The Unknown Heir Chen Hao 493


And so, there was the current scene.

Chen Hao's heart, on the other hand, was filled with thoughts.

It certainly wasn't because he was excited about getting married to a beautiful woman out of the blue.

Rather, Chen Hao was thinking about the feasibility of this matter for himself.

Undoubtedly, this was a divine assist from Tulip, and once he was able to blend into the Yu family and obtain the Ginseng King, ending this wandering life would really be within reach.

However, marrying a strange woman like this?

Can I live up to Tongxin?

"How about that? Hey hey, but don't get too happy too soon, you only have one year of married life, after that you'll have to divorce, but Our Yu family will give you a large sum of money, I feel good ah, just like that, you've turned over a new leaf and become the son-in-law of the Yu family!"


"I promise!"

Chen Hao raised his head and said.  

Only by becoming stronger would you have a better chance of saving Tongxin and dealing with Mo Changkong.

If he couldn't, everything would be empty talk.

Therefore, Chen Hao did not hesitate.

"Ah? I haven't said my terms yet. And you agreed?"

Tulip pouted, and her eyes couldn't help but flash a scowl.

Hmph, I thought you were some kind of decent person, but as it turns out, you're also a money-grubbing product.

"And the conditions?"

Chen Hao asked in shock.

"Of course ah, it's nothing really, you just have to understand, your marriage to my sister, similar to that kind of employment relationship, some aspects of the Don't even think about it! That's the main thing!"

"Oh, I see, you mean, famous or not, right?"

Chen Hao smiled bitterly.

This was just to his liking.

"Bingo, that's it, if it's alright, then sign the contract, you guys will have the wedding in the next two days, in time for my mother to come from abroad from Before coming back, because my dad won't say anything, but my mom, she's definitely not going to approve, so it's more urgent!"

Chen Hao didn't know what the two sisters were up to.

But he wasn't interested in knowing either.

Right now, the employment contract was signed.

In the blink of an eye, seven days later.

"Today, my foreign classmates came back and organized this party, they are all people who have seen the world, when you get there, speak up less Do you know what I mean?"

This early morning, Chen Hao had just gotten into the passenger's seat.

A tall, cold woman driving the car was the one who spoke up.

Her voice was clear and cold, as if there wasn't even a trace of emotion.

This woman, however, was no one else, it was Tulip's sister, Princess Yu Jin.

Yes, as of today, Chen Hao had been married to her for three days.

And lived in the Yu family, becoming the Yu family's door-to-door son-in-law.

Only, except when necessary, Concubine Yu had barely said a word to Chen Hao, much less looked Chen Hao in the eye.

Chen Hao understood.

In her heart, she was just a tool.

However, what could that do?

"I got it!"

Chen Hao nodded his head.

Soon, Yu Jinfei drove to the location.

It was in an upscale restaurant in Heaven City.

"Golden Concubine, you're here?"

After walking into the box.

Several men and women stood up.

Among them, a young man wearing a flashy suit and a gold watch even walked in front of Princess Tulip.


"Princess Jin, when I returned home, I heard you got married, and that you got a teacher of some sort, that's him, right?"

The young man looked a bit exasperated and pointed at Chen Hao.

"Yes, this is my husband, Chen Hao!"

Tulip Princess took Chen Hao's arm and introduced him now, "Chen Hao, this is my college classmate, Yin Chao!"


In accordance with the etiquette that Princess Tulip had taught in advance, Chen Hao stretched out her hand, wanting to shake hands with Yin Chao.

"Princess Jin, I really don't know what you think, even though you broke up with him, but, you have someone else..."

Yin Chao was angry.

But after seeing Princess Yu Jin's warning gaze, he didn't say anything further.

It could be seen that this Yin Chao, seemed to be one of Princess Yu Jin's suitors.

And he, naturally, ignored Chen Hao.

Similarly, the tulip consort students at the scene seemed to be filled with hostility towards Chen Hao.

Hardly anyone said a word to Chen Hao.

Meanwhile a few girls, meanwhile, even showed a hint of contempt towards Chen Hao from time to time.

It was as if they were expressing the sentiment of how a good flower was stuck in cow dung.

"Chao, look at that kid, I never thought that Princess Jin would actually marry such a person, supposedly a teacher at Tiancheng University, he's really drunk I really don't know what Princess Jin thinks!"

Outside bathroom.

A few boys were dissatisfied.

After all, Princess Yu is so beautiful, which boy has never liked her before ah, especially Yin Chao, has always liked Princess Yu.

But Yu Jinfei has always had someone else in mind, everyone just didn't have a chance.

Now it's good, hard to wait for the opportunity, didn't expect Yu Jinfei directly married, and married to such a lame person.

