xu Mei Qian and Li Xuan'er thinking too much.

Tang Zichen was now considered to have a deep understanding of the phrase 'mother is superior to son', but Xu Mei Qian and Li Xuan'er and the others probably felt it even more deeply.

"Husband, you're out of the gate.".

Tang Zichen said, "Little Cao, it's really my good fortune to be able to marry you, look at you, how well you've trained Ji'er."

"Is the Prime Minister blaming Ji'er for not being polite?"

"Hahaha, which will."

That Shang Ji was busy saying, "Father, I'm sorry, I won't."

"Silly child, you're so diligent and studious, it's not too late for dad to like it."

At this time, "Right, Husband, there will be a family gathering soon, when that happens, our Ji'er will definitely be able to show off her skills at the family gathering."


Tang Zichen hugged Shang Ji and went into the hall with Little Grass in his arms.

In the afternoon, in Xu Mei Qian's courtyard.

Xu Mei Qian took out her whip and looked angrily at the man standing in front of her.

"I told you last time that you are not allowed to enter the palace again to molest a palace maid, but you didn't even listen and went, are you going to be angry with me?Shang Xu, why can't you just fight for your breath, look at Qin Nui, a free time to have martial arts practice, and then look at Shang Ji, people are only seven years old, people have reached what level.If you continue to be so unaware of progress, the one who will regret in the future is yourself."

Shang Xu said, "Mom, it's not that I don't practice martial arts, it's just that I'm not this material ah, if I had the same talent as Dad, I would definitely practice every day.Besides, Shang Ji is such a genius, in the future he will definitely be a strong member of our Shang clan, we are brothers, in the future when Shang Ji's brother is strong, he will cover me."

"You you you."Xu Mei Qian was angry enough to say such words.

"I'll kill you."

"Mom, I'm the only son you have, think carefully about whether you really want to kill me."

"Oooooh."Xu Mei Qian was crying with anger.

"I, Xu Mei Qian, how could I give birth to your son who doesn't know how to progress, training martial arts depends on your heart, didn't your father tell you that?Ask yourself, have you given your heart?"


"You didn't even, you thought it wasn't the right stuff and then you got lazy, didn't you."

"Mom, I know I was wrong."

Tang Zichen looked at his son who was taller than her, bitter inside, when he was still young, so cute and looking for someone to love him, but now that he's grown up, he's completely changed.

"Shang Xu, listen to me, if you don't work hard, you'll only become mediocre, your father has so many children, you're mediocre, that means you'll get less love from your father, it also means that one day, your father will rarely even think of you, are you sure you want to become like this?Your father and I, we've been close for decades, he's been good to me, but that doesn't mean he'll be good to you too, I hope you understand, go out and reflect."

"Yes, Mom."

Shang Xu walked out of the hall, not far after walking out of the hall, a boy who looked about the same age ran out from the corner.

"How's it going?Aunt Mei Qian scolded you again."

Shang Xu was depressed, "Shang Lei, didn't your mother say anything?"

"Hehe, my mom casually said a few words about me and then it's gone, my mom you know, soft hearted, unlike your mom, is really going to hit someone, hahaha."

Shang Xu kicked over and said, "Don't go to the palace anymore."

"Then where to?"

"Hey, I heard from Shang Jiu that there's a place that's very interesting."

"Okay, next time go."

Tang Zichen ate a meal in the small grassy courtyard, then began to teach Shang Ji to practice martial arts

Shang Ji was Tang Zichen's most talented son, and Tang Zichen definitely wanted to build him up.


"Your Highness Shang Hong, congratulations."

"Congrats?"Tang Zichen was instructing Shang Ji in martial arts training when Chen Xiang arrived and gave Tang Zichen his good news.

However, Tang Zichen didn't know what joy was there.

"Your Highness Shang Hong, Shang Mo has just officially stepped into the first stage of Return to Void."

Tang Zichen smiled, "This is indeed a happy and congratulatory event, Shang Mo has stepped into the Returned Void Phase 1, and in a few years my great grandfather's deadline, my Shang Clan won't end up without a Returned Void."

"Yes, so tonight, your great-grandfather is hosting a banquet at the palace, and I'm here by order of His Majesty to invite you into the palace for the banquet.However, the number of people at the banquet is limited, so you can only take one person with you."

"Okay, I understand."

That night, Tang Zichen brought Shang Ji with him and entered the palace for the banquet.

It was good that Shang Mo had stepped into the Returning Void, and there was no telling when Tang Zichen's grandfather, Shang Jian, would be able to step into the Returning Void.

It was just that on such a grand occasion, Tang Zichen only brought Shang Ji with him, which inevitably made some of the other children feel a little lost inside.

For example, Qin Nui. First URL

"Mother, why didn't father take me to the emperor's banquet."Qin Nui said to Qin Rei with a face full of loss.

Qin Ren smiled, "Don't blame your father, your father has so many children, it's impossible for every one of them to be able to take care of you, if you can get him to pay more attention to you, you must strive to become strong.The reason why your father is taking Shang Ji with him is because, your Imperial Emperor, also likes Shang Ji very much, if you are also a genius and strong enough, even if your father doesn't take you there, your Imperial Emperor will still take the initiative to want to see you.Understand?The world is such a cruel place, and you don't have the right to ask for so much if you don't become a superior human being."

"Well, mother, I understand, I will definitely redouble my efforts."

Qin Ren smiled happily, "That's good, if you're like your two brothers, Shang Xu and Shang Lei, then you really won't have much of a place in the family in the future, even your father's visits to our courtyard will become less frequent."

"Well, I know."Qin Nui consciously went to practice her sword.

Tang Zichen entered the palace and attended the evening banquet to congratulate Shang Mo for stepping into the first stage of Returning Void.

Of course, during the banquet, Tang Zichen's son, Shang Ji, also made Tang Zichen earn a lot of face.

Tang Zichen's great-grandfather liked him very much, and Shang Jian also loved this real Xuan grandson very much, making Shang Jian only have Shang Ji as this Xuan grandson.

Tang Zichen's other sons and daughters, Shang Jian simply does not know, nor is he in the mood to know, this is the reality, only the ability to make people remember you.

Shang Cuo also brought his son, Shang Bu Ming, to the banquet.

It's just that with Tang Zichen here, Shang Cao's radiance wasn't hidden at all, Shang Cao was 75 years old and only in the middle of his peak, he didn't shine in front of Tang Zichen, although he was still the genius of the family.

Originally, Shang Cao had another son, Shang Bu Ming, who could have brought a little light to him, but unfortunately, Tang Zichen gave birth to another son, Shang Ji, and Shang Ji covered up Shang Bu Ming's light as well.

So, at the banquet, both Shang stubborn and his son were depressed.

Shang Bu Ming was already 21 years old, and the realm was considered to be very powerful as it had reached Unity Realm Completion.However, Shang Bu Ming didn't seem to like Tang Zichen because Tang Zichen had beaten him when he was young, when Shang Bu Ming had bullied Qin Nui.


Yes, Shang stubbornly sucked up to Tang Zichen for a change.

After the feast was over, Tang Zichen went to Shang Jian's place to drink tea first.

"Grandpa, when are you going to step into the Returning Void ah?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Hehe, Shang Hong, I'm not hiding anything, I'm almost there, I think, in two or three years, I'll be stepping into the Return to Void Stage One, I'm sure of it."

