Dish Best Served Cold 276-280


Chapter 276

"Mu Orange, why be sad over a few unnecessary people?"

  "Let's go, go home!"

  At the time when Qiu Mu Orange was in tears in distress, Ye Fan stood out once again.

  He reached out his hand and gently wiped away the hot tears on Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face.The eyes that looked at the woman in front of him were filled with pity.

  No one could truly feel the grief in Qiu Mu Orange's heart at this moment like Ye Fan.

  Because, a similar scene, Ye Fan had also experienced it.

  The current Qiu Mu Orange was not like the Ye Fan of that year.

  At that time, Ye Fan had also regarded his father as his strongest source of support, and the Chu family as his deepest belonging and spiritual sustenance.

  However, the family that Ye Fan once respected and respected, hurt him over and over again, and finally swept him and his mother away mercilessly.

  Even so, the Chu family did not spare their mother and daughter.

  For so many years, Ye Fan didn't know how many assassinations from the family he had encountered.

  Sometimes, Ye Fan simply couldn't believe that the Chu family was so ruthless.They forced him and his mother away and still wouldn't stop, they had to kill them all!

  Ye Fan's sense of belonging to the Chu family was fading as the Chu family hurt him and his mother over and over again.

  Until, hatred filled the air!

  People will always grow.

  And hurt and frustration are the catalysts for growth!

  This was the case with Ye Fan.

  Years of suffering had already given Ye Fan a powerful mind that far exceeded that of normal people.

  The current Qiu Mu Orange was also undergoing such a transformation.

  Ye Fan believed that Qiu Mu Orange would eventually mature through repeated setbacks.

  It would also eventually become calm in the midst of the injuries that the Qiu family had suffered over and over again.

  When Qiu Mu orange no longer had a sense of belonging to the Qiu family, then when facing the target of the Qiu family again, Qiu Mu orange would also be calm.

  But before leaving, Ye Fan was holding Qiu Mu Orange's hand, a pair of cold eyes, when they fell towards the direction where Qiu Guang and the others were.

  At this moment, Ye Fan's face was icy cold, only as if a fierce tiger.That kind of temperament, it was so towering as a mountain, that the Qiugong and the others were all in awe.

  Was this guy, still Ye Fan?

  How come it's so strong?

  "You...What are you doing?"

  "I...I'm warning you, it's all monitored!"

  The two of them, Qiu Mu Ying and her husband and wife, their bodies shivered subconsciously.

  Obviously, the couple were recalling again the scene of Ye Fan violently beating them the night when Qiu Muyoung Orange was kicked out of the old house of the Qiu family in January.

  At that time, Ye Fan was as powerful as an abyss and creepy as he was now!

  So, at that time, Qiu Mu Ying and her husband and wife stood up with a frightened scowl and took several steps back, thinking that Ye Fan was going to beat them up.

  However, in the next moment, Ye Fan was smiling.

  It was just a smile that shouted contempt and carried authority.

  "Uncle, I want you to remember, what you just said to Mu Orange."

  "A shopping mall is like a battlefield, there is not the slightest bit of love to be found!"

  "One day, you will hear this again."

  Ye Fan's words echoed, but it was like a golden stone being thrown to the ground.

  It shook the ears of Autumn Light and the others, all with a low buzz!

  "Mu Orange, let's go~"

  Ye Fan coldly snapped, taking Qiu Mu Orange with him, he immediately turned around and left.

  Since the words had come to this point, there was no need to beg them in a humble way.

  His woman, he couldn't allow her to be wronged in the slightest!

  However, after this incident, Qiu Mu Orange was undoubtedly completely dead to the Qiu Family, no longer having any scruples.

  Now that she had become a rival, it was also true that there was no need to worry about any feelings anymore!



  A long time after Ye Fan and his wife left, the agitated feelings of Qiu Mu Ying, Qiu Guang and the others just now gradually calmed down.

  "That wimp, bull-headed him?"

  "An incompetent, superfluous son-in-law who even dares to speak to us in such a tone of voice, sooner or later, I'll have to teach him a hard lesson!"Qiu Muying said angrily.

  The Qiu family didn't treat Ye Fan's incompetent son-in-law very well, especially Qiu Mu Ying and Chu Wen Fei who had been beaten by Ye Fan and hated him to the bone.

  However, after today, Qiu Muying and Chu Wenfei have secretly decided to teach that country bumpkin a hard lesson to expose the humiliation of being beaten up that day.

  But now, it wasn't the time to chat about this.

  At this time, Qiu Guang poured a cup of wine for Wang Xing Duo on the side, then apologized, "Director Wang, I'm sorry that our Qiu family has produced such a rebellious daughter, I've made you laugh."

