His True Colors at Avracity Han Jingru

His True Colors Story Introduction

Han Jingru suffered all kinds of degradation and deride. But it was nothing compared to how much he was broken after getting chased out from his own family. The man gave in and surrendered to his fate. He even got used to the daily insults and mockery. 

The Su family was only a second-tier family. But when Han Jingru was forsaken three years ago, it was the Su family patriarch that took him in and arranged his wedding. 


At that time, the wedding had completely turned the Yun city upside down, but for the worse reason: that Su Yimo married an utter loser. The family became the joke of the entire Yun city.

    The Su family patriarch was the only person that knew Han Jingru’s real identity. But two months after the wedding, the old man passed away due to his sickness. And from then onwards, no one knew his real identity.

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