"Wow, that's great, when that happens, our Shang clan will have two other powerful people of the Returned Void Phase I sitting in addition to Grandpa."Tang Zichen said happily, Tang Zichen was now starting to think about things from a global perspective, after all, Tang Zichen also had to think about his descendants, especially his indisputable sons, no matter what, Tang Zichen still loved them and wanted them to be happy in their lives, but that hope would have to be placed on the genius sons and grandsons of the Shang Clan, for example, Shang Ji.

Tang Zichen has been instilling ideas into Shang Ji since he was a child, telling him that when he becomes powerful in the future, he must protect his siblings and not look down on or treat them differently just because some of them are less talented.

Shang Ji was also particularly sensible, vowing at a young age that in the future he would protect all his brothers and sisters, as well as his younger siblings, and all of the Shang clan.

Shang Jian sighed.

"Grandfather, why do you sigh?In two more years, you'll be able to step into the Void, no need to sigh ah."

Shang Jian said, "Shang Hong, even if I step into the Returned Void in two more years, that will only last for forty years ah.After forty years, Shang Mo and I, if we haven't stepped into the second stage of Return to Void, then it's basically the end.At that time, what about the family, there won't be a single genius in our next generation ah."


"Originally, your father, he was a genius, my most outstanding son, but unfortunately, he died young, and many other clansmen of the same generation as your father also died at the hands of the Yuan Clan.In other words, in your father's generation, our Shang clan was fractured.Although I have given birth to many more sons since then, unfortunately, so far, none of them have the talent to hold up the family.However, fortunately, in the next generation, there are two people, you and Shang stubborn, who will be able to hold up the family in the future.It's just that if there's a layer break in the middle, I'm afraid that before you guys grow up, something will happen."

Tang Zichen nodded, no wonder Grandpa sighed, because Grandpa's next generation, which was Tang Zichen's father's generation, didn't have a single genius who could hold up the family.

And Tang Zichen and Shang Stubborn, who were still younger, forty years later, when Shang Jian and Shang Mo had reached their big limit, Tang Zichen and Shang Stubborn definitely hadn't risen yet, and at that time, the fractured generation, in case of any accidents, for example, the sudden resurgence of the Yuan Clan and the rise of a Return to the Void, then, the Shang Clan would face extinction.

Therefore, Tang Zichen's grandfather, even if he stepped into the Returning Void, he couldn't be happy at the thought of the crisis after his death.

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "Grandfather, don't worry, I will rise as soon as possible, I will become a Returned Void before the great limit of your generation, and be able to sit in the family."

Shang Jian laughed, "Shang Hong, this kind of 'will definitely' so and so words, it's better to say less, it doesn't make any sense.I'm 162 years old this year, and in two or three years when I step into the first phase of Return to Void, I'll only be able to live for about 200 years, which means that I'll only have thirty years to live.As for Shang Mo, he's 173 years old this year, and although he's stepping into the Return to Void now, he'll only live to be about 200, and he'll die before I do.And your great-grandfather, huh, he has less than ten years left to live.The future, it's really worrying ah, the fractured generation, will be the biggest crisis in the future of our Shang clan."


Tang Zichen didn't say anything else.

It seemed that Tang Zichen must also go out again and cultivate to the death, in order to step into the Returned Void within thirty years.

It was just that for more than thirty years, Tang Zichen would have to break through from the late stage of peak ascension to return to the Void, a difficulty that could almost be said to be impossible.

Thirty years to reach the Great Perfection was already a miracle, so Shang Jian didn't want to hear Tang Zichen say that he would definitely.

Tang Zichen was 73 this year, and after more than thirty years, he was only a hundred years old, Tang Zichen was only halfway through his life, it was unlikely that he would achieve such a great accomplishment.

Tang Zichen asked, "Grandpa, throughout history, how old was the fastest person in history to reach the point of returning to emptiness?"

Shang Jian said, "According to the historical records that can be searched, the earliest person to step into the Returning Void was four thousand years ago, a person named Luo Yun, who was 136 years old and stepped into the first stage of the Returning Void.This record, over four thousand years in the past, has yet to be broken by anyone.Shang Hong, you're only 73 years old this year, even if your talent can be compared to Luo Yun, and you can also be like him, stepping into the Returned Void at the age of 136, then it will still take more than 60 years.After 60 years, I'll be dead already, even if I step into the second stage of Returned Void, I'll still be dead.So, your great-grandfather and Shang Mo are both worried about the decades of disconnection after we die.Even though we'll die and nothing will be known, we all hope that the Shang clan, can continue forever."

"Grandpa, there's no use worrying about it now, there's still more than thirty years to go before the cart reaches the mountain."

"Alright, it's getting late, you should hurry home."


Tang Zichen took Shang Ji and was about to go out, when Shang Jian suddenly said, "Wait a minute." Remember the URL

"Grandpa, what else is there?"

"Shang Hong, Shang stubborn he's going to marry another one in a few days."

"Uh, that's not normal."

"The woman Shang Crabby he's marrying in a few days is called Willow Flower."

"Ah, Willow Flower?Isn't that what you asked me to marry a few years back?"

"Yes, it's a pity you were too discerning and didn't want it, but now you're married by Shang Cao, this Liu Hua, her talent is extraordinary, that's why I asked you to marry her before, and she's willing to marry you."There was a hint of blame in Shang Jian's tone.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Grandfather, this Liu Hua, is indeed very strong, but she is a married woman, her son is older than Qin Nui, how could I be willing to marry a married woman when you asked me to."

"Shang Hong, her husband has been dead for ten years, not a married woman."

"That's also married and has several sons, I don't want one."

Shang Jian said helplessly, "So now it's only cheap for Shang Stubborn."

"Speechless, that's also called cheap."Tang Zichen laughed, Shang stubborn married an old woman and felt that he had picked up a bargain.

"Married and had a child to be afraid of, that Liu Hua can still regenerate, with her being gifted, if she regenerates with Shang Crouch, the probability of genius will be great.Now your son, Shang Ji, is a bit more talented than Shang Bu Ming, but don't be surpassed by Shang Stubborn's regenerated son."


Shang Jian said, "Forget it, Shang Crabby is also a member of his own family, you didn't marry Willow Flower, he did, so it's at least the fat water didn't flow outside.It's just that by the time you're old, you'll only have one son at your knee to hold up the scene, but Shang Cao has several at his knee, at that time, you'll only know regret, right?"Shang Jian waved his hand and told Tang Zichen to go home.


br /> Tang Zichen left his grandfather's residence with Shang Ji.

Tang Zichen was thinking about grandpa's last words in his mind.

Shang stubborn is also really hardworking enough, for the chance to be able to give birth to more talented offspring, Tang Zichen is willing to marry someone who had a dead husband.

Tang Zichen wanted beautiful, pure, and gifted, how in the world could there be such a good thing.

Tang Zichen looked at his son Shang Ji beside him.

So far, out of so many of Tang Zichen's children, there was really only one Shang Ji, who had hopes of reaching the return to the virtual level in the future, the so-called hold up the scene.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "If there is a chance, I can also be open-minded, I always have to think about my offspring, if I have two genius sons, or even three or four, wouldn't that be better."

