Dish Best Served Cold 601-606


Chapter 601

"Today's incident is all the result of Fan Zhongxiong and the others taking the liberty to do so, and has nothing to do with me, Zheng He."

    "I'm just purely passing through, and I have no intention of offending Sir in any way."

    "Please sir, be discerning."

    In the boxing gym, Zheng He kneeled and dressed again, filled with fear, apologizing and begging for forgiveness to Ye Fan without ceasing.

    The sound of awe reverberated throughout the boxing gym.

    At that time, Situ Feng and the others were directly confused.

    The entire arena was dead silent.

    Everyone was staring at the scene before them with dead eyes, incredulous.

    In particular, Fan Zhongxiong, who was kicked to the ground, was even more horrified.


    "This...How can this be?"

    "River...Uncle River he, why did he kneel to that wimp Ye Fan?"

    Fan Zhong was muddled in place.

    Xia Yue raised her head, her eyes full of horror.

    Even Liang Bo, who had just been kicked away by Ye Fan, was staring at him.

    In everyone's hearts, there were almost waves of shock, sweeping wildly.

    They had thought that Zheng He's arrival would surely teach Ye Fan a hard lesson.

    However, who would have thought that the person they considered as someone they relied on would just kneel down without saying a word after seeing Ye Fan?

    The scene in front of him was only like a slap in the face of the crowd.


    The great irony~

    However, how could Zheng He pay attention to the reactions of Fan Zhongxiang and the others.

    At this time, Zheng He was kneeling in fear in front of Fan Ye, his entire body was close to peeing in fear.The heart to kill Fan Zhongxiong was in his heart.

    He had received a phone call earlier and had thought that it was just an ordinary kicking incident, so he had also rushed over immediately after getting the letter.

    After all, he was the owner of the Dazzling Boxing Gate, and with his annual salary of millions of dollars, he should have contributed to the effort.

    But Zheng He had never thought to death that what Fan Zhongxiong asked him to deal with was Mr. Chu.

    The moment he entered the door just now and saw Ye Fan, Zheng He was then confused.

    He was both shocked and frightened.

    He thought to himself, "Isn't that what Fan Zhongxiong is doing to him?

    Originally, Zheng He had just provoked Ye Fan yesterday, and for the sake of the Li family, Ye Fan had spared his life.

    But now, Fan Zhongxiong is even calling him to deal with Ye Fan again.

    This is clearly an attempt to put him at risk!

    Zheng He was naturally terrified.

    In fear, he fell down when he saw Ye Fan.

    He now only begged Ye Fan to spare him one more time on the basis of his sincere apology.

    "Oh, just passing by?"Ye Fan was condescending and smiled faintly, "But how did I hear Young Master Fan Zhongxiong Fan say that you are the honorary doorkeeper of this boxing gym, ready to come over and deal with me?"

    When Zheng He heard this, his old face turned white and he quickly explained, "Sir, don't listen to his nonsense!"

    "Fan Zhongxing he's just a stupid, idiot."

    "I don't even know him, so how could I stand up for him against you?"

    "If you don't believe me, sir, I'll confront that fool Fan Zhongxing to his face!"

    In between the words, Zheng He then ran over and lifted Fan Zhongxiong like a dog, still at Ye Fan's feet.

    "Say, do you know me?"

    In front of Ye Fan's face, Zheng He asked in a stern voice.

    "Uncle River, I~"

    "River you palsy uncle, who is your uncle?"As soon as Fan Zhongxiong opened his mouth, Zheng He smacked him with a slap.

    Hitting Fan Zhongxiong's nose was bleeding.

    "Don't pull this useless bullshit."

    "You just say, do you know me?"Zheng He asked again.



    As soon as Fan Zhongxiong opened his mouth, Zheng He slapped him across the face again.

    At that time, Fan Zhongxiong cried.


    Did I fucking say something?

    And you hit me?

    "Say, do you know me?"Zheng He once again asked in an angry voice.

    With this situation, did Fan Zhongxiong still dare to say that he knew him?

    With a bitter old face, he shook his head, "No...Don't know them."

    Zheng He then looked at Ye Fan and smiled hehehe, "Sir, you see, I really don't know them, I was just passing by."

    In between the words, Zheng He also ran to a square table in front, poured a cup of black tea and brought it over to Ye Fan.

    "Sir, you have tea."

    At this time, Zheng He could be described as extraordinarily respectful.The posture was very low, as if Ye Fan was a dog's leg.

    After all, Zheng He knew full well what kind of person the one in front of him was.

    It was said that Second Master Li was just a dog under him.

    It was naturally a great honor for Zheng He to serve tea and water to Mr. Chu himself.

    However, this scene was a stunned sight for Xia Yue and the others.

    Especially Xia Xue, because of the tremor, a pair of small hands lightly covered her red lips, and her beautiful eyes were filled with trembling.

    She suddenly felt that the man called Ye Fan in front of her was becoming more and more mysterious.


    "After so many years, I've met quite a few people."

    "But out of all these people, it's still you who's the best."

    Ye Fan took the tea while smiling and patting Zheng He's shoulder.

    In the end, he didn't make things difficult for him and waved his hand, so he let Zheng He go as well.

    Zheng He turned his head and quickly slipped away as if he was amused.