  Wang Xingduo waved his hand, just a little curious, "That Mr. Qiu just now, is he also a member of your Qiu family?Qiu Lao, it seems that your Qiu family is remarkable, a net of talent, and at a young age, you control a company by yourself."

  "Heh, what kind of talent is she?Director Wang, you don't know that this third sister of mine, who is so short-sighted, has no real skills at all.Otherwise, she wouldn't have married a door-to-door son-in-law."

  "Don't look at that husband of hers just now, he's just a hillbilly, a poor loser."

  "Also, a broken company that hasn't been up and running for months, it's probably going to go yellow soon!"

  "You don't have a diamond in your pocket, and you're taking on that porcelain work?"

  "Without even basic filial piety, she still wants to start a real estate company, it's a wonder she won't pay for it!"

  Qiu Mu Ying, however, sneered and laughed, even belittling this Qiu Mu Orange family in front of Wang Xingduo.

  Wang Xingduo listened and also shook his head for a moment.

  "It's also true that this Qiu Mu Orange, who is still junior and lacking in ability, still wants to enter real estate?If I let her in, I'm not going to mess up the industry."

  "Don't you worry, I won't give them a pass on the qualification examination next year yet."

  Soon, Wang Xingduo and the others continued to chat.

  Talking and laughing, they seemed to have completely forgotten about the little episode just now.

  Finally, seeing that the food was almost done, Qiu Mu Ying and the others began to get down to business.

  "Director Wang, you see our Qiushui real estate, this qualification application handed over is almost a month, the review is also almost right, when will this approval be done?Is this month okay?"

  "After all, you know that time is life when you open this company to run a business, and a month's delay, then the cost of lost wages, rent and other kinds of expenses, that's a lot of expenses."

  "Look, can you hurry it up and get it down for us as soon as possible these days."

  "This well~" Wang Xingduo paused, revealing a difficult look, "Ying Ying, Wen Fei, this relationship between us, you can rest assured, I will definitely push hard on this matter.However, as you know, this public service review process is very tedious, so if you want to come down this month and a half, it's still very difficult."

  "This..."Master Qiu, however, was a bit anxious, "This Director Wang, you should take more trouble."

  "Old Master, I don't like to hear that from you.I didn't say I didn't bother, I've been working on this matter for you guys.But I can't go against the rules and regulations just because of a few words from you guys, right?"Wang Xingduo glared.

  Qiu Mu Ying heard this, but she cursed in her heart.

  Got it, this old fox is another master who doesn't see a rabbit without spilling an eagle.


"But..."Master Qiu wanted to say something else, but he was held back by Qiu Mu Ying.

  "Grandpa, you should drink your tea or it will get cold."

  Qiu Muying gave her grandfather a wink as she spoke, indicating that he didn't need to worry about it, she would settle this matter.

  Qiu Mu Ying then poured a cup of wine for Wang Xingduo and said with a smile, "Director Wang, you have misunderstood my grandfather's meaning."

  "With this relationship between you and my husband, we certainly know that you'll do your best to help us rush things.Of course, if it's really difficult, we have no choice but to wait, we can't let Director Wang violate the discipline isn't it."

  "Ying Ying, you..."Qiu Mu Ying's words, but they made Qiu Guang and the others anxious.

  They set up this drinking party today and called out for Wang Xingduo to come over, just to take this approval as soon as possible.

  If they could wait, where would they let Qiu Mu Ying and her husband and wife come as lobbyists?

  Hearing such words from Autumn Muying, the two old men were naturally anxious.

  However, Qiu Mu Ying was once again giving them a wink so that they didn't have to interrupt, she had her own strategies.

  "Alright, let's not talk about this."

  After being polite, Qiu Mu Ying then diverted the topic and turned to say, "Right Director Wang, I heard that you are very good at calligraphy and painting, right?"

  Wang Xingduo was stunned, but I didn't think that Qiu Mu Ying knew quite a bit about him, it seemed that she had done a lot of homework before arriving here.

  "Mm."Wang Xingduo nodded, "But it's not much of a study, just influenced by my father, and with my ears open, I like to look forward to some calligraphy and painting, especially the works of ancient Chinese literary masters."

  "Then I wonder, has Director Wang ever seen the paintings of the Ming Dynasty's master of Chinese painting, Tang Bohu?"Qiu Mu Ying asked with a smile.

  And upon hearing this, Wang Xing Duo was then stunned, his eyes widening, "Tang Bohu?"

  "You mean, the paintings of the Four Great Talents of Jiangnan, Tang Yin?"

  "Exactly."Qiu Mu Ying nodded her head.