Tang Zichen smiled bitterly, "Am I being succumbed to fate?"

"Alas, when I was young, I thought that I would live a, unique life, but in the end, I realized that it was all just the path that my predecessors had taken, and now, I have to make compromises for the sake of my children and grandchildren, for the sake of the ten thousand year continuation of the Shang Clan."

However, for the time being, don't think too much about it, even if you marry a genius woman, you may not be able to give birth to genius children, it's just that the probability is high.

The most important thing now was what to do with that fractured generation in the future after Grandpa Du's big limit.

"I must strike again to squeeze my potential and strive to reach the return to the void between thirty and forty years, so that the Shang clan can safely pass through that fault generation time."Tang Zichen gritted his teeth inwardly.

Back home, Tang Zichen slept in Little Grass's room that night.

Of course, Tang Zichen also wanted to have another one with Little Grass, after all, Little Grass was highly talented, and the probability of having a genius appearing with her was even greater.

Only, over the years, after Little Grass gave birth to Shang Ji, her stomach hadn't moved.

That was why, Tang Zichen came to stay overnight with Little Grass more often, those who didn't know thought it was because Shang Ji was more genius, only those who knew knew knew that everything Tang Zichen did was for the family.

In the Great Martial Empire, somewhere hidden, a group of Yuan's Leaky Fish lived here.

An old man with a gloomy gaze who had reached peak completion said, "Thirty or forty years is enough time for me to step into the Void, hahaha, when I step into the Void, it will be the day the Shang Clan will be exterminated."

"Father, why are you so confident?Some time ago, the Imperial City got the news that Shang Mo, of the Shang Clan, has stepped into the first stage of Return to the Void, and, I also heard that Shang Jian is almost there too.I feel desperate, the likelihood of my Yuan Clan wanting to rise again is really too low."A man said with a face full of loss.

"No, you don't understand, you can't look at the surface of everything.Today, on the surface, the Shang Clan is sprightly and powerful, no vice-national clan can compare to it, but the Shang Clan has another fatal weakness."


"When the Shang Clan was exterminated by our Yuan Clan back then, a very, very large number of fourth generation children died, and it is said that the Shang Clan, in the next generation of Shang Mo, no true geniuses existed, which means that there is almost no possibility of returning to the Void.Then, once Shang Mo and Shang Jian die, there will be no Returning Void in the Shang clan, and at that time, it will be time for us, the Yuan clan, to take revenge and annihilate the entire Shang clan in one fell swoop.Of course, the premise is that I'll have stepped into the Returning Void by then, but there's still thirty or forty years left, and I'm confident enough to step into the first stage of the Returning Void, and it won't even take that long.Hmph, Shang Clan, just wait for me."


"Yay, this is great, I didn't know that the Shang Clan has such a fatal weakness, a fault line, hahaha.Just, dad, what if the next generation of Shang's has someone to fill the gap in the fault?"

"That's impossible, the next generation of the Shang Clan, the only two people who have the best hope of breaking through to the Returned Void are Shang Hong and Shang Crouch.That Shang Crouch, 73 this year, is currently in the middle of peak, when he reaches the return to the Void, at least after 150 years old; that Shang Hong, however, is more outstanding, 73 years old and reached the late peak, unfortunately, even if he is so talented, when he reaches the return to the Void, he will be at least 140 years old or so.And Shang Mo and Shang Jian, brace yourself to live until 40 years later, hahaha."

"Good, great, our Yuan Clan, we still have hope to rise after all, and we still have the most genius Yuan Zhan, I heard that he has risen up incognito, and when Yuan Zhan rises up in the future, he will definitely deal a fatal blow to the Shang Clan."

Similar to this, the comments that sang badly for the future of the Shang clan, not only in the Yuan Clan's Leaky Fish, in the Imperial City, the other four vice-national clans, also said so behind their backs, they all believed that the Shang Clan would surely die when they reached the Fault Generation.

In Tang Zichen's Green Rose Villa.

A small ancestral hall.

Tang Zichen was holding a portrait of a man with a face quite similar to Tang Zichen's.

At that moment, Tang Zichen's mother walked in and said in surprise, "Hong'er, what are you doing here."

"I came to offer incense to my father."Tang Zichen said.

"Oh, Hong'er, it's rare for you to have such filial piety."Tang Zichen's mother smiled as she took out the tribute.

"Mother, back then, my father, was he really a genius?" One second to remember to read the book

"Of course, your father is the most outstanding of all your grandfather's sons, just like Shang Ji now, the most outstanding of all your children.Unfortunately, by the wicked Yuan, alas, let's not talk about it, if not for that, your father could definitely step into the return to the void in the future.Hey, Hong'er, why are you talking to me properly about your father."

"Oh, it's nothing, it's just that I've heard a lot of talk lately, saying that our Shang Clan is bound to die in a few decades, because in my father's generation, there are no geniuses who can hold the family together, and when the time comes, it will be really dangerous once the fault is broken.The other day, grandfather even told me about this, he said that he was worried about these crises after his death."

"Alas, outsiders look at us, the big families, and the glamour, but they don't know behind the scenes, how much effort and dedication we, the whole clan, need to make."Tang Zichen's mother lamented.

Tang Zichen said, "Mother, I came to pay my respects to my father this morning, in fact, I have something to do."

"Ah, what is it?"

"Oh, I don't want the family to have such a big crisis in the future, so I have to go out and fight for my life, I have to be able to hold up the family before my grandfather's deadline."


"Mother, I've come to say goodbye to my father's spirit in heaven."

"Ah, you have to leave the family."

"Yes, I must think of the future of the family."Tang Zichen's gaze was firm, he hadn't left his family for more than ten years, this time, he had to shoulder the responsibility, even if he knew it was impossible, he had to fight, hoping to step into the void when the family crisis came.

"Hong'er, what if you leave home everyone, so many children still need you ah, besides, your task now is to have more children, your grandfather also told you ah.I heard that that Shang Cao married the woman you disliked before, look at Shang Cao, how hard he works."

"Oh, mother, when grandpa and Shang Mo die, our family will be extinct in case there is a strong enemy, I'll still be able to stay at home.Anyway, I've been used to running around the world since I was a child, and my way of cultivating martial arts is not suitable for home, nor is it suitable for strong people to guide me.Although at home, I can often get Grandpa

The guidance, but I don't fit in, maybe it has something to do with the fact that I was raised differently."

"So where do you want to go?"

Tang Zichen said, "The world is so big, I want to go see it."

"But no matter how big the world is, the strongest person is only returning to Void ah, at most other empires, is there any returning to Void Stage 3.What can you go to see, your great grandfather is the Returned Void Stage 2, in the entire world, also belongs to the forefront."

"Mother, I go to the world to walk around, not to find stronger and stronger ah, I am experiencing, for me, experiencing is the best way to cultivate."

"Ay, all right, but you must also come home often."

"I will, I have so many wives and children at home, I'll be back every few years."

"So when are you going to leave?"

"There's no hurry, at least wait until after Shang Crouch's big wedding, Shang Crouch is at least the most talented in the same clan other than me, he's getting married, I can't deny this face."

"Well, then burn an incense to your father and let your father bless you with peace."

"Oh, good."Tang Zichen burned incense for his father, but in fact, Tang Zichen's purpose for coming here was to talk to his father and ask him to bless him.