    When he ran out of the boxing gym, Zheng He discovered that the clothes behind him were all wet with sweat.

    Although the meeting with Ye Fan just now was only a few minutes.But to Zheng He, it was undoubtedly as long as a century.

    After Zheng He left, calm was once again restored in the boxing gym.

    Ye Fan was still standing proudly.

    He looked around the arena and he smirked arrogantly.

    "Young Master Fan, how is it?"

    "Up to now, what else have you relied on?"

    When the words fell, Ye Fan immediately tilted his head, and the cup of strong tea was finished!

    And then with a clatter, he was smashed to the ground and shattered.

    Under this drink from Ye Fan, no one responded.

    Everyone, all of them bowed their heads in fear, kneeling and serving again, never daring to speak again.

    At this point, the entire Dazzling Fist Gate was undoubtedly all trampled down by Ye Fan, in one fell swoop!

    After that, Ye Fan didn't stay here and turned around to leave.

    When he reached the entrance, Ye Fan saw the huge plaque next to him that reads "Dazzling Boxing Gate", but he sneered, and then, kicked out!

    "Evan, don't~"

    At this time, from afar, came suddenly, the worried words of Autumn Mu Orange.

    However, it was already too late.


    Amidst the low boom, the huge plaque, instantly shattered.

    Qiu Mu-Orange, who had arrived late, was immediately terrified.

    Looking at the wreckage all over the floor, as well as Fan Zhongxiong and the others who were forced to kneel down in the boxing gym, Qiu Mu Orange's eyes immediately turned red.

    The thing she feared the most had indeed still happened.

    She turned her head and looked at Ye Fan and roared miserably, "Ye Fan, why, why can't you just listen to a word of advice from me?"

    "Why do you turn a deaf ear to what I say every time?"


"Why can't you just save me the trouble, why can't you just think about me?"

    Qiu Mu Orange roared angrily, snapping at Ye Fan without stopping.

    "Do you know how many family forces are behind the Dazzling Fist Gate?"

    "Do you know how many rich and wealthy men and women you have offended today?"

    "Yes, you're powerful, you can fight ten against one.But Ye Fan, you're weak after all, you can fight ten people, you can fight a hundred people, but what are you going to fight so many giants families with?"

    "You only know how to show off for a moment, but do you know that what you will face next will be the overwhelming revenge of these rich young men!"

    "When the time comes, what will you fight with?"

    "By your fists, or by my small, fledgling company?"

    Outside the boxing gym, Autumn Mu Orange was filled with misery.

    The sound of angry questioning echoed through the heavens and earth!

    No one could understand the anger and disappointment in Autumn Mucheng Orange's heart at this time.

    Before this, Qiu Mu Orange had already given him a thousand instructions to not confront Fan Zhongxiong and the others.

    However, Qiu Mu Orange never expected that Ye Fan would not listen to the advice and not only injured Fan Zhongxiong, but also forced the entire Dazzling Boxing Gate to kneel down!

    For the Dazzling Fist Gate, Qiu Mu Orange knew full well that it was full of rich second generation people with backgrounds and families.

    Offending one of them was enough for them to endure.

    But Ye Fan, but all of them had been offended once and for all?

    You know, she just got angry with Ye Fan yesterday because of the Li family's matter.

    But now, not only did Ye Fan not learn his lesson in the slightest, but he even intensified it.

    "Ye Fan, you're deliberately angry with me, right?"

    "Just because I forced you to apologize to the Lee's yesterday?"

    Qiu Mu Orange's beautiful eyes were red and her pretty face was in tears.

    In the midst of her anger, there was all desolation and self-deprecation.

    In the end, Qiu Mu Orange suddenly laughed and she looked at Ye Fan.

    "Ye Fan, don't you think this is childish?"

    "Just to vent your anger against me, you go into trouble and offend people?To punish me for this?"


    "Are you comfortable?"

    "Evan, I didn't expect that you would turn out to be like this now."

    "You've disappointed me too much."

    Tears flowed, and the stunningly beautiful face was already filled with glittering tears.

    Qiu Mu Orange looked at Ye Fan and shook her head, saying.

    In the words, there was disappointment and desolation.

    Ye Fan was silent and just stood quietly, expressionless.The deep eyes looked at her in such a calm manner.

    The wind was bitterly cold, blowing her hair, messy as snow!

    "Ye Fan, what are you waiting for?"

    "Don't apologize to Mu Orange yet!"

    "It has to get out of hand before you're willing, right?"

    "What's more, it was originally you who did the wrong thing."

    "How could Mu Orange not be angry when she goes around causing trouble despite having no background or family?"

    When Suzy saw that her best friend was really sad, she quickly advised Ye Fan.

    Let Ye Fan bow his head and soften and apologize to Autumn Mu Orange.

    "Two sisters, I don't think this big brother is wrong."

    "He's just acting in self-defense."

    "Trouble has come to us, we can't let this big brother stand there dry, engineered to be beaten, right?"

    "What's more, I think this big brother is a big man, he shouldn't be afraid of those reprisals."

    At this time, Xia Xue seemed to be unable to listen anymore and spoke out to help Ye Fan.

    "You little girl, what do you know?"

    "Don't interrupt if you don't know what you're talking about!"

    "And a big shot?"