After all, their status was illustrious, and with a status like Chen Hao's college teacher, they naturally despised her.

"Hmph, that's right, causing us to want to say something to Concubine Jin, he's here, what an eyesore!"

The other boy.

"In that case, tell him to fuck off! Let him know that our party is not for the likes of him!"

Yin Chao sneered.

Now, a few words were whispered to the few boys.

Afterwards, the crowd returned to the private box.

"Alas, speaking of which, after Princess Jin got married, we haven't had a proper drink with the groom, Brother Chen Hao, but you have put us Everyone's goddess has been robbed, so what the heck, we need a drink!"

Yin Chao's attitude was abnormal and he smiled at Chen Hao.

The other boys, on the other hand, even looked at each other and looked at Chen Hao with a cold smile.

"Yes! A drink indeed, how do you propose to drink it?"

Chen Hao smiled.

"Good, I just happened to bring a case of good wine from home today, I've already asked someone to pick it up, let's just drink the white stuff!"

Yin Chao did not expect this Chen Hao to be so truthful.

"Good, white is good, I like to drink white!" Chen Hao smiled.

And the tulip princess obviously saw what Yin Chao and the others were going to do.

Originally, she wanted to warn Chen Hao, so that he wouldn't lose his temper.

But seeing how clueless he was, Consort Yu Jin was drunk in her heart.

Simply let him drink, drink to death and pull down!

Princess Yuujin turned her head to the side.

And already there was a little brother, carrying two cases of liquor over.

"Oh, Brother Chen Hao, I won't lie to you, this brother of mine's family runs a distillery and grew up in a liquor tank, he is the main one, we To supplement it, have a good drink with you, is there anything wrong with that?"

Yin Chao smiled.

"Very well!"

Chen Hao continued to smile and nod his head.

However, no one noticed that a touch of evil flashed in the depths of Chen Hao's eyes, ever since he had practiced Professor Qin Bo's internal skills, Chen Hao had long since become immune to alcohol and the like.

Even with ordinary poison, Chen Hao was fine .

Not to mention these alcoholic drinks....

It was mainly because Chen Hao saw that Yin Chao and the others were very targeted, and if he endured it himself, it wasn't Chen Hao's current temperament, since he wanted to play....


Yin Chao could not help but shake his head with a helpless grin in his heart.

This one called Chen Hao, I'm afraid that it's just these few pounds.

This classmate and brother of his, his family did indeed run a distillery, and their father and son had one characteristic, which was that their bodies were particularly high in alcohol enzymes.

He had witnessed with his own eyes, highly liquor, and this brother of his drank a full seven bottles before reaching the amount.

Seven pounds ah that's but.

So with just this brother of his, he could drink Chen Hao's stomach bleeding, there was nothing wrong with that at all.

Several people took turns persuading the wine, drinking directly one whole cup at a time.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Hao and this brother of his each went down a full three bottles.

Brother Yin Chao's face was frighteningly white, but his consciousness was very clear, and it looked like there would be no problem with three more bottles.

But this scene had already frightened Yu Jinfei and the other girls.

This is too much to drink.  

Princess Yuu even looked at Chen Hao, but he looked as if he hadn't drunk at all!

"Brother Chen Hao is truly massive, in that case, three more bottles, do you dare?"

Yin Chao was surprised and extremely disgruntled at the same time.

"No problem, but you guys also have to drink with us, I've already drunk three bottles each with this brother, so it's time for you to start, right?"

Chen Hao laughed.

"Well, since Brother Chen Hao is still willing to continue, we'll sacrifice our lives to accompany the gentleman!"

Yin Chao whispered to the man again, "Is everything alright Taozi?"


The brewery's son, Taozi, waved his hand.

Saying that, a few people started a new round.

And Yu Jinfei was even staring at them with wide eyes.

Among them, Tao Zi and Chen Hao were drinking flat.

Yin Chao and the other two, on the other hand, were drinking half and half cups.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Hao and Tao Zi each had three bottles of wine down.

As for Yin Chao and the others, each of them had also drunk one and a half catties.

The entire scene of the boys, except for Tao Zi and Yin Chao still have some consciousness, the other three, have already gotten down.

"Brother Tao, you really can drink, three more bottles, do you dare?"

And at this time, Chen Hao looked at Tao Zi, whose face was already waxing yellow, and Yin Chao, whose face was blue and white.

"Still drinking? You've all got six pounds each!"

Tulip Princess stood up.

"Drink! Must drink! Tozi drink with him, puke!"

Yin Chao didn't finish his sentence and ran out to vomit directly.

Yin Chao never dreamed that this Chen Hao would be so good at drinking.