A few more days later, Shang Cuo got married.

Tang Zichen was definitely going to help out, although there had been a bit of unpleasantness with Shang Custard, but at least he was a member of the same clan, and in the future, Shang Custard would have the chance to step into the return of the void and become the top pillar of the family, besides, Shang Custard had been sticking up for Tang Zichen for the past ten years.

"Shang Hong."

"Oh, Shang Custard, congratulations."Tang Zichen smiled.

"Shang Hong, I have to thank you for not marrying me."Shang Crouch said.


"If you had married Willow Flower, then there would be nothing for me to do today, hahaha."Shang Cuo gave a loud laugh.

Tang Zichen asked, "You really don't mind that Willow Flower has a son?"

"What's there to mind, when the time comes, Willowflower's son will be my son too, wouldn't it be nice if I had a few more sons for nothing."

"Nothing to say, admire."Tang Zichen smiled, Tang Zichen couldn't accept Willow Flower, moreover, this Willow Flower's looks were still ordinary, except for one thing, genius.

On Shang Cuo's wedding day, Tang Zichen helped to officiate his wedding, the reason why Tang Zichen was asked to officiate, it was also a matter of face, because Tang Zichen was the most genius of this generation in the Shang clan, which made Shang Cuo have face.

Late in the night, Tang Zichen patted Shang Stubborn's shoulder and said, "Alright, hole your room and go, I hope you have a genius son or daughter out."

"Hehe, I will definitely have a son that will surpass your family Shang Ji, Shang Hong, you have to be careful oh."

"Nuts."Tang Zichen laughed and cursed and walked away.

That night, Shang stubborn was trying very hard, he didn't mind Willow Flower's identity, it was just to have a genius offspring.

Tang Zichen also had to start thinking about going out.

This time out, Tang Zichen still only took Little Fire with him, Little Black had a family, so it was better not to bother him.

The next day, Tang Zichen gathered the whole family together and told everyone his thoughts.

Liu Yue laughed, "Zichen, are we going to start the days of wandering around together again?Haha."

Tang Zichen shook his head, "No, I'm not going to travel the world this time, I'm going with pressure, so I'm only going alone.The time will be about thirty years, or forty years, and of course, I'll definitely be back a few times during that time, such as during Grandpa Tai's big time."


Everyone understood, after all, it wasn't the same now, and now they were seriously dragging their feet if they followed Tang Zichen out again.

A few days later, Tang Zichen left the imperial city with Little Fire.

"Brother Chen, where are we going?What's the purpose?"Little Fire asked.

Tang Zichen shook his head, "I don't know where to go, in fact I'm leaving home this time for one more thing."

"What is it?"

"By the way, see if there's any news about Mu Qianji, it's like she's vanished from the earth, I really don't know where she's gone."

"Brother Chen, I believe that lovers will eventually meet each other, the letter that Mu Qianji left for you was burned by whoever from the Divine Dragon Sect, otherwise we would know more clearly where she went."

"Let's not talk about that useless thing.The Great Martial Empire definitely doesn't have any Mu Qianji, so let's go straight to another empire, one of the countries adjacent to the Great Martial Empire is the Great Precious Empire, then let's walk to the Great Precious Empire."


Tang Zichen and Little Fire crossed countless mountains and lakes, and after half a year, they finally reached the border between the Great Martial Empire and the Great Precious Empire.

Because the land area of each empire was really too large, so between each empire, there was very little travel, even if they were at the Returned Void level, the different empires rarely traveled with each other, because they were far away, no one had the leisure to spend more than half a year to go somewhere else, and those who reached the Returned Void were not young, so they really couldn't afford to spend that time.The first time I saw this, I thought it would be a good idea to go to the next level. The first website

Tang Zichen and Little Fire had officially entered the Great Precious Empire.

Tang Zichen stopped at a town, planning to rest at an inn for a few days.

"Xiao Er, do you have any geography books of the Great Precious Empire?Or a map."

"Oh, guest, yes, you're not from the Dazen Empire, this is a border city, and people from the Dazen Empire come here all the time."

Tang Zichen looked at the geography of the Great Precious Empire.

The Great Precious Empire was now in charge of a faction called the Golden Moon Gate.

This was not surprising, if the Great Martial Empire was seized by the Zoroastrians in the future, it would also become a faction in power.

Tang Zichen asked Little Two, "Little Two, do you have any very famous beauties in the Great Precious Empire?"

"Uh, guest, you didn't come from the Great Martial Empire specifically to look for a beautiful woman, did you?That's a lot of ah, there's so many beautiful women in our town, and our town's green house, that top card, it's really beautiful."

Tang Zichen said speechlessly, "The beauties I asked you about are not the kind of goods you're talking about, but the scourges, the beauties that are famous throughout the empire."

"Oh, I don't know about that, but in our town, there is a super beauty oh, just go to Yaojiabao and ask, you might as well go and take a look, it might be the type you like."

"Alright, Xiao Er, go get busy, and hurry up with the food."

"Okay Le."After Xiao Er left, Xiao Huo asked, "Brother Chen, didn't we come to practice, by the way, to find out about Mu Qianji, why are you asking about the beauty."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Little Fire, I'm asking about beautiful women precisely because I want to find Mu Qianji, think about it, we won't be able to find her blindly, and Mu Qianji is beautiful enough, if Mu Qianji is in the Great Precious Empire, then her beauty, even if she can't spread throughout the empire, then she must be a bit famous in some small area."

"Huh, Brother Chen, so that's what you mean, haha, Brother Chen, you're really smart, I hadn't even thought of finding someone like this."

"I'm just trying, maybe, it's not even possible to actually find her like this."

"Brother Chen, this method of yours will definitely work, as long as Mu Qianji is in the Great Precious Empire, with her beauty she won't be completely without fame, we just need to ask around and go wherever there is a beautiful woman."


"But, Brother Chen, what if that beauty isn't Mu Qianji?"

"What about what?"

"Hehe, Brother Chen, you're not old yet either, you know."

Tang Zichen thought for a moment and said, "If I come across a woman in the Great Precious Empire who is powerfully gifted and very beautiful, I don't mind taking her with me."


After dinner, Tang Zichen and Little Fire, went to a place called Yao Castle in this town to see if the most beautiful woman in the town, the Yao Castle, could possibly be Mu Qianji.

"Knock knock."Tang Zichen knocked on the door of the Yao Family Fort.

"What man."

Tang Zichen said, "An outsider who wants to come and stay at the Yao Family Fort for two days."

"Pity, you think my Yao Family Fort is any kitten or puppy."

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped him away and said, "Listen carefully, I'm late peak ascension, and your Yao Family Fort's fortress master is only early peak ascension, right?"

"Ah, you, you're late peak ascension."That janitor was shocked.

Tang Zichen entered the Yao Family Fort's hall.

Soon, the Yao Family Fort's fortress master came, an old man.

That fortress master took a look at Tang Zichen and was really powerful, he was startled and entered in a panic, "Greeting senior."

Tang Zichen said, "You must be the fortress master."

"Exactly, may I ask what Senior has to ask for advice."

"Hehe, there's nothing to consult, I just heard that there's a girl of unparalleled beauty in the Yao Family Fort, and I wanted to come and meet her."