    "Do you know what a big man is?"

    "You know how to fight a little and you call yourself a big shot?"

    Su Xi's angry voice, frightening Xia Xue's pretty face a hundred, whirled around and closed her mouth, not daring to speak again.

    At this time, Ye Fan, who had been silent, shook his head and laughed at himself.

    "Mu Orange, you and I have been husband and wife for three years.I didn't expect that in the end, it's not as good as a strange girl who understands me."

    Ye Fan shook his head, he didn't stop here anymore, he turned around and left.

    "What are you doing?"Qiu Mu Orange shouted in anger.

    Without turning back, Ye Fan turned his back to them, and his cold voice, quietly came out.

    "I told you, you don't understand me."

    "If that's the case, why do you bother with my affairs?"

    "Don't worry, no matter how strong the storm is, I, Ye Fan, will bear it alone."

    "No matter what the outcome is, it will not implicate you."

    As the words fell, Ye Fan left immediately.

    All that was left for Qiu Mu Orange and the others was that thin and determined back.

    "Ye Fan, you bastard!"

    "Am I afraid I'll be implicated?"

    "Am I afraid of being dragged down by you?"


    "I don't care about you anymore, so why don't you go and get yourself killed?"

    "I hate you~"


    Looking at Ye Fan's back, Autumn Mu Orange cried out.

    And then, covering her eyes and weeping, she just ran away.

    "Mu Orange, Mu Orange~"

    "Damn, it's all this damn Ye Fan!"


    Suzy was both angry and pitiful.

    In the end, worried, she also chased after Qiu Mu Orange in the direction she had left.

    With the departure of Ye Fan and the others, the world here, finally returned to calm.

    "Big brother's name, is it Ye Fan?"

    At the entrance of the boxing gym, Xia Xue, however, was looking into the distance, and there was an inexplicable overflow of color flickering in her eyebrows.

    "Xiaoxue, you dead ninny, why don't you quickly call 120."

    "Little idle brother is dying~"

    Behind him, Xia Yue's angry voice, but it woke Xia Xue up from her obsession.

    With so many people present, the only one who is unharmed is Xia Xue.

    With her hands full, Xia Xue hurriedly made an emergency call and sent Fan Zhongxiong and the others to the hospital.



    As for Ye Fan, after leaving the Dazzling World Boxing Gate, he went straight to the West Mountain Garden Hotel in the Western District of Yunzhou.

    Because of Fan Zhongxiang and the others, there was a delay of an hour for Ye Fan.

    It was just the right time to rush over at this time.

    The wheels of the car sped, and Ye Fan sat calmly in the car seat.He looked out of the window, the light of the road rapidly fading away in his sight.

    The incident just now had not caused any waves in Ye Fan's heart.

    The only thing that caused Ye Fan's heart and mind to fluctuate a bit was perhaps just the words of Qiu Mu Orange.


    Recalling the scene just now, Ye Fan laughed at himself.

    He didn't expect that one day, he, the magnificent Lord of the Dragon God, the lordly giant who reigned over Jiangdong and Yanjing, would be called childish?

    And this person is still his wife.

    I find it ironic to think about.

    "Mu Orange, I don't know if you'll still be able to say the word "childish" when you see me, Ye Fan, standing on top of the East River and being worshipped by all nations?"


    The wheels raced.

    Evan's muffled words, however, were shattered by the wind that came in through the window!

    At this point, it was less than five days to the day of New Year's Day!

    In the distance, the sun was setting.

    The setting sun's rays fill the sky, but who can see what is going on beneath the vast expanse of Jiangdong's sky and earth, and how the wind and clouds are stirring?


Yunzhou City, West Mountain Garden Hotel.

    A car slowly drove up.

    After stopping here, a skinny figure, then walked down from the car.

    "You are the expert that Miss Li introduced?"

    At the entrance of the hotel, one of the men who had been waiting outside, looked at the clear-eyed man in front of him, but asked in confusion.

    The eyes, however, were filled with a few doubts.

    This person, isn't too young.

    At this time, in the hotel.

    A few people were drinking tea while chatting with each other.

    One of them, about middle-aged.With a suit of formal attire and a mighty eyebrow, he was the head of the Liang family, Liang Haonan.

    And sitting opposite him was a majestic old man.

    A long robe was added to his body, sitting squarely.A pair of old eyes were half-lidded, and he looked like he had a very high posture.

    "Mr. Zhou, you have tea."

    Liang Haonan's eyes were full of respect and his mouth was smiling, while he personally filled Zhou Bertong with tea.

    "Master Liang, it's almost dark, aren't we going to start yet?"

    "My time is limited, however."

    "When I'm done helping you, I still have to go back and explain the boxing tips to my three thousand disciples."Zhou Bertong said in a deep voice, sparse and calm, but it caused the room full of people to tremble.

    "I'm going!"

    "Three thousand disciples?"

    "Back then, under Confucius, there were only three thousand disciples, right?"

    "Mr. Zhou is now actually teaching three thousand disciples, it's true that Confucius is alive."

    "O Master of the world~"


    "Master Liang, it looks like we've invited the right person this time."

    "With Master Zhou personally in town, tonight's operation is bound to be a success, hands down!"

    In the room, the crowd was complimentary.