  And Wang Xingduo shook his head incessantly, lamenting, "Tang Yin was the most outstanding painter of the Ming Dynasty, and his artistic attainments were among the best in the entire Chinese culture for thousands of years.Nowadays, although there are paintings passed down to the world, every single one of them is a treasure, and they can easily reach tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars at auction, so they are unattainable!"

  "We're just a small-town civil servant, how will we ever get the chance to see such treasures?"

  "However, if I had the chance to gaze at it up close in this life, it would be death with a clear conscience."

  Wang Xingduo said with a sigh.

  Qiu Mu Ying saw the situation, but continued to smile, "Director Wang, I have a painting here, I don't know if it's the real Tang Yin, but please give Director Wang a long look."

  "What?Do you really have a painting by Tang Yin?Quick, take it out and let me see."Wang Xingduo but was also excited, scuffling up from his seat.

  "Director Wang don't be anxious, I'm going to get it.But is it true or not, we are not sure, and we have to let Director Wang give it a look."

  In between the words, but Qiu Mu Ying asked Chu Wenfei to take the painting out of her bag.

  Wang Xingduo couldn't wait to open it, and then an heirloom painting was slowly unfurled in front of everyone, and it was Tang Yin's Songxi Visiting Hidden Pictures!

  Wang Xingduo wiped his glasses, and then ambled over the table, looking at it carefully, inch by inch, and if one didn't know, one might really think that this Wang Xingduo was a master in the field of calligraphy and painting.

  For a long time, Wang Xing Duo took off his glasses and rubbed his somewhat painful eyes.

  "Director Wang, how is it?Is the painting real?"Qiu Muying asked with a smile, her tone unhurried and unhurried, completely as if she was holding a pearl of wisdom.

  After all, in the eyes of Qiu Mu Ying and her husband, there was no doubt that the painting in front of them was the real thing.

  After all, an heirloom painting gifted by the owner of the Shen family, Shen Jiuyi, could it still be fake?

  The reason she is asking Wang Xingduo now is to give herself an excuse to show off the painting.

  In the face of Qiu Muying's question, Wang Xingduo kept silent and did not comment.

  He put on his glasses again and turned his head to ask Qiu Mu Ying in a deep voice, "Regardless of the authenticity of this painting, I'm just curious as to how you got this Tang Yin's "Songxi Visiting Hidden Picture", Ying Ying."

  "As far as I know, a few years back, this "Songxi Visiting Hidden Picture" did appear in our Yunzhou City, but it was finally auctioned off by Shen Jiuyi, the owner of the Shen family."

  "So, I'm really a bit confused as to where you got this "Songxi Visiting Hidden Picture" from."

  Wang Xing Duo looked at Qiu Mu Ying and slowly asked.

  When Qiu Mu Ying heard this, she covered her mouth and laughed lightly, "Giggle~"

  "Director Wang is truly an insider, after just a few glances, he guessed the origin of this painting."

  "Yes, just as Director Wang said, the painting in front of me was gifted to me and my husband by the owner of the Shen family, Shen Jiuyi, at a banquet."


  "From Shen Jiuyi?"

  "You're serious!"Wang Xingduo finally started to get nonchalant.

  "Naturally, it's true.I even took pictures of this at the time, don't believe me."In between the words, Qiu Mu Ying took out her phone and put out a photo.

  Inside the photo, it was a scene of Shen Jiuyi gifting Chu Wenfei a painting at the Cloud View Hotel.

  With such a glorious moment for her own husband, of course Autumn Muyoung had to take a photo to remember it.

  "I'm going!"

  "And really?"Wang Xingduo became excited and once again looked down at the painting in front of him.

  To be honest, before Wang Xingduo didn't think that this painting was real, after all, tens of millions of paintings, Qiu Mu Ying and the others were only a few young people, how could they have the financial resources to acquire such a precious painting?

  But now, he had to admit it.

  "So the painting is real, then?"

  "This painting, is it really from Tong Bohu?"

  An excited heart and trembling hands.

  Wang Xingduo's entire body was now nearly insane with happiness, once again gazing up inch after inch.It was like admiring the delicate body of a stunning beauty.

  "Good painting~ Good painting!"

  "Look at the composition, and the light and shadow, and even more stunning is the brushwork."

  "The brushwork is fine and elegant, the layout is sparse, and the style is elegant and handsome."

  "Ying Ying, am I right, this painting is undoubtedly genuine."

  "The first time I saw it, I could tell it was genuine, and the second time I saw it, I was deep in it and couldn't get out of it."

  Wang Xingduo's entire body was so excited that he exclaimed incessantly, gently stroking the painting even more lovingly.

  Qiu Muying and the others were speechless as they listened, when did this old thing say that the painting was real?

  But of course they wouldn't tear down Wang Xingduo's stage, they just couldn't stop bragging from the side.