When he ran to the bathroom, he felt that the sky was spinning.

The stomach was unbearable.

In the end, the vomit was already full of blood.

But the strength of the wine up, where still care about this.

After vomiting for a while, Yin Chao walked towards the box.


At this time, a scream was heard from the compartment.

Yin Chao pushed open the door of the compartment and took a look.

It was seeing that Tao Zi was lying on the ground, spurting out blood foam from his mouth, and his eyes were directly turning white.

"Quick! Call an ambulance!"

Yin Chao's eyes widened and shouted.

The sound of the ambulance was from far and near.

After dealing with the situation, Princess Yu Jin returned to her car with Chen Hao.

"You're... not hurt at all?"

Looking at Chen Hao, who had no waves on his face, Princess Tulip was surprised.

"No, I'll tell you a secret, I was born immune to alcohol, I just drink too much and want to pee too much!"

Chen Hao smiled faintly.

"I didn't see that you weren't honest at all!"

Yu Yu Jinfei couldn't help but glance at Chen Hao.

At this moment, Princess Yu Jin received a phone call.

After making the call, she hung up with two faint hmmm's.

At the moment, there was a worried face.

"It's my mother who's back from abroad, and she knows about the fact that I've secretly gotten married without telling her!"

Princess Tulip frowned.

"Whatever, she can do what she likes, right?"

Presently, Princess Yuu drove back home.

"Is he Chen Hao? What right does he have to enter our Yu family?"

And after returning home, a cold woman sitting on the sofa mountain, at this moment directly stood up and abused Chen Hao with one finger.

Su Hong had just returned from overseas, where she had heard this heavy news.

When she heard that her daughter had taken the liberty of marrying a man who was a wimp, Su Hong fainted on the spot.

She rushed back from overseas without stopping.

"There's no need for you to interfere with my affairs, how I am is my business!"

Princess Tulip returned the gesture rudely.

"Don't I have to care? But, Princess Jin, what are you thinking? I've turned down many marriage proposals. Even if you want to marry, I'll do it. No matter what, you don't have to treat me as your mother, but you can't marry this kind of person and make the Yu family lose face with you. Right?"


In the end, Su Hong smashed a teacup right into the ground.

And it fell at Chen Hao's feet.

From start to finish, Chen Hao didn't say a word.

"And you Jin Xiang, it's said that you're the one who egged this on, let's see how I'll deal with you in the future, while I'm looking for a buyer in M Country. You two girls have simply flipped out!"

In the end, Su Hong walked directly in front of Chen Hao.


The first thing that you need to do is to take a look at what you're doing, and also worthy to come to my Yu family, tell you, sensible, you two divorce, you. ! Get out of my face forever!"

After saying that, Su Hong went straight up the stairs in a rage.

Pushing down all the flower pots on the stairs.

Chen Hao received a slap on the face.

He could obviously dodge it, but he was just distracted by Su Hong's words.

It turned out that Su Hong was looking for a buyer in M country.

The Yu family wasn't in the trading business.

Besides, there was no need for her, a broad wife, to find any buyer customers.

The only thing that was a possibility was the Ginseng King.

Just as Wei Qingshu said, the Yu family now wanted to find a buyer, but they simply didn't know who to sell to.

The only best option is to export.

In other words, the Ginseng King was in Su Hong's hands?

Chen Hao was out of his mind caused by thinking about this.

"My mother slapped you, this matter, when we terminate the contract a year later, I will compensate you an extra 100,000 yuan!"

And back in the room, looking at Chen Hao who was startled out of his mind, Princess Yu Jin said.

"You think, money is everything?"

Chen Hao suddenly looked up and asked.

"Isn't it? Oh, you promised me, didn't you, just for the money?"

Princess Yuujin could not help but despise it.

Chen Hao did not respond.

Instead, she went to the outside bathroom to wash her face.


And as I was washing my face, a dark shadow, suddenly flashed outside the bathroom window.

It was very fast.

But now Chen Hao alertness had increased dramatically.


Chen Hao wiped his face and jumped out of the bathroom window without going through the door.

Followed the black shadow and went after it all the way.

Get to the black shadow was very fast, not beneath Chen Hao.

Even, surpassing himself.

Because Chen Hao found that no matter how much he accelerated, he always maintained a safe distance from himself.

The reason why he said safe distance.

It referred to the effective killing range of his own Projectile Dark Weapon.

It wasn't until he reached the bank of a moat that the shadow came to a halt.

Chen Hao chased after it, and it was only through the moonlight that Chen Hao could see it clearly.

It was just a man in black robes, dressed strangely, with only one pair of eyes left out.

"You... who are you?"

Chen Hao frowned and asked.



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