    But Liang Haonan was curious and asked, "Master Zhou, I remember that your Wing Chun martial arts school is about the same size as this hotel."

    "I'm afraid it's only able to accommodate three hundred people, and these three thousand people can sit here?"

    "In the modern world, how advanced is the Internet, and where did I ever say that this Master's teaching was taking place live?"Zhou Bortong's brows furrowed and he snorted in displeasure.

    "Don't use your ignorance to speculate about my skills."

    "I, Zhou Bertong, am from a martial arts family, I have been practicing boxing since I was young, and I have already achieved great success in martial arts."

    "I broadcast live boxing, and every day, thousands of fans watch and practice with me."

    "To say that there are three thousand disciples is to say less."

    "Over the years, I'm afraid that all of my disciples, all over the internet, have exceeded 100,000!"

    "Yes, yes, it's Haonan who is ignorant.Please forgive me, Master Zhou."Seeing that Zhou Bertong was a bit angry, Liang Haonan quickly apologized to pacify him.

    After all, the action tonight, Liang Haonan was relying on Zhou Bertong to contribute, this kind of person naturally had to be an ancestor, how could Liang Haonan dare to offend?

    "In that case, what are you waiting for?"

    "Why don't we start moving right away?"Zhou Botong said in a cold voice.

    Liang Haonan quickly explained, "Mr. Zhou, wait a little longer."

    "The Li family's daughter Li Xueqi over there has introduced me to someone."

    "She says she's also an expert."

    "It might even come in handy."

    "Oh, Li Xueqi?"Zhou Botong raised his eyebrows, "You mean, that sister of the Second Master Li, the Li family's eldest princess, Li Xueqi?"

    Liang Haonan whirled around and nodded, "It's that lady."

    Liang Haonan had thought that this Zhou Bertong would wait quietly after learning the truth.But who would have thought that as soon as the words on his side fell, Zhou Bertong would angrily leave the table, snorting angrily, "It seems that the Liang Family Master has another reliance, so it would probably be superfluous for me, Zhou, to stay here."

    "In that case, I will no longer bother you and take my leave!"

    Zhou Botong cupped his fist and coldly drank, turning his head to leave.


    "What do you mean, Mr. Chow?"

    "You are the expert that I, Liang Haonan, spent a lot of money to hire, how can you be superfluous."

    "This person was recommended over by the Li family, the Li family is powerful, I can't refute the Li family's face, right?"

    "Besides, one more person is one more effort."

    "When the time comes, it will be good to have more than one person who will block the sword for your old man."Liang Haonan hurriedly pulled Zhou Bertong and advised him evenly.

    Hearing this, Zhou Bertong Fang calmed down a trifle.

    "But Master Liang, it's not just any one person who wants to block the sword for me, Zhou."

    "I'd rather go alone than bring a drag queen."

    "Do you understand?"Zhou Botong asked in a cold voice.

    Liang Haonan nodded repeatedly and said yes, "Mr. Zhou, don't worry, the person recommended by the Li family must be a renowned senior teacher, maybe you still know each other?"

    In between their conversations, the door to the room was pushed open.

    A skinny man, dressed in plain clothes, then walked in.


    "Where is this jerk from, can't you see that I'm in the middle of a meeting with Mr. Chow, why don't you get out?"

    "Where's the security, are all security guards stupid?"

    "What kind of people put in there too?"

    Seeing the person who walked in at the door, Liang Haonan was displeased and cursed angrily.

    Tonight's operation was a secret, and he had even hired the entire hotel just to keep idle people out.

    But now, seeing that there was still someone who had barged in without eyesight, Liang Haonan was naturally furious.

    The next subordinate, the corner of his mouth twitched, "Mr. Liang, he is the "high man" invited by Miss Li."


    "He's the high man?"

    "Just one furry kid?"


    Liang Haonan's old face was livid, and when he learned that Ye Fan was the "senior person" introduced by Li Xueqi, his old eyes widened.

    Before, he had thought that the person recommended by the Li family princess should be a respected and powerful person in the national art world.

    But now, seeing that it was just a brat, Liang Haonan's heart was naturally indignant.

    There was a kind of anger of being played with.

    In the end, he didn't even let Ye Fan sit down and turned his head towards Zhou Bertong's direction.

    "Master Liang, it seems that you have entrusted someone else."

    "Just introducing one of these goods?"

    "The security guard at the door of my Wing Chun Martial Arts School is probably better than this "senior" you're waiting for."

    Zhou Botong laughed as if he was watching a joke.

    Liang Haonan's old face was livid, and his face was ugly.

    Thinking that it would be a strong man, but in the end, he waited for a loser, Liang Haonan undoubtedly felt a little unable to hang on to his face and said bitterly, "Mr. Zhou, I've made you laugh."

    "I just didn't think that this Li Xueqi would be so unreliable."

    "Sending a hairy brat over here, this is a clear attempt to mess with me."

    "Had I known that, I wouldn't have let Mr. Zhou wait here."


"Alright, no more wasting time."

    "Since Master Zhou is in a hurry, we'll keep it short."

    In the room, Liang Haonan poured another cup of tea for Zhou Bertong, and then he began to recount the intention of inviting them here tonight.

    As for Ye Fan, Liang Haonan simply left him there as well.