  "Ying Ying, Wen Fei, I can't tell, you two are so and so brilliant, even the owner of the Shen family has personally sent the painting."

  "However, I like this painting too much, see if you can lend it to me to view for two days."

  "It's just as well, there's a painting exhibition in Yunzhou recently, I want to take this painting over there as well to open the eyes of those of me."

  "Don't worry, I'll definitely keep my painting properly and cherish it like my eyes, never damage it a bit."

  "This..."Qiu Mu Ying was in a dilemma, looking at it for a few hours she could still accept it, but looking at it for a few days, Qiu Mu Ying had to worry, after all, tens of millions of treasures, how could it be lent out so casually.

  In the end, Qiu Muying only promised that on the day of the exhibition, she could lend it to Wang Xingduo for half a day.

  Wang Xingduo also knew that the painting was precious, and it was indeed inappropriate to borrow it for two or three days himself, so he agreed to Qiu Muying's statement.

  "Right, Director Wang, I almost forgot, we also prepared a gift for Madam Zun."

  "A jade hairpin, not a token of respect, please accept it."

  "This jade hairpin, it's a jade hairpin from the European royal family, when worn, it will further emphasize your wife's dignified and graceful temperament!"


In the midst of her words, Autumn Muying had already brought out an exquisitely dressed gift box.

  In the split second the box was opened, a pearly whiteness then overflowed out, revealing an exquisite jade hairpin inside.

  "Wow, so beautiful."

  Seeing such a surprise jade hairpin, Wang Xingduo's wife, Lin Qing Ya, was pleasantly surprised.

  It was the first time she had ever seen such an exquisite jade hairpin.

  "Ying Ying, this jade hairpin, it must be very expensive, right?"

  "Or is it an imperial item of European royalty?"

  "I can't take it, it's too expensive."Lin Qingya didn't dare to accept it and kept excusing herself.

  But Qiu Mu Ying smiled and said, "Aunt Lin, just take it, right?I specially prepared it for you."

  Between jokes, Qiu Mu Ying even picked up the jade hairpin and directly put it on Lin Qing Ya.

  "Uncle Wang, look quickly, isn't this jade hairpin particularly suitable with Aunt Qing Ya."

  "After wearing this, the whole person's temperament is several points more noble."

  "This jade hairpin from the European royal family is only worthy of my Aunt Qing Ya, it's simply tailor-made for Aunt Qing Ya."

  Qiu Mu Ying couldn't stop bragging, and it could be said that she was giving Lin Qingya a run for her money.

  Before coming here, Qiu Mu Ying had learned that this Wang Xing Duo, had two hobbies.One was calligraphy and painting, and the other was his wife.

  Now that she has both, she doesn't believe that she still can't get this Wang Xing Duo together?

  However, this jade hairpin was originally intended to be a gift for her mother-in-law, Chu Wenfei's mother.

  But then I thought that it was not appropriate to give her mother-in-law a gift that was free of money, so I gave it to Lin Qing Ya.

  This jade hairpin was something that was gifted to Qiu Mu Orange when she attended the auction, along with a million luxury car.Later on, these things were confiscated by Master Qiu as family property for Qiu Mu Orange, but many of them were taken away by Qiu Mu Ying's family.

  This jade hairpin was, heck, one of them.

  Things that didn't cost money to obtain, naturally, Autumn Muying had nothing to feel bad about, and this time, she directly gave it out as a gift.

  "Yes, Auntie Lin, you can keep this jade hairpin, right?"

  "Even if Mu Ying buys it, it's a waste to keep it."

  "What's more, and this jade hairpin matches you so well?"Chu Wenfei also bragged from the side.

  Under the couple's fire-like enthusiasm, Lin Qing Ya also accepted the jade hairpin, and Wang Xing Duo didn't stop her.

  He just smiled and said, "Ying Ying, Wen Fei, you two are downright kind."


  "Master, your Qiu family, you have a good granddaughter, and you've even recruited a good son-in-law ah."

  "Don't worry, the matter of your Qiushui property is wrapped up in me."

  "Within seven days, that approval, I'll definitely get it done for you."

  "If there is anything in the future, feel free to look for me, for the sake of Wen Fei and Ying Ying, I, Wang Xing Duo, will definitely help even if I can!"

  Now, Wang Xingduo couple was coaxed happy, Qiushui real estate things, it is much easier to do.

  But WangXingDuo will beat his chest to vouch for it, saying that within seven days, definitely the qualification certificate approval thing, done properly.

  Just like that, after drinking and eating, the table began to leave the stage.

  However, no one noticed that on the second floor of the beautiful Nian Hotel, there was a gaze that was secretly watching them from start to finish.

  After seeing the jade hairpin given by Qiu Mu Ying, the figure on the second floor had a dimple on his lips.