"Uh."The old man looked at Tang Zichen, who had handsome features and looked quite young, his heart was moved, and he was busy saying, "Please senior, wait a moment, I'll have someone call her over right away."

"Go ahead."

About ten minutes later, a woman dressed in a fan tied shirt walked into the hall.

Tang Zichen knew at a glance that it wasn't Mu Qianji.

It was just a little girl.

Tang Zichen felt disappointed inside.

"Little girl Yao Lan, paying homage to senior."The woman paid her respects while looking up at Tang Zichen, her heartbeat quickened, as if she liked it at first sight.It seems that looking handsome is really different compared to looking frustrated.

"How old are you?"

"Back to senior, the young lady is nineteen."That Yao Lan said.

Tang Zichen nodded, "Nineteen years old and her martial arts skills have reached the late stage of the Unity Realm, she is truly a moldable talent."

"Senior is over-praised."

Tang Zichen smiled slightly, Tang Zichen saw this Yao Lan and thought of Qin Nui, Qin Nui was also nineteen years old, her martial arts had reached the middle stage of the Unity Realm, Qin Nui was still slightly inferior to this Yao Lan, moreover, Qin Nui's condition was obviously better than Yao Lan's, after all, Qin Nui was a child of the imperial family.

The Yao family's fortress master was busy saying, "Senior, you have already met my granddaughter, how do you feel?"

"Oh, the looks are indeed good, and so is the talent."

"Then, can you be moved, Senior?"


"Sorry, I just came to make sure that she's not the one I'm looking for, but unfortunately, no.Sorry to interrupt."

Tang Zichen got up and left.

That old man was a little regretful, he thought that this strong man suddenly came, he was looking at his granddaughter, such a powerful person, fuck his granddaughter, he definitely had his hands full.

At this time, that Yao Lan was busy saying, "Senior, since you are here, it is fate, it is not too early today, why don't you rest for the night, so that my Yao Castle can do its duty as a landlord."

Tang Zichen looked at the sky, about five or six o'clock in the afternoon, the sun was setting in the west.

"Well, the conditions of that inn are limited, so I'll stay at the Yao Family Fort for the night, I originally said I'd come to stay for a few days, hehe."

"Thank you senior for condescending to stay at the Yao Family Fort."That old man said gratefully, the strong man came to stay at his home, this was looking up to him.

"Seniors, please follow me."

"Thank you."

Tang Zichen was arranged to stay temporarily in the most luxurious courtyard of the Yao Family Fort.

Tang Zichen wasn't surprised, after all, the strongest here were the most respected, he was in the late stage of peak ascension, and this Yao Family Fort's strongest man was only in the early stage of peak ascension, it was strange that he didn't worship Tang Zichen as a Bodhisattva. Remember the website

"Senior, you should wash up first and have a banquet for you in the evening, I hope that Senior will not refuse."

"Okay, you arrange it."

In the most luxurious room, Tang Zichen took a shower and changed into clean clothes, of course, the clothes were provided by Yao Jiabao, and the changed Tang Zichen was even more radiant and handsome.

Although Tang Zichen is 73 years old, but it looks like, just among ordinary people, more than thirty, compared to the past, the handsome added a few points of maturity.It was no wonder that Yao Lan, the famous beauty of the Yao Family Castle, liked Tang Zichen as soon as she saw him, after all, Tang Zichen was too lethal, young, handsome and powerful, simply any woman's dream lover.

"Brother Chen, don't be in a hurry lah, it would be strange if it was so easy to find Mu Qianji, we are not in a hurry, while practicing and searching, we will naturally meet each other when the destiny arrives."..

"Hehe, I know, I haven't seen her for over forty years, in fact my image of Mu Qianji is starting to get a little blurry, maybe she's completely different from before now." .

At this moment, somewhere in the Yao Family Fortress.

"Lan Lan, that senior just now, what do you think?"

"Grandpa, what do you mean."

"Grandpa doesn't mean anything, just asking."

"Grandpa, granddaughter has no resistance to him at all."That Yao Lan said with a red face.

"Oh, you child, I don't know if this is a good thing or not, suddenly a strong person with such talent comes to our Yao Family Castle."

"Grandpa, I don't think he's a bad person."

"Well, I don't think so either, Lan Lan, have a feast tonight, you have to behave well, hurry back and dress up."


"If this strong man can take a fancy to you, then our Yao Family Castle is about to change its fate."

"Will he fancy me."That Yao Lan said with a blush.

In the evening, in a hall, the Yao Family Fort prepared a sumptuous dinner.

Tang Zichen had been running around for half a year, and he hadn't had such a big meal in a long time, so he wasn't polite.

Of course, in return, Tang Zichen instructed the Yao Family Fort's fortress master during the meal.

"Thank you, Senior."The Yao Family Fort's fortress master was grateful.

"Oh, no need to be polite."

"Lan Lan, then you accompany senior, grandpa has to go for a quiet enlightenment."


That fortress master hurriedly left, Tang Zichen had instructed him that he had to strike the iron while it was hot, and he had to enlighten himself quietly, also

Regardless of entertaining Don Zichen.

Fortunately, Tang Zichen didn't mind in the slightest.

Tang Zichen stood up and said, "Alright, I'm also full of wine and food, thank you for your hospitality, I'll go back to my room first."

"I'll see you off."Yao Lan said.

"No need, I can find it."

"Alright then."Yao Lan looked a little lost as Tang Zichen didn't seem to have any interest in her.

Tang Zichen returned to his room, almost ready for bed.

"Knock knock."Someone knocked at the door.

"Come in."

A woman walked in.

"Uh, it's you, Yao Lan."

"Senior, I've brought you some fruit snacks."

"Oh."Tang Zichen smiled, who eats fruit snacks in the middle of the night, seeing as how Yao Lan still wanted to get in touch with Tang Zichen again, of course, her purpose was clear, she wanted to see if she was destined to become Tang Zichen's woman.

"Yao Lan, do you have anything else?"

"Senior, I."

"It's fine, just say what you have to say."

"Senior, what do you think of the little woman?"

"Not bad, quite pretty, and not bad talent."

"Then does Senior like it?"

"Uh, how do I put this, huh, truth be told, my daughter is the same age as you, so I could be your father."

"That's not the point."

"I go, even that's not the point."Tang Zichen was speechless.

"Senior, let senior stay tonight."Yao Lan blushed profusely as if she had summoned great courage to say this.She didn't know if Tang Zichen would find her frivolous, but if she didn't, there was no chance to get along with Tang Zichen anymore, because Tang Zichen had said that she would leave early tomorrow morning.

"Uh."Tang Zichen was stunned.

Yao Lan saw that Tang Zichen didn't refuse, and with a bold, red face, she slowly walked towards Tang Zichen, biting her lips lightly, very nervous.

Tang Zichen did not stop her.

Tang Zichen lived to this age, there is no downward thinking, if there is a gift to the door, Tang Zichen will not hypocritically say no and so on.

Tang Zichen saw Yao Lan walk to him, his body was trembling with nervousness, Tang Zichen smiled, hugged Yao Lan, and entered the tent.After that, the light tent shakes, seconds are not to be spoken of.

The next day, early in the morning, Tang Zichen opened his eyes, there was still a woman lying in his arms.