    Although Liang Haonan didn't like Ye Fan, but after all, he was recommended by the eldest princess of the Li family, Li Xueqi.

    Even though Liang Haonan disdained Ye Fan in his heart, he didn't dare to break the Li family's face, so he had to let him listen here.

    As for the night action, if Ye Fan wanted to follow then let him follow.

    Just like he said before, even if Ye Fan is no good, the worst that he can do is to take out his sword to block it.There was always some use that could be put to use.

    The room then quieted down, only Liang Haonan's voice echoed.

    It turned out that the Liang family had already known about the appearance of the jade vein in that cave in the western mountain of Yunzhou.

    That's why they bought that piece of land in the western mountain, and were ready to privately develop those jade veins.

    However, who would have thought that just last month, a man named Wen Liang suddenly took over that cave and injured the Liang family's men.

    "This Wen Liang, he is extremely good at fisticuffs and kicks."

    "I sent dozens of strong men the other day with clubs and sticks to besiege him, but still, he was beaten up by him."

    "Against all odds, I had no choice but to ask Mr. Zhou to lead a team to the mountains to help me get rid of the thieves!"

    "As long as Mr. Zhou can get rid of that Wen Liang and help me reclaim the Western Mountain Jade Vein, the five million cash will be all Mr. Zhou's.Think of it as my Liang family, supporting the development of our traditional martial arts!"

    In between words, Liang Haonan had his men open a sack, which was densely packed with cash.

    Seeing so much money all at once, Zhou Botong's breathing was significantly quicker.

    But still, he waved his hand in a calm manner: "The money is easy to talk about, it's not too late to give it to me when I return."

    "I just don't know, how much does Master Liang know about this Wen Liang?"

    Zhou Bertong is no idiot.

    Money was important, but life was fundamental.

    If this Wen Liang was too strong, not to mention five million, even if Liang Haonan gave him ten million, Zhou Bertong wouldn't necessarily go.

    Therefore, before going to the mountain, Zhou Bertong naturally had to know how strong this Wen Liang was.

    Can he, himself, beat it?

    In response to Zhou Botong's inquiry, Liang Haonan did not speak, but merely waved his arm.

    Then, two of his men carried two pieces of jade weighing a hundred pounds into the living room.

    "Mr. Zhou, please come forward and take a look."Liang Haonan asked in a deep voice.

    "Could this be?"Zhou Bertong's brows then furrowed.

    Only to see that the two black and shiny jade sections in front of him had another smooth and neat cut.

    It was as if a section of tofu, by a steel knife, had been cut into two pieces.

    "Yes, Mr. Zhou."

    "The last time I brought my men to besiege that mugger."

    "The bodyguard beside me risked his life to carry down these two pieces of jade for me from the mountain."

    "According to my bodyguard, this jade stone, it was split open by that Wen Liang, with one hand!"

    "The hundred-pound boulder was split in half by its palm."


    A long moment of silence.

    The moment Liang Haonan's words fell, the entire room fell into a brief silence.

    Many of the people sitting there couldn't help but draw a breath of cold air.

    After all, the person Liang Haonan called out to help with the fist today was not only Zhou Bertong, but also several tall, strong men.

    Naturally, this was the first time they knew of this Wen Liang's skills, and they were then greatly shocked.

    "This Wen Liang, can actually destroy gold and jade?!!!"

    "No wonder the Liang Family Master has been repeatedly defeated, to have this kind of power, I'm afraid there's not many people in the entire Yunzhou, right?"In the room, many people were lamenting.

    However, just as the crowd was trembling at Wen Liang's tactics.

    It was seen that the old man who was originally sitting peacefully on the couch, but he suddenly got up.

    Taking large strides, he walked to that boulder.

    Lowering his waist plate, his Qi sank into his dantian.

    After that, Zhou Bertong took a deep breath, bare hands clenched fists, his entire body was like a bow full of power.

    Mighty fist, smashing out!


    Between low booms, the blue stones in front of them, instantly shattered.

    Jade and stones flew everywhere, but scattered everywhere!

    Dead silence.

    A long, dead silence.

    The only sound left in the large hall was the sound of the gravel falling to the ground.

    After an unknown amount of time, an applause sounded, one after another.





    "That Wen Liang's palm was merely splitting the blue stone into two pieces.But a single punch from Mr. Zhou can crush it to pieces!"

    "Mr. Zhou is truly miraculous."

    "This time, with Mr. Zhou's help, I will be able to slay that murderous thief!"

    At this time, Liang Haonan, after seeing Zhou Botong's tactics, his entire body was undoubtedly going crazy with excitement, saying several good words in a row and popping his applause.

    The rest of them also competed with each other to sigh and praise.


    "Master Zhou is worthy of being a martial arts predecessor, a master of the national arts."

    "In the future, I'm afraid that the prosperity of our Chinese martial arts will all depend on Master Zhou."

    "A single punch shatters a boulder, and I'm afraid that Wen Liang will be defeated in less than a hundred moves under Master Zhou's fist?"

    "Congratulations to Master Liang, you've invited a high-ranking person to help you!"

    The people in the room all laughed in agreement.

    Only Ye Fan shook his head.

    They didn't know martial arts, so naturally they didn't know the gates.