  Then, he picked up the phone and called over, "Hey, is this 110?..."



  "Uncle Wang, how was the food?"

  "I always have that painting ready for you, and on the day of the exhibition, when you call, I'll have it sent to you immediately?"

  In front of the hotel, Chu Wenfei Wang Xingduo and others were still exchanging pleasantries.

  Qiu Mu Ying also accompanied Wang Xing Duo's wife, laughing and talking, "Aunt Lin, this jade hairpin should be held gently.All good jade is very fragile and breakable."

  Finally, with the two of them driving away from Wang Xing Duo, today's dinner party came to a perfect end.

  "Grandpa, how is it?"

  "I've already told you, your granddaughter I'm on board, there's nothing that can't be put right."

  "The approval that you and uncle didn't get for over a month, I got it done with a painting and a jade pin."

  "Grandpa, how are you going to reward me?"

  When Wang Xing Duo left, Qiu Mu Ying smiled proudly and began to claim credit in front of Old Master Qiu.

  Master Qiu was also really happy at this time, grinning non-stop with his old mouth.


  "Getting old, we're really getting old."

  "Not convinced anymore."

  "Now this granddaughter of mine is all more capable and wristy than me."

  "In the future, the future of the Qiu family will still depend on you and your wife."

  "As for the reward, what do you want, just say so?"

  "Heehee, grandpa is what you said, then I'll be welcome oh."Qiu Mu Ying smiled, "Grandpa, I want your set of incense burners."


  "A smoker?"When Qiu Guang heard this, he was shocked, looked towards Qiu Mu Ying, and shook his head and laughed, "You, this ninny, really dared to ask for it, your grandfather's incense burner is something from the Qianlong era of the Qing Dynasty, and it's worth seven figures anyway.You're afraid that you're going to slaughter half of your grandfather's life~"

  Qiu Mu Ying didn't say anything, just smiled hehehe.

  Master Qiu waved his hand, "It's fine, that thing has to be theirs sooner or later, and we can't take it away."

  "What's more, Ying Ying has made a great achievement this time, since she wants it, then just give her the smoker."

  "Hehe, thanks grandpa!"Qiu Mu Ying was delighted.

  The incense burner, she had long missed it.

  She had been worried that the old man would give it to Autumn Muyoung, but now she is taking this opportunity to take it for herself.

  Although Qiu Guang is a little uncomfortable, but it is not good to say anything.

  "Alright, let's also go home and wait for news from Director Wang."Master Qiu waved his hand, and the four people in his party prepared to go home with high ambition.

  However, at this time, Qiu Guang's phone rang.


  "Director Wang calling?"

  "Is it, like, done so soon?"

  "Ying Ying, you two are still awesome, this dinner party just finished and this is a done deal!"Qiu Guang smiled excitedly.

  Master Qiu was also happy to be together: "Quick, stop talking nonsense and pick up the phone!"

  "Put it on speakerphone!"

  For this approval, Master Qiu and the others had been busy for over a month, and now that the bitterness was over, of course they were excited.

  "Haha, Director Wang, it's me, Chairman of the Qiu Group, Qiu Guang?"

  "Is that approval coming down?"

  "What do you say we thank you!"

  Qiuguang said with joy as soon as he came up.

  However, as soon as Qiuguang's words fell, an angry curse came from Wang Xingduo on the other end of the phone.


  "Thank you mother fucker!"

  "Son of a bitch, you guys pitted me?"

  "I'm fucking killed by you guys!!!"

  On the phone, Wang Xing Duo cursed furiously.

  It was like a slap on the face of Qiuguang and the others, and they were blinded: "Wang...Director Wang, you...What are you?"

  Just as Qiu Mu Ying and the others looked confused, a policeman stopped in front of them, and then Wang Xing Duo and Lin Qing Ya's couple were escorted by the policeman and walked down.

  "Comrade, that's them!"

  "They're the ones who gave us this jade hairpin."

  "They're the ones who set me up~"

  "It's really none of our business~"

  "We didn't steal it!"

  "If you're going to arrest you arrest them bastards, don't arrest us~"

  "I'm innocent, they're the ones trying to screw me~"

  Wang Xingduo pointed at Qiu Muying and the four of them, cursing furiously while pleading miserably with the police.

  At this time, the resentful gaze of Wang Xingduo that looked at Qiu Mu Ying and the others could not wait to cut them to pieces by a thousand cuts!


"I...What happened to us?"

  In the front, Wang Xingduo, who was already under police control, pointed at Qiu Muying and her husband and wife and cursed angrily.

  But Qiu Muying's pretty face was pale, but she was full of fear, not knowing what was happening at all.

  Master Qiu and the others were equally confused, what the hell is going on, this just finished eating, how come the police were brought in.