Tang Zichen looked at the bed, there was still some redness, it seems, Yao Lan is still a perfect body.

Tang Zichen just sighed.

"Senior, did senior serve well last night?"Yao Lan whispered, in fact she hadn't slept all night because she was worried that Tang Zichen would change his attitude towards her the next day.

Tang Zichen nodded, "Very well, thanks."

Tang Zichen got up and put on his clothes, preparing to leave.

"Senior."Yao Lan sat on the bed and looked at Tang Zichen with a burning gaze.

"Anything else?"Don Zimmer asked.

"Me."Yao Lan was depressed, she had offered herself, but she actually asked if there was anything else, did she just sleep in vain.

"Senior, are you leaving?"

"Yes, thank you for your hospitality, and I'm going to continue on my way."

"Senior, would it be alright if I let senior accompany you?"

"Uh, no, okay, kid, don't think about it, just practice martial arts at home, and while I'm still here, I'll instruct you in return for your service last night."


"Oh."Yao Lan looked like she was depressed, she offered everything, but in return she got a guide, alas, the world of the strong, it really was unreadable.

Actually, Tang Zichen also felt a little guilty inside, after all, this was the first time for a nineteen year old girl, if it was before, Tang Zichen would definitely be responsible, but now Tang Zichen felt a generation gap with these young girls, his daughter was as old as her, it was too embarrassing to bring her back.Although, this Yao Lan's talent was still good, and it was possible to reach peak completion or even great completion in the future, if he brought her back, it wouldn't be a bad idea for his family to have another strong person of this level.

However, Tang Zichen still couldn't pull face.

Arriving in the courtyard, Tang Zichen spent an hour properly instructing Yao Lan.

Yao Lan seemed to be working hard, trying to perform in the last hour to try and get Tang Zichen to change his mind about her.Unfortunately, an hour passed quickly, and although her performance did make Tang Zichen feel that she was, indeed, a moldable talent, it failed to change the outcome of Tang Zichen's dislike of her.

"Yao Lan, that's it then, see you later."

"Senior."Yao Lan's eyes were red as she looked at Tang Zichen.

"Uh, is there anything else?"

"No, it's fine."Yao Lan endured not crying.

The more Tang Zichen saw her like this, the more guilty he felt, it seems like he really can't sleep in someone else's bed in the future.

Tang Zichen no longer cared about her and flew up. One second to remember to read the book

Yao Lan was disappointed as she watched Tang Zichen fly away, shedding tears and saying to herself, "Senior, I really like you so much, I'm willing to let me be your maiden, why."

Although Tang Zichen flew away, but, kept paying attention to Yao Lan who was behind him, hearing those words from Yao Lan, Tang Zichen stopped

"Little Fire, am I going too far."

"Minister, to be honest, you've lived for more than seventy years, and maybe in your mind, it's nothing more than sleeping around, because you've had so many women already, it's no big deal.But in the eyes of a nineteen year old girl who sends her first time to you and you're her first man, she's giving something different than what you've given."

"Well, what do you think I should do then?After all, this child, and Qin Nui can even be friends, my old face is not easy to let go."

"Brother Minister, what's the big deal, in the Great Martial Empire, wives can be granddaughters, there are plenty of them.I think, why don't we take Yao Lan away, just think of it as taking in a goddaughter and adding a future strong person to your family, what's wrong with that."

"Alright, I'll go ask her if she's willing to come with me."


Tang Zichen flew down.

"Senior."Yao Lan was very happy to see Tang Zichen go and repeat.

Tang Zichen said, "Yao Lan, let me remind you first, I am not from the Great Precious Empire, I am from the Great Martial Empire, and the current Great Martial Empire royal family, is my family.If you're willing, I can take you away, be my goddaughter or a concubine, you choose."

"I'm willing, even if it's a girl."Yao Lan said without even thinking about it.

At this time, the Yao family's fortress master was busy running out.

"Senior, don't be a goddaughter ah."

"Uh."Tang Zichen looked embarrassed, Tang Zichen felt so shameless, he already had ten wives and was still looking for a goddaughter, of course, the people here, didn't know that goddaughter had other meanings and thought that it was really a goddaughter.

"Senior, let my granddaughter be your concubine, I've been to the Great Martial Empire, it's really good, not to mention you're from the royal family, being able to be your concubine is also a blessing for my Yao Family Castle."

"Oh, alright then."Tang Zichen helplessly said.

Yao Lan was moved to tears.

"Alright, Barbra, you'll be a member of my family from now on.By the way, I'm Shang Hong, of the Great Martial Empire, Shang Clan."

"Shang Hong?Senior, are you Shang Hong?"The Yao family's fortress master said somewhat incredulously.


"Wow, I didn't expect you to be Shang Hong, we're so lucky."

"What? You know me too?"

"Senior, our town is on the border with the Great Martial Empire, there are often people from the Great Martial Empire who come here, and there are some strong people among them, your great name, I've heard about it from those strong people, they said that the Great Martial Empire, the current imperial family, has two of the most genius juniors, they are Shang Hong and Shang Cong, especially Shang Hong, the future is absolutely extraordinary, I didn't expect that senior youIt's Shang Hong."

"Oh."Tang Zichen laughed, I didn't expect him to still have some fame, it had spread abroad.

However, it wasn't surprising, after all, there weren't many people in the entire world who reached the late stage of peak ascension at the age of sixty, so what was surprising about fame spreading abroad.Just like which empire, for example, had someone who was very powerful or very talented, Tang Zichen had heard about it just as much.For example, in the Great Precious Empire, there was a genius comparable to Tang Zichen, called Wei Ting, who also reached the late peak of his peak in his sixties.Tang Zichen heard about this person about six or seven years ago, and if he had the chance, Tang Zichen would still want to meet this genius comparable to himself.

The master of the Yao Family Fort, looked at Tang Zichen with eyes filled with admiration, this was a genius who could be on par with their Grand Precious Empire's Wei Ting, never thought that his grandson would have the honor of becoming his concubine.

Tang Zichen Yao Jiabao had a breakfast.

Since Tang Zichen had decided to take Yao Lan as his concubine, he simply stayed here for a few more days, after all, he had been on a journey for half a year before and really needed to rest.

"Husband, wash your feet."At night, Yao Lan fetched foot washing water for Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was still a little embarrassed, "That, don't call me Husband first, although I promised to let you be my concubine, but after all, there hasn't been a formal ceremony yet."

Yao Lan said, "Grandfather, concubines are not qualified to hold wedding ceremonies, only wives have them."

"Uh, yeah, oh, huh."

"Also, concubine is not qualified to call you husband, I just don't have the courage to call you that right now, I hope you don't mind."

"Uh, a concubine isn't even qualified to call the word "husband", so what is it called?"


"I'll go."

"Eun-Grandfather, let Lan Lan wash your feet."

Tang Zichen was served by Yao Lan to wash his feet.

Tang Zichen inwardly said, "Just a matter of time, life is just a couple of hundred years, why live so restrictively.Other people have twenty or thirty wives, but I only have ten, and now I'm looking for one more concubine, so it's not too much to ask."

Tang Zichen's heart stopped dwelling on this after he thought it through.A concubine, anyway, is not even eligible to cross the threshold, nor is the wedding, not even eligible to be called a husband, the status is not even comparable to that of a wife, it's nothing.