    Jade is brittle, this kind of stone, it's easy to break it, but to strike it like a knife, splitting it in half without any cracks, this kind of technique, extremely difficult!

    Only someone with pure control over their own power could do it.

    Ye Fan reckoned that even the original, under Mount Tai, Wu He Rong, could hardly achieve such a subtle control of his own power, right?

    However, Zhou Botong naturally didn't know this, but he spoke proudly in the face of the crowd's flattering praise, "A hundred moves?"


    "It's just a barbarian, within ten moves, I'll slaughter him like a chicken!"

    The words fell away, and Zhou Botong turned around and sat back on the couch, dominating and drinking, "Pour the tea!"



    At this moment, there were only two words that could describe Zhou Bertong.

    However, just as everyone was all convinced by Zhou Botong's skills, a whisper was quietly heard from the corner.

    "Within three steps, he kills you like a dog."


    Outside the window, the cold wind was blowing, rolling up three thousand fallen leaves.

    After the words fell, the room was quiet for a second.

    After that, everyone turned around.

    Numerous pairs of eyes brushed together and looked over towards the source of the sound.

    There, there was a skinny young man, sitting peacefully and quietly.

    He shook his head and smiled as he lifted the teacup in front of the table and took a sip.


    "Is that you, asshole?"

    "Who the hell told you to sit down!"

    "And tea?"

    "I'll fuck off!"

    "Did I fucking allow you to have tea?"

    The instant he saw Ye Fan, Liang Haonan's entire body exploded like a balloon that had been blown up.

    The fire went up three feet!

    I'm almost pissed off.


Originally, Liang Haonan's impression of Ye Fan was not good.

    If it wasn't for the scruples of the Li family's face, Liang Haonan would have had Ye Fan driven away just now.

    It would have been fine if this Ye Fan had just watched honestly from the side.

    But Liang Haonan never expected that he didn't let him sit down, but this bastard found his own place to sit down, and rudely poured himself a cup of tea to drink there.

    In the entire room, only Master Zhou Bertong Zhou is sitting there to drink tea, and he didn't even drink it.

    Of course, if it was only for these reasons, for the sake of Princess Li's family, Liang Haonan would simply turn a blind eye and ignore it.

    However, what made Liang Haonan even more annoyed was that this brat in front of him was even ignorant of the fact that he was contradicting Master Zhou.

    "You curfew, what did you just say?"

    "How dare you insult me?"

    Sure enough, at this time, Zhou Potong also put down his teacup, there was anger rising in his old face, and his eyes then went cold.

    It was as if an ice knife was placed on Ye Fan's neck.

    At this time, Zhou Bertong was undoubtedly close to being pissed off as well!

    An old face reddened.

    A second ago, he had just put down his lofty words, within ten moves, slaughtering Wen Liang was like slaughtering a chicken.

    But then, Ye Fan said that within three moves, Wen Liang would kill him like a dog.

    What was this?

    It's no longer a punch in the face, it's a kick in the face!

    It was kicking Zhou Bertong in the face with his foot in front of everyone.

    It's a wonder Zhou Potong isn't angry!

    But facing the anger of Zhou Botong and Liang Haonan, Ye Fan was not anxious in the slightest.

    Looking still calm as usual, as if an ancient well was clear, the angry words of Zhou Bertong and the others did not raise the slightest ripple in his heart.

    On the contrary, it also cozily lifted the cup of tea, took a sip, and returned with a smile, "Master Zhou, don't misunderstand."

    "You are a master of national martial arts, how would I, a junior, dare to insult you?"

    "I'm just, like, telling a fact."

    "You want to die?"Ye Fan's words undoubtedly enraged Zhou Bertong even more.

    Nearly instantly, Zhou Bertong shot up, the table and chairs in front of him shattered immediately, raising his right fist to teach Ye Fan a lesson, but don't let Liang Haonan hold him.

    "Mr. Zhou, don't be impulsive."

    "You are highly respected, why do you need to meet with a junior?"

    "If word gets out, it'll be a laughing stock."

    "Just leave this matter to me to handle."

    After all, Ye Fan was the person introduced by the Li family, if he was killed by Zhou Bertong, it would be hard to explain on the Li family's side, so Liang Haonan naturally had to stop him.

    After stabilizing Zhou Bertong, Liang Haonan whirled to look at Ye Fan and spoke gloomily, "Little brother, this rice can be eaten indiscriminately, but words can't be spoken indiscriminately."

    "You said that Wen Liang killed Mr. Zhou like a dog, what is your basis for this statement?"

    "Or are you just taking your word for it, bullshit?"

    For a moment, everyone in the room looked at Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan didn't rush to answer, and only after drinking all the tea in his cup did he faintly return, "I said it's the truth."

    "Since it's a fact, naturally, it doesn't need to be based on."



    "Since it's baseless, how dare you, a yellow-mouthed child, insult Mr. Zhou?"

    "You've got the nerve of a dog!"Ye Fan's words instantly caused Liang Haonan to become furious.

    Zhou Bertong, also with a livid face, shouted coldly, "Master Liang, now it seems that the "senior" you're looking for is a fool."

    "I, Zhou Bertong, can tolerate waste, but I will never tolerate being around fools!"

    "Action tonight, with him and without me!"

    "Master Liang, you can see for yourself."