  They didn't commit any crime ah?

  At this point, several police officers had walked up and took out a jade hairpin and asked, "This jade hairpin, but did you give it to them?"

  Qiu Mu Ying's heart shivered at that time.

  She could remember that this jade hairpin, along with that phaeton car, was gifted to Autumn Muyoung Orange at the auction.

  But after Qiu Mu Ying's family snatched that phaeton from Qiu Mu Orange, they even drove it for a ride to the Cloud Lake and ended up driving straight into the police station, where the family was detained by the police.

  At that time, it seemed like it was because, the phaeton car had an unknown origin and was a stolen item.

  Thinking of this, Qiu Mu Ying had to start panicking, could it be that this jade hairpin was also stolen property?


  Qiu Muying no longer dared to utter a word, but the police were a little impatient and snapped directly in a cold voice.

  "Comrade, did something happen?"

  "This jade hairpin is indeed a gift from us."Master Qiu, not knowing the situation, nodded his head and admitted.

  "Heh, good to admit it!How dare you steal from a foreign friend?"

  "Do you know that this jade hairpin belongs to a princess of the British royal family.Diplomacy is no small matter, you guys are in a big trouble!"

  "Take away!"

  With a cold shout, Qiu Mu Ying and the others were all handcuffed and brought into the police station.

  A group of four people, plus Wang Xingduo and his wife, who were laughing and joking at the dinner table just now, were directly taken in a nest.

  This kind of matter involving a foreign friend, or a member of the British royal family, of course the police department treated it solemnly.

  Therefore, none of these people were missing, and they were all brought back for investigation.

  "Comrade, there's nothing for me, huh?"

  "What are you arresting me for?"

  "They gave me this jade pin~"

  "What's this all about~"


  Inside the police car, the sound of Wang Xingduo's miserable cries came out, and I guess now Wang Xingduo, who wanted to kick the hearts of Qiu Mu Ying and the others, had it.

  Soon after they were taken away, a thin figure, but quietly appeared here.

  This person was, of course, Ye Fan.

  After Ye Fan had sent Autumn Muyoung Orange away earlier, he himself returned to the Mei Nian Hotel again.

  Having bullied his own wife, Ye Fan naturally wouldn't let them off so easily.

  "Qiu Mu Ying, ah Qiu Mu Ying, I still have to thank you."

  "If it wasn't for you as an assistant, I'm afraid I would have really gone to some trouble."

  Ye Fan shook his head and laughed lightly, before he was still considering how to teach them a lesson.But after seeing the jade hairpin that Qiu Mu Ying had given him, Ye Fan had an idea then.

  These things were all given to Autumn Muyoung Orange by him from the auction, and at first, Ye Fan didn't know that their origin was unknown, or it was the auction house that called him and told him.

  "It's been so long, I didn't expect Qiu Mu Ying to still have this jade hairpin.It seems the lesson from that phaeton last time wasn't enough.Since that's the case, let's teach you guys another lesson this time, shall we?"

  Ye Fan laughed lowly, and then also went home.

  On the way back, however, Ye Fan even received a phone call from Su Yuanshan.

  He said that there was a painting exhibition tomorrow and wanted him to attend.

  "Xiaofan, the painting by Zhang Da Qian that you bought from Eight Treasures Pavilion earlier will also be exhibited.After all, you bought that, and I hope that you will be able to attend the exhibition with this painting then."

  "I'm sure the display of this painting will be a sensation in the calligraphy and painting world of Yunzhou by then!"

  "After all, our Yunzhou City, but there hasn't been a work by Master Zhang Daqian for many years."

  "And your name, along with that painting, will also leave a heavy mark in the history of my Yunzhou City's painting exhibition."

  Su Yuanshan was so enthusiastic that he extended a generous invitation to Ye Fan.

  However, Ye Fan was not in high spirits, after all, he was not much of a scholar of calligraphy and painting, and the fact that he was able to see that imitation of Zhang Da Qian's painting before was entirely due to the magic of Yun Dao Tianshu.

  Therefore, he excused himself from visiting his mother in the countryside tomorrow.

  When Su Yuanshan heard this, he sighed regretfully, "Alright, since you don't have time, forget it.After all, filial piety is the first of all good things, it's still important to visit your parents."

  "It's just as well, I won't go to the painting exhibition tomorrow, I'll go with you to visit your mother, and at the same time, it's just right to talk about your marriage with Xixi..."

  Hearing this, Ye Fan stumbled and almost didn't fall to the ground, while quickly saying, "Uh, that, Uncle Su, I suddenly remembered that my mother's birthday is on the lunar calendar, I made a mistake, so I won't go home tomorrow.That painting exhibition, when is it going to be held, where is the location, I will definitely go tomorrow, I will definitely go~"


  After exchanging pleasantries for a long time again, only then did Ye Fan hung up the phone and let out a long sigh of relief.