That night, Tang Zichen hugged his concubine, feeling that being a human concubine was really pitiful.

"Do you regret it?"

"I don't regret it, Grandpa En, I'm happy."

"In the future, when no one is around, call me your husband."

"But I'm afraid that if I get used to calling and can't change it, I'll be rude if I see your wives later."

"Suit yourself then."

"Eunuch, what brings you to the Great Precious Empire?I heard you say you were looking for someone."

"Yes, looking for someone who disappeared a long time ago, she's very beautiful, that's why I'm asking around every place if there are any beautiful women, just to see if I can find her."

"Oh, no wonder, so you'll take me with you from now on?"

"Oh, looking for someone is just by the way, my main purpose, is to train and strengthen my strength, I may travel to some dangerous places later, taking you with me may not be a good thing, so let's talk about it."

"Oh, also, Grandfather En is a strong man, I am just weak."

"Not so, it's just for your own good, when I return to the Great Martial Empire in the future, I will naturally come to pick you up, of course, you can also go to the Great Martial Empire yourself, a place called Green Rose Villa, my people will make arrangements for you."

"No need, I'll just wait for you at home."

"Oh, let's talk about that, maybe bring you along."


After staying at the Yao Family Fort for a few days, Tang Zichen was almost rested and left the Yao Family Fort.

As for Yao Lan, Tang Zichen decided again and again that it was better not to bring her with him on the road, so that she could wait at the Yao Family Fort and would come to pick her up the next time Tang Zichen returned home.

"Brother Chen, where are we going to find a beautiful woman now?"Little Fire asked.

"Ugh, I kind of don't want to look for it, I'm just afraid that another situation like Yao Lan will end up forcing me to do what."

"Brother Chen, if we don't look for it, how are we going to find Mu Qianji."

"I'm sure that Mu Qianji is not in the Great Precious Empire."


"If she's in the Great Precious Empire, there's no reason why she wouldn't go back to me, after nearly forty years, I don't believe she couldn't find the time.So, she's definitely not in the Great Precious Empire."

"Seems to make some sense, then according to you, she can't be in any other empire either.In this world, there are only six empires in total, and more than forty years, even if she was in the farthest empire, it would be enough time to go back to find you."

"I don't understand, I'm afraid she's already been killed."

"It's also possible that she's lost her memory?" First web site

"Then let's look for more, now we're looking for also very famous beauties, usually not in small places, because with Mu Qianji's beauty, it's unlikely that he'll only be famous in a small area."

Tang Zichen went straight to the imperial capital of the Great Precious Empire.

At an inn.

"In charge, do you know who the number one beauty of the Great Precious Empire is?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Uh, this guest, I don't know who the first beauty is because we all have different aesthetics, but I know who the two most recognized beauties of the Grand Precious Empire are."

"Two great beauties, tell me."

"Hehe, you're asking the right person about that, the first beauty, Wen Xia, and the second beauty, Yin Hua."

Tang Zichen asked, "Is there a beautiful woman named Mu Qianji?"

"Uh, I don't know about that, I only know that the two beauties of the Great Precious Empire that have made all the strongest people recognize them are Wen Xia and Yin Hua."

"Oh, how old are they?"Tang Zichen asked again.

"Wen Xia is in her fifties, and Yin Hua is in her forties.Moreover, these two beauties are still extremely talented, that Wen Xia, she's around fifty-three, she's already in the early stages of peak ascension, her talent is extraordinary ah.That Yin Hua, forty-six, is already a grandmaster, and is also about to step into peak ascension."

Tang Zichen laughed, Tang Zichen was fifty-five years old before stepping into Ancestor, so it seemed that this Wenxia was indeed quite a strong person.

It was just that Tang Zichen was not interested, because he could be sure that neither Wenxia nor Yin Hua were Mu Qianji, Mu Qianji was the same age as Tang Zichen and was over seventy.

Tang Zichen increasingly felt that the chances of finding Mu Qianji were slim.

At this time, the innkeeper said, "Guest, you came to the capital, you didn't come for Wenxia, did you?"


"Guest, if you're interested, you can try it out."

"Try what?"Tang Zichen was a bit of a moody man.

"Wenxia's grand master, is looking for a companion for his Xuan Sun Wenxia, age requirement, between fifty and eighty, I think you're quite handsome, might as well give it a go."

"Not interested."Tang Zichen shook his head and said.

That shopkeeper laughed and said, "That's true, after all, it's futile for you to try."


br /> "Uh, why do you say that, how do you know that even if I try, it will be in vain."Tang Zichen frowned at the shopkeeper.

"Haha, guest, don't be angry, I didn't mean that, what I meant was, after all, Wen Xia is recognized as one of the two most beautiful women in the Great Precious Empire, and her father is one of the kings of the Great Precious Empire, a strong man of the first stage of Return to Void, where can ordinary people match, the person they are looking for, naturally, the conditions are also very high.Besides, there are plenty of people who want to marry Wen Xia, even Gao Mingyi has participated, the others naturally don't have a chance."

"Gao Mingyi?"Tang Zichen was somewhat familiar, it seemed like he had heard that name before.

"Uh, no way, you don't even know Gao Mingyi, do you know that Wei Ting?"

"Wei Ting I know, Great Precious Empire, the geniuses who stepped into the late peak of Dengfeng at the age of sixty."

"Haha, that's right, in our Great Precious Empire, there are three who have stepped into the late peak ascension at the age of sixty, the first, Wei Ting, stepped into the late peak ascension at the age of 62; the second, Guo Bai, stepped into the late peak ascension at the age of 66; and the third, Gao Mingyi, stepped into the late peak ascension at the age of 69.These three, are currently, the three strongest geniuses in our Great Precious Empire."

"Oh, come to think of it, no wonder it's familiar."

"That's why it's useless even if you go to participate, as long as Gao Mingyi is there, it's impossible for anyone to get Wen Xia, a great beauty.Unless Wei Ting, or Guo Bai also participates."That shopkeeper said.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Are you that sure?"

"Yes, but I heard that there is a similar genius in the Great Martial Empire, his name is Shang Hong, if Shang Hong comes to participate, he might be able to compete with Gao Mingyi, the others, well, don't even think about it."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Even you know about Shang Hong."

"That's right, I at least opened a shop in the imperial capital, with so many people coming and going north and south, what news would I not know, some of the strong people who eat at my inn, as long as they mention Wei Ting, Guo Bai, and Gao Mingyi, they will naturally mention that Shang Hong from the Great Martial Empire.I heard that that Shang Hong, at 63 years old, stepped into the late peak stage, tsk tsk, it's just a little bit worse than Wei Ting."The shopkeeper said with eyes full of admiration.

Tang Zichen smiled speechlessly, thinking that he had left the Great Martial Empire so far away without any news of the Great Martial Empire, he never thought that he would still hear his own fame.

Unfortunately, this shopkeeper, however, did not know that the person in front of him was Shang Hong.

Tang Zichen asked, "If I want to participate in Wenxia's husband selection contest, where should I go?"

"Go directly to the Wanyang Royal Palace to register ah, and then you can go to the selection when the time comes, if you really want to go and have a good time, then hurry oh, because the registration deadline is today."

"Oh, I know."

Xiao Er brought up the food and Tang Zichen started to eat.