    Zhou Botong snorted coldly and whirled his head away, no longer speaking.

    "Master Liang, what's the use of keeping such a fool like him?"

    "Better get rid of it!"

    "Otherwise, I'm afraid we're going to be dragged to death by this loser tonight."


    "Yes, my lord!"

    "Get him out of here~"

    "You can't force Master Zhou away because of an idiot, can you?"


    Zhou Bertong has said this, the rest of the people naturally whether to choose sides to stand.

    Nearly one-sided, standing on Zhou Bertong's side, let Ye Fan get out of the hotel.

    Eventually Liang Haonan also looked up at Ye Fan, his eyebrows and eyes were icy cold, his words were indignant, "Bastard, originally I was looking at the face of the Li family to save a few points of face for you."

    "But I didn't expect that you wouldn't know how to save face, since that's the case, then don't blame me."

    "Someone, give me a chance to drive this person out of the hotel!"Liang Haonan snapped in anger.

    The other people in the room all sarcastically rebuked as well.

    "You ungrateful thing, Master Zhou, you dare to offend?"

    "Get out of here yet!"


    "Simply idiotic in general~"

    "Blame it on yourself!"

    "Deserved it~"

    "Get out!"


    For a time, the room full of people all cursed coldly at Ye Fan.

    The piercing curses reverberated throughout the room.

    At that moment, Ye Fan was actually accused by a thousand men.


    At this time, the door of the room was also pushed open, and a few uniformed security guards then ran in.

    It looked like they were really planning to chase Ye Fan away.

    "Bastard, still sitting deadbeat?"

    "General Manager Liang has already let you go, so why don't you get the hell out of here!"The lead security guard cursed.

    However, just as the group of security guards were about to do something to pull Ye Fan, only a bang sounded and Ye Fan instantly struck.

    One leg kicked that security guard out.

    The door and window shattered, and that security guard actually flew straight down from the building.


    "What do you want?"

    "Master Zhou is here, do you dare to do anything about it, you curse?"

    Seeing the scene before them, the crowd was immediately shocked.

    At this moment, Ye Fan had already gotten up.

    Under the night, he stood proudly with a negative hand.

    Looking around at the crowd, he smiled coldly, "Liang Haonan, if you respect me, what's the harm in giving you thirty percent of this jade vein?"

    "But Nay, you have eyes but do not know the real person."

    "In that case, why should I be concerned?"

    "This jade vein, if I want it, I will fetch it myself."

    "When the time comes, you will not be allowed a single cent!"

    The words were resounding, only like a golden stone falling to the ground, trembling this heaven and earth.

    When Liang Haonan and the others came back to their senses, it was to find that Ye Fan had already left.

    In front of them, only the cold night wind was left, blowing in through the open door of the room.

    At that moment, Liang Haonan and the others, shivered unconsciously.

    For some reason, a moment ago, there was a palpable feeling in his heart.

    "Could it be that this young man, is he really an expert?"Liang Haonan was suspicious.

    "The way of martial arts is heavy on the accumulation of internal power.What else can a worthless junior do?"

    "Don't think nonsense here, Master Liang, you'd better hurry up and lead the way up the mountain."

    "I have limited time, I have to rush back to teach my three thousand disciples after this!"

    Zhou Bertong's words then woke Liang Haonan up.

    And then, without any further delay, they headed towards the Western Mountain at once, taking advantage of the night.


Yunzhou, the western suburbs of the land.

    The night was quiet.

    Liang Haonan's group, taking advantage of the night, slowly moved forward.

    Along the way, it was barren and overgrown, and the blue phosphorus fires from distant graves could be seen vaguely.

    Other than that, many traces of rising earthworks could be seen.

    Eventually, Liang Haonan's convoy, traveling halfway up the mountain, came to a halt.

    "There's no road ahead, we can only rely on foot for the remaining few hundred meters."

    "Everyone keep close to each other, don't fall behind."

    "In case we get attacked by that Wen Liang, we'll have a way to take care of each other."

    Liang Haonan then instructed after getting off the bus.


    "Don't worry, Master Liang, we have Master Zhou sitting in, we can't wait for that evil villain to find us."

    "When the time comes, we'll save trouble, we won't have to go over the mountains to find him."

    Along the way, Liang Haonan and the others chatted as they felt their way forward.

    "This Western Mountain was originally a barren mountain."

    "Back in the early years, the government was going to develop this place, but unfortunately, there wasn't enough funding and many projects were halted right after they started."

    "That's why, when we were just now walking along, we could see a lot of rotten properties."

    "This year, I took over this mess from the government, and I bought the whole mountain."

    "When I take care of that Wenliang in the future, I'll build a resort sanctuary here."

    "By then, this Western Mountain Resort Sanctuary of mine will not be inferior to that Genting Mountain villa area in the slightest."

    At night, this barren mountain was quiet.

    Perhaps it was to relieve this loneliness, but Liang Haonan kept telling the crowd about the past and present of this Western Mountain.

    Finally, when he was about to reach the top of the mountain, Liang Haonan's pace came to a halt, and even his voice was lowered considerably.

    "There's that cave up ahead."

    "Everyone, be careful, that Wen Liang could appear at any moment."

    Liang Haonan, his eyes full of concentration, reminded in a low voice.