  It was fortunate that the stall had passed, otherwise, if Su Yuanshan really wanted to go with him to meet his mother, then he really didn't know how to end it later.

  The truth is, if you're a man who's not a man, you're not a man who's not a man, and you're not a man who's not a man, you're not a man who's not a man.

  The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the woman's face and figure.

  If he really married such a wife, how would he endure for the rest of his life?

  "Qiu Mu Orange, Qiu Mu Orange, look at the problem you've created for me~"

  Ye Fan laughed bitterly without words for a while.After all, if Qiu Mu Orange hadn't accompanied Su Xi to act in front of Su Yuanshan, he, Ye Fan, wouldn't be missed by Su Yuanshan right now.



  Ye Fan soon returned home.

  However, just when Ye Fan had just opened the door and was about to enter the room, who would have thought that a fragrant breeze would hit him, followed by a warm and soft jade body that jumped into Ye Fan's arms and hugged him directly like an octopus.

  Warm and soft jade into his arms, Ye Fan could not only smell the seductive body fragrance in the neck of the woman in his arms, but also distinctly felt the two wipes of deadly softness in front of his chest, when Ye Fan's entire body stiffened.

  "Sister Qiu, Jing Jing misses you so much~"

  "I came right after I heard that grandma had kicked you out of the Qiu family."

  "Grandmaster is too much!"

  "How could he be so cruel~"

  From Ye Fan's bosom came the indignant and delicate voice of a little girl.

  It was a beautiful voice, as soft as her delicate body.

  "You...You guys?"

  However, before Ye Fan could say anything, behind him came the startled and astonished shocked voice of Qiu Mu Orange.

  Seeing Ye Fan and the two of them hugging each other tightly, Autumn Mu Orange but then was blinded.

  "Eh?Sister Autumn you?"Lu Wenjing lifted her pretty face at this time and blinked her big eyes after seeing the Autumn Mu Orange in front of her, clearly realizing a few things were wrong.

  If this beautiful looking woman in front of her was her own sister Autumn, then this one she was holding at this time...

  "Cough cough~"

  "That, little sister, isn't it time to get off me!"

  Ye Fan coughed a few times and smiled helplessly.

  Immediately after, a flaming blush instantly surged onto his eyebrows.Then, a sharp scream resounded through the clouds.


  "Bad man, you rascal~"


When Lu Wenjing realized that she was hugging a large man at this time, a pretty face turned red as if it was on fire.

  To be sure, she had never had skin-to-skin contact with any member of the opposite sex other than her own parents when she had grown up, let alone embraced so intimately as she was doing now.

  "Bastard, rascal~"

  Lu Wenjing's eyes reddened then and she couldn't stop scolding Ye Fan.

  Ye Fan was helpless as well.

  What did he do?

  He didn't even move.

  You're the one who jumped on him.

  At this time, Lu Wenjing had already run into Qiu Mu Orange's arms, seeking comfort.

  It wasn't until this time that Ye Fan Fang was able to take a closer look at the young girl that suddenly appeared in front of him.

  Only to see this young girl in front of him, wearing a small black skirt, while the upper body was a small white shirt with a round neck, with a small pink tie on her chest, plus the pair of small black shoes on her feet, dressed like a beautiful girl from the anime, the Japanese style of dressing added a few more points of sweetness and purity.

  "Hmph, bullying my sister, I'll fix you tonight~"

  While Ye Fan was wondering who the girl in front of him was, Qiu Mu Orange gave Ye Fan a cold stare before taking Lu Wenjing inside.


  "Where is this sister again?"

  Ye Fan was confused.

  How come there were so many relatives lately for no apparent reason, they had just sent Han Hai and the others away, and this was another one?

  "But, this sister of Mu Orange is a bit of a loli~"

  Later, after asking questions, Ye Fan found out that this Lu Wenjing was the daughter of Aunt Qiu Mu Orange's family.

  Master Qiu was pregnant with five boys and one girl, so Lu Wenjing's mother, naturally, was Qiu Lei's own sister.

  To Lu Wenjing's younger cousin, Qiu Mu Orange was extremely loving.

  When Lu Wenjing was young, she often came to stay with the Qiu family. Although there were many sisters in the Qiu family at that time, the one who pestered Lu Wenjing the most was undoubtedly Qiu Mu Orange.

  As she grew up, the two met less and less often, but the friendship she had when she was young did not fade.

  As soon as she learned that her little cousin was coming, she couldn't care less about her work, so she took her leave and rushed over.

  Because the time was about the same, which was why Lu Wenjing thought of the open door Ye Fan as Qiu Mu Orange.

  "Sister Qiu, that rascal just now, he can't be the door-to-door son-in-law you married, right?"

  "Oh my God~"

  "My sister Autumn is so beautiful, why did she end up marrying a guy like this?"

  "Sister Autumn, I really feel a bit sorry for you."

  In the room, Lu Wenjing was chatting with the two sisters, Autumn Mu Orange.

  Qiu Mu Orange, however, smiled faintly, "Jing Jing, actually your brother-in-law him, he's still nice."

  "Alright, let's not talk about this.You girl, if you don't go to school properly, what are you doing here in my place?"

  "And buy so many things, you think money is so easy to earn ah, don't know how to save at all."

  In the middle of the conversation, Autumn Mu Orange, however, stretched out her finger and lightly cut the tip of Lu Wenjing's nose.

  Lu Wenzheng pouted her little mouth and said, "Sister Autumn, I'm still worried about you, aren't I?"

  "I heard that you had been thrown out of your home by your grandmother and that he had forbidden any of your relatives to help you."

  "I came over here in worry."

  "How are you doing now, Sister Autumn?"

  "Is there any rice left in the house?"

  "Do you guys still usually get enough to eat?"

  "My mother and the others are also worried about you, my uncle and my aunt don't make any money, and you've married a husband who eats soft food, so the whole family is relying on you alone.The Qiu family used to be able to help you out, but now you're relying on you alone to support the family, sister Qiu, you must be very tired, right?"

  Lu Wenjing's small face was filled with concern towards Qiu Mu Orange.

  Qiu Mu Orange smiled, "Little fool, sister Qiu is fine."

  "I'm doing fine now, go back and tell your mother, don't worry about us."

  "Your Sister Autumn is now the big boss of the company, she makes lots and lots of money a year, enough to support the family."

  "No, Sister Autumn, you're lying!"However, what Qiu Mu Orange didn't expect was that after she said this, Lu Wenjing was like a fried kitten, her eyes instantly turning red.

  "Sister Autumn, you've had a bad day, you've had a bad day at all."

  "You used to be such a beautiful person, look at you now, you don't even bother to buy cosmetics."

  "I've just seen it all, you've been using up all the cosmetics on your dresser for a long time."

  "And my aunt said that your TVs have been broken for a long time and you don't even bother to buy new ones."

  "You used to be so sophisticated and refined, but now you've all started wearing clothes bought on the side of the road, too."

  "Sister Autumn, you've had a bad life, not good at all."

  Saying that, Lu Wenjing burst into tears and cried.

  Perhaps, she was really feeling sorry for Autumn Mu Orange.

  Autumn Mu Orange didn't say anything, but gently helped Lu Wenjing wipe the tears from the corners of her eyes.

  "Jing Jing, your sister Qiu is really fine."

  "Happiness doesn't necessarily mean riches, does it?"

  "Now your sister Qiu may not have much money, but life can still get by."Qiu Mu Orange smiled faintly, there was warmth and an inexplicable sourness in her heart.

  She hadn't expected that their family had now fallen so far that it would make her own sister pitiful.

  Qiu Mu Orange had always been of a strong nature, and being pitied was naturally not a good feeling.

  "Sister Autumn, you have to stop saying that."

  "Happiness is not necessarily rich, but poverty is definitely not happy."

  "This money is what my mother asked me to bring to you, hoping that it will relieve you of your coal-burning needs."

  In between the words, but Lu Wenjing took out a lot of cash from her school bag and handed it to Qiu Mu Orange.

  But with Qiu Mu Orange's temperament, how could she accept it.

  "Jing Jing, you can't take this money."

  "If you don't take it back, I'll be angry."

  Lu Wenjing couldn't resist Qiu Mu Orange after all, so she had to take the money.

  During dinner, Han Li and her husband and wife asked Qiu Mu Orange about her work again, asking when their company's salary would be paid.

  Qiu Mu Orange only said that it would be soon.

  But Han Li and his wife could clearly hear how lacking the bottom line was in Autumn Mu Orange's words.

  "Mu Orange, if you want me to say it, you'd better get another job."

  "He's not reliable in that company of yours."

  "I passed by your place today, and there aren't many employees, it looks like a dead end."

  "Is this what a new company should look like?"

  "I guess it's going out of business in a few days, right?"

  Hearing this, the worry on Lu Wenjing's pretty face became even more prevalent.

  He once again said that he would let Qiu Mu Orange take the money, of course Han Li and her husband and wife would not refuse, but Qiu Mu Orange still insisted on not taking it.

  Qiu Mu Orange was a strong person, she didn't like this feeling of being sympathetically given charity.

  Lu Wenjing also had no choice but to find another way to help her sister Qiu.


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