Little Fire emerged from Tang Zichen's arms.

"Brother Chen, you really want to attend, that Wenxia and Yin Hua, it's obvious that they're not Mu Qianji."

Tang Zichen said, "I'm going to attend, the purpose is not for that Wenxia, I'm only going for that Gao Mingyi.That Gao Mingyi, who is also in his sixties and has stepped into the late stage of peak ascension, is equal to me in the Grand Precious Empire, I want to meet him for a while."

"But what if you lose?"

"Hahaha, if you lose then so be it, after all, this kind of opponent at the same level is hard to find in the entire world.That's why I came out to practice, isn't it."

"But what if you win?"

"Winning?Oh, then just marry Wen Xia, anyway, Wen Xia is fifty-three years old and has reached the early stage of peak ascension, this talent, in the future, can definitely reach the first stage of returning to the Void, I have such a strong wife, I'm not at a disadvantage."


"Also, it's not a disadvantage anyway, your grandfather would still be happy if he knew that you were able to marry such a genius woman.At first, your grandfather even wanted you to marry that married woman, that Liu Hua is a lot worse compared to Wenxia."

"Alright, that's not the purpose, my main purpose is to meet that Gao Mingyi for a while."

After Tang Zichen ate, he immediately ran to the Wen Yang Wangfu.

Wen Xia's grand master, called Wen Yang, was a strong man of the first stage of Returning Void, but, already 190 years old, he only had about ten years to live.

Since Wen Yang, his sons, grandsons, and talents were not very outstanding, the strongest only reached the Dengfeng Great Perfection, and failed to step into the Returning Void.Fortunately, his Xuan granddaughter, Wen Xia, had given him hope to step into the Returned Void in the future.

However, the more genius one was, the more proud they were, and the more beautiful they were, so Wen Xia was very discerning, and at fifty-three years old, she still hadn't had a man in her sights.

Even if it was Gao Mingyi, she couldn't look at him.

Gao Mingyi had chased her before, but she rejected it, not because Gao Mingyi's talent wasn't good, in fact, Gao Mingyi was 69 years old to reach the late peak of the peak, this talent was no one else.

However, Wenxia really couldn't love Gao Mingyi's appearance.Every time when taking a bath, Wenxia admired her perfect body in the mirror, she felt that, if she didn't find a man who could look past her, she was really sorry for this body, she would rather not have a man, than to let an ugly man defile her so sexy body.Of course, although Wenxia was narcissistic, she did have narcissistic capital.

At this moment, at the Wen Yang Royal Palace.

"Miss, the registration period is about to close, and so far, thousands of people have already registered." Remember the URL


"Miss, Gao Mingyi has signed up, what are you going to do ah, you rejected him before, I didn't expect that he would be so thick-skinned.However, this time, it was held for you by the Imperial Master, you had to choose one, and there is no doubt that in the end, Gao Mingyi was bound to stand out, in fact, he has already stood out.At that time, you will have to marry him."

A beautiful looking woman, sighed, "It seems that this is fate, I was destined to marry an ugly man, no matter how many times I rejected Gao Mingyi before, I didn't expect that in the end, I would still have to fall into his hands.I have such a perfect body, the thought of having an ugly man touch me gives me goosebumps."

"Miss, why don't you run away from the marriage."

"I can't escape, my grandfather doesn't have much time left, I can't be so ungrateful, it's just that I'm resigned to my fate.Where in the world can there be such a perfect person who is handsome and talented at the same time, there simply isn't one."Wenxia sighed in depression, inwardly already planning, let Gao Mingyi spoil it.

Tang Zichen came to the registration desk.

"Hello, are there any more registrations?"

"Uh, I can't believe you're so late, but registration is three months long, but it's nice of you to rush, we're about to close registration."

"Oh, I can't help it, I just heard the news, that one, sign up."

"Say, what's the name?"

Tang Zichen thought about it, but he would rather not give the name 'Shang Hong', after all, the name Shang Hong had a certain rank among the upper echelons of the Great Precious Empire's powerful.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm Tang Zichen, 73 this year."

"Alright, it's already registered, please come here tomorrow morning for the first level


"So soon."

"Not so fast. It's been three months, and the first people to sign up are getting tired of waiting."


Tang Zichen returned to the inn.

At the moment, he was at a mansion.

"Young Master, you've been waiting for so long, and it's finally going to start tomorrow."

"Hmph, Wenxia is mine."A man said, this man was around 76 years old, he was Gao Mingyi of the Great Precious Empire, one of the three most famous geniuses, he was 69 years old when he stepped into the late stage of peak ascension, now it had been seven years, in these seven years, he had comprehended the perfect state of mind of peak ascension five times.

"Haha, that's for sure, before that Wenxia had been rejecting your pursuit, never thought that she would end up becoming your woman."

Gao Mingyi said, "This woman, I had been chasing her hard for twenty years before, my talent, I've been famous since I was twenty, but she didn't look at my talent, and she kept discarding me as too ugly.Does she think that she can really find one who is handsome and has the same talent as me?Ridiculous, there aren't any in the world, and even if there were, it wouldn't be her turn."

"That's right, there are only a few oh geniuses of your level in the world, it's ridiculous that she's aiming so high."

"Alright, let's not talk about her, no matter how much she dislikes me, at any rate, she's going to become my woman soon.I'm going to fuck her up, vent some of my devotion to her these past twenty years, and show her how ugly people make her happy, hahaha."

"Hehe, small congratulations in advance to Young Master."

The next day, Tang Zichen arrived at the Wenyang Wangfu.

At a glance, wow, so many people, at least thousands of people.

It seemed that it was really not easy for Tang Zichen to fight with Gao Mingyi, as for Wen Xia, a beautiful woman, Tang Zichen really didn't take it to heart, if he won, depending on his mood, if he was in a good mood, it wouldn't matter if he married one more, if he was in a bad mood, then he would just leave.

The steward of the Wenyang Palace said to everyone who had signed up, "Everyone, you've been waiting for a few months, and today the sea selection will finally begin.I'll tell you the rules about how the competition will be conducted, and I won't talk about the age between fifty and eighty years old.First of all, the Wenxia County Master Husband Selection Competition will be chosen based on final scores.Anyone with a final score of 400 points or more will be allowed to be selected by Lord Wenxia.So, everyone will have a chance oh not just the strongest."

"Ohhhhh."Hearing this, everyone shouted excitedly, before everyone said that the final one would definitely be Gao Mingyi, but they didn't expect that it would be according to the score, and those with a score of 400 points, all of them could have their face selected by County Master Wenxia, so it wasn't just Gao Mingyi who could be selected.

Right now, in the crowd, a man was very upset, he was Gao Mingyi, he originally thought that he would choose whoever was stronger in the end.

The butler said, "So, how did everyone get their scores?Everyone listen up."

Everyone listened with rapt attention.

"Scores will be obtained in the following manner: first, appearance score, total score 30; second, age score, total score 30; third, birth, total score 50; fourth, harmony ability, total score 30."

At this point, one person asked, "What is Harmony Ability?"

"Hey, if we choose a husband for the princess, of course we have to consider the other party's physical condition too, if we choose a sexually impotent one for the princess, do you think it's okay?So the capacity for harmony, naturally, means harmony between husband and wife."


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