    Previously, he had led several roundups and had failed.

    He had even lost many of his men under that Wen Liang.

    Now he had spent millions before he had invited Zhou Botong, which was the last thing he relied on.

    If he failed again this time, I'm afraid that this Western Mountain Jade Vein would really have to be given away!

    However, just as Liang Haonan raised his voice to remind him, a man in a black jacket beside him, a pair of eyes, instantly stared at him.

    He was trembling and pointed at the depths of the night, "Liang...Lord Liang Liang, you said...The said Wen Liang, is it him?"


    At that moment, Liang Haonan was also in awe, and immediately turned his head.

    At the end of his line of sight, he saw a strapping figure standing proudly on the summit of the Western Mountain.

    The night was still, and the biting wind blew up his robe, dazzling and flying on the summit of the western mountain.

    That figure, under the moonlight, was only like a ghost.

    The Liang Haonan and the others were chilled to the bone.

    Cold air was scuffling under their feet.

    Many of them, had already started to beat a retreat.

    "Liang...Lord Leong, I...I've broken my leg, I'm afraid..."

    "Fracture you numb!"Liang Haonan was so angry that he kicked the man down the slope.

    When two armies are fighting, morale comes first.

    Having only just encountered it, that person disturbed the hearts of the troops, Liang Haonan was naturally annoyed.

    At this time, the figure on top of the western mountain had clearly looked over.

    The majestic, cold voice, only like a flood of thunder, rolled through the heavens and earth here.

    "Liang Haonan, you have disturbed my quiet cultivation three times."

    "Do you really think that I, Wen Liang, am a vegetarian and don't dare to kill you?"

    The words were icy cold, swirling wildly along the night wind.

    Liang Haonan, who was also a long-suffering man, immediately stood up and returned with a furious voice, "You're a madman, occupying my territory, do you still have a reason?"

    "The entire Western Mountain has been bought by me."

    "Every blade of grass, every tree, every stone, every soil on this mountain is my Liang family's property."

    "You have forcibly taken over my Liang family's assets and injured my men, so it's just as well if you don't know that you feel guilty, but you still dare to say such things?"

    "Do you really think that I, Liang Haonan, can't do anything about you?"

    Liang Haonan was unafraid and coldly rebuked.

    Immediately afterwards, laughter was heard from the top of the western mountain.

    "Hearing the tone of your words, it seems like you have something to lean on."

    "But kindly advise you, don't waste your efforts."

    "Not to mention your district's Liang family, even how the land of Yunzhou, there is no one who can defeat me."

    "No matter how many people you bring, you're just sending them to their deaths."

    "What an arrogant man.Even the ancestors of my senior master of the Wing Chun lineage back then would never have such a mouth like yours.I just don't know if your skills are worthy of your arrogance anymore."Finally, Zhou Bertong, who had been silent, rose openly and stepped out.

    Straight away, he walked towards the top of the Western Mountain.

    "Master Liang, you are at ease to watch here."

    "When I return, it will be the moment that this son will lose his life!"Zhou Bertong was lofty.

    "Mr. Zhou, do you need any help, to prevent..."Liang Haonan asked out of concern.

    Zhou Bertong, however, waved his hand abruptly, directly interrupting Liang Haonan's words.

    "It's not necessary."

    "Defeating him, I alone will suffice!"Zhou Bertong returned proudly.


    "That's the style of a strong man!"

    "Worthy of the name Wing Chun Master!"Hearing Zhou Bertong's words, the surrounding people sighed in admiration.

    Liang Haonan even cupped his fist and sent him off, "Mr. Zhou, please!"


    The wind was bitterly cold, swirling up the dust in the sky.

    Under the attention of the crowd, Zhou Bortong stepped on the stone.

    "Mad vain junior, come and suffer death!"

    While coldly drinking, Zhou Botong, however, leapt on the ground and quickly approached the place where Wen Liang was standing.

    Wen Liang shook his head and smiled, "Let me suffer death?"

    "You've got a big mouth!"

    "If Old Man Ip Man were alive and this was said by him, I might have been able to believe it a little."

    "But unfortunately, after Ip Man, there is no more strong man in Wing Chun!"

    With a sneer, Wen Liang took a step, but from the top of the Western Mountain, he leapt down.

    The edge, pointed straight at the stepping stone, Zhou Bertong!

    And just like that, under the moonlit night, a war broke out!

    Bang, bang, bang.

    Zhou Bertong was the first to make a move, punch or kick, a monstrous attack that only poured like a storm and madness.

    "It's useless."

    "I told you, after Ip Man, there will be no more Wing Chun."

    "This so-called fist technique of yours is just some flowery frame."

    However, while allowing Zhou Bertong to rage, Wen Liang always shook his head with a smile.

    That contemptuous tone of voice, made the furious Zhou Bertong!

    "Shut up!"

    "You madman, come and die~"

    In a loud voice, Zhou Bertong then used his own watchword.

    "Cut off the hand!"


    "Straight hammer!"


    "Tiger crash~"


    Under the night, Zhou Bertong's set of punches was tigerish and extremely beautiful.

    On this stage, the judges designated that they could give full marks.

    But unfortunately, this was not a performance, but, a fight to the death!

    "This is the end